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Bachelor in Paradise 7

“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 6 Recap, DWTS, Bachelor Talk, & the Brendan & Pieper Fallout

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Again the biggest question I’ve been asked in the last week is “Who is the next Bachelor and when is it gonna be announced?” Everyone’s got their theories, everyone’s got their predictions, everyone’s got their assumptions. All I know is I haven’t heard anything different from when I reported Greg a few weeks back. If something changes or I hear something different, then I’ll report it. I will say this though: You know me, I’ve never really cared who got the gig. As long as there’s a season, that’s all I care about. Who they choose as the lead has never been of importance to me. But next season? We can bump that up a little bit, because I do kinda want to see Greg in that role. Why? Because I know how much that is going to set certain podcasters off in Bachelor Nation and how angry it’ll make them if he gets it. So for that reason, yeah, I’d love to see it. Whether or not he’ll be a good lead is irrelevant to me. I just wanna see those people be so beside themselves over a casting decision that they can’t see straight. And trust me, they will be. Just because it’ll bother them so much is kinda why I wanna see Greg now. And yes, I’ve heard everything all those people have – months ago. Like while Katie’s season was airing. But if I would’ve reported it, those people would’ve came for me. Yet they took it all as 100% fact, showed no proof, showed no evidence, had no one come forward to back up their opinion, yet, spread it all season like it was gospel. Yawn. #GrippoForBachelor!

As always, get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow’s column, as I’m sure you’ll have some thoughts on this week’s episodes. We’re fairly low right now. Probably need about 10-15 more for the week. The good thing is that this week was the last week of BIP with episodes on Mondays and Tuesdays. Starting next week, it’s just on Tuesdays through the end of the month. The BIP Twitter account put this out last week:

Although, it doesn’t specify if that means the finale is on Sept. 28th, or, that’s just the calendar for the rest of the month and they’re gonna continue into October leading up to Michelle’s Oct. 19th premiere. I don’t believe they’ve said either way yet. But I really don’t think there’s only four episodes left. My guess is it’ll go into the first two Tuesdays in October, the 5th and 12th. Just a guess. I don’t see how they wrap up this whole season with still 4 episodes remaining the next 4 Tuesdays. They’ve still got a lot to cover, and a lot more people coming in. And as I said last week, I’m hearing there’s no reunion show this season. Still trying to get that confirmed, but, it doesn’t look like there’s gonna be one.

I know this isn’t Bachelor related, but with DWTS coming up, I thought I’d mention this because it gets me every time. Well, Matt James is doing it so I guess it’s somewhat Bachelor Nation related. The full cast will be revealed tomorrow. We know about 7 names so far: Matt, JoJo Siwa, Kenya Moore, Brian Austin Green, Olivia Jade Giannulli, Sunisa Lee, and Amanda Kloots. Kinda weird of all the leaked names, it’s mostly the women. And even though the pairings haven’t been announced, I gotta believe Brian Austin Green will be paired with his girlfriend Sharna. That seems to be a given, right? Anyway, they ran the promo last night and Tyra is all “the cast announcement will blow you away.” They literally say that every season, and it never does. Like, what cast “blew you away” with who they got? They’re all the same: NFL player, comedian/host, Disney kid, actor/actress from the 80s/90s, people in the news recently, Olympians, someone over 60, and someone from the Bachelor/reality TV world. It’s been the same way for 30 seasons. Nothing they announce on Wednesday will be any different. Who’s been the biggest “star” to ever appear on that show? It’s a lot to go over 29 previous seasons, but honestly, I’d say the biggest name they ever got was Kim Kardashian. Unless I’m totally forgetting someone. She’s gotta be the biggest in terms of social media/popularity/following, right?



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