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“Reader Emails,” Tomorrow’s Podcast, Another BIP Couple Seen, & Michelle’s Guys Age Breakdown

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Just curious, any reason Mike P wasn’t at Men Tell All?

Comment: Not sure on that one. Every season lately it seems like someone who finishes high doesn’t seem to make it since they’ve started going to a smaller group. Before the pandemic, it was basically every person who made it past night 1 all the way up to final 3 made it on the show, which was usually 18-20 people. But since COVID, they’ve kept it to 10-12.

Hi Steve,

Been following your blog and the Bachleor/Bachleorette for longer than I care to admit! Quick question, I love how you promote different shows but is it weird promoting F*ck Boy Island with Elan as a producer?


Comment: No. Me promoting the show has nothing to do with Elan. He’s an executive producer on the show. A PR company that represents the show contacted me. If the show wasn’t any good, or I didn’t think it fit my audience, I wouldn’t collab with them. This one does and I think people will like it so that’s why I said yes. Has nothing to do with Elan.

I will say this for the 1000th time, not to you specifically but just in general, even though conspiracy theorists don’t care and refuse to listen to facts: I have never spoken to, emailed, FaceTimed, texted, DM’ed, or had any sort of social media or in person communication with Elan in my life. Never met the guy and never spoken to him in any way – ever. That’s the truth and anything reported differently is factually incorrect and a lie. Can’t make that any clearer. It makes zero sense on any level, but hey, lets not let the facts get in the way of a narrative.

Hi Steve,

I’m just reading Desiree’s book and started thinking about possible future podcast guests. I know you’ve had Desiree herself on before and I’m sure you’ve tried for Brooks but what about Drew Kinney? I feel like he’d be a good one since he made top 2 and then pretty much disappeared from bachelor world.

Thanks for the entertainment you provide!

Comment: Never thought about Drew before because I’d forgotten. Maybe I will some day.

Hi Reality Steve,

I had a question about the next bachelor. Clearly Michael and Andrew are favourites from Katie’s season, but I know we also have Michelle’s season coming up in the fall.

My question is regarding timing, I don’t see how they could make one of Michelle’s guys the bachelor. If filming for the bachelor begins in October and Michelle’s season begins airing in October, the public won’t have “met” any of her guys in time. I guess TPTB could just choose their favourite from Michelle’s guys since the show would have finished filming well before then. It just seems unlikely that they would take that chance, especially when they have a whole other season of guys to choose from. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Comment: You are correct. It wouldn’t make any sense to the public to choose a guy from Michelle’s season. All they know (if they don’t follow my site) is one picture, a first name, and a city about her guys. They then wouldn’t cast them as the “Bachelor” since by the time the announcement is made, her season wouldn’t have even started. But lets just say they did for whatever reason, they’d already be giving away, before the season even begins, that guy doesn’t win. They just wouldn’t do that. So it’ll be one of Katie’s guys or maybe someone from BIP that lasts a while and gets a great edit, but I haven’t figured out who that would be.

I feel like there’s some fishiness with Michael A.’s elimination. He is seen wearing the long-sleeve white shirt and pants, telling the other 3 guys that he is so excited for Katie to meet his parents and the ITM of him saying James did not fly out as it would be too confusing for him. Next, it shows Michael A. in a t-shirt and shorts, Facetiming his son where his son says “maybe daddy just doesn’t want to see me.” Then, Michael A. breaks up with Katie while wearing the long-sleeve white shirt and pants. I feel like this is important because it was the same day, where he is telling the guys he can’t wait for Katie to meet his parents. He was so sure in that moment. Do you think Katie was the one that was going to eliminate Michael and production wanted her to save face from being criticized for leading a man with a child, and furthermore Michael A.’s past, on so far? Just my thoughts. Thanks!

Comment: It’s possible. I think ultimately Katie wasn’t picking him in the end, and that’s probably what led to what we saw.

Dammit after 6 wks just realized who Michael A. reminds me of… Ferris Buehler/Matthew Broderick! With a beard. Not just looks but how he talks too. OK that is all.

Comment: I can see it a little. Now he just needs to shoot a shower scene with his hair in a mohawk singing “Danke Schoen.”

I was reading your resent column and you had mentioned that you don’t see Thomas as even a top ten “villain”. It made me wonder who your top 10 villains are.

Comment: Oh geez, off the top of my head without scouring through past cast lists: Lee from Rachel’s season, Rated R Rego from Ali’s season, Wes from Jillian’s season, Kalon from Emily’s season, Chad from JoJo’s season to name a few.

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