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“Reader Emails,” DWTS, IG Updates, & Michelle in Final Week of Filming

Hi, Steve,

I continue to watch all the Bachelor shows, as do many of my friends. Several of my friends, however, have grown tired of the show and only watch occasionally or not at all.

Whenever we get together, we inevitably have conversations about the Bachelor/ette/BIP. The other night at dinner, we chatted about the lack of a host. Some of us had different things to say about Chris Harrison back in the day, but it’s interesting that all of us were in agreement that we missed having him host the show … or, at least, a REAL host in that role.

We then got on the topic of a female host vs. a male host. We all laughed and agreed that anybody who is young/good-looking would take away from the lead. Doesn’t common sense tell you that the contestants would be checking out the host(s)? I would think the powers that be also realize this.

Just my two cents!

Comment: I guess it would all depend on the age of the host. I mean, Chris did date two former contestants, that’s well known. So maybe age doesn’t matter. But to the point where it’s distracting and a majority of the contestants were interested in the host? I don’t think that’d be the case. I’m just as curious as anyone else as to who the next host will be. We should be hearing soon.

Hey Steve

Honestly Paradise is so bad, if we are still watching it, then whatever, but do we need a recap, I think not. Like you said they may have had drama there but in real life now are fine. I vote for spoilers for BIP but no recaps unless it’s noteworthy. Also, I am sure you don’t really have time for Wells and Branid’s pod but during the BIP season give it a listen, Wells provides some behind the scenes stuff that is interesting. About Mari and the Cake or Tahz’s exit, etc. I’m good. I counted today to how many podcasts I listen to a week. It’s right around 7. Not to mention recording one of my own. And none of them are Bachelor related that I listen to.

I fell behind on Katie’s season and only watched Ep 1 and the finale. I am going to try to watch Michelle’s season, I like her way better than Katie and I love Minnesota 🙂 But my interest level in the franchise is rapidly declining. I still enjoy your tweets and IG posts and for the most part your podcast though so keep it coming.

Comment: Ummmm, thanks?

I just want to say that your answer to the Demi posts this week made me laugh every time. I would love to know what was really going through your head. You need a paid insider website (like a Patreon) where we get the sassy funny comments you used to make. I know it wouldn’t work because people would just screenshot it and say “Reality Steve said this”. Exactly why it’ll never happen. I’ve been giving a free service for 18 years now. I don’t see the need to start charging for anything.

I was going to be at your Fan Appreciation this past weekend but canceled the entire trip to go in October when it will be a little cooler. We already have Olive Garden on our list. Also, I was in NYC for the first time a couple of weeks ago and made sure to go see the OG at Times Square. We didn’t get to go because Times Square was closed at the time for a suspicious package. Next time.

Have a great weekend and your long time readers (since Jason/Melissa/Molly) still love you (in a non creepy way).

Comment: Well, I’ll be back there this weekend for first week of NFL season, but I don’t think OG is in the cards this time. I mean, nobody can ever top being the first customer so I feel like there might not be any reason to step foot in that one again. I’ve achieved legendary status there. Anything after that would feel less than the initial visit. I would rather be remembered for my one triumphant first appearance there. A bronze statue of my face would be nice.

Long time reader, second time e-mailing (see what I did there?).

Based on what you have previously shared with us about the paychecks earned by those who go on BIP, I am struggling to understand why Becca would join this season. Do you think the paycheck was really that fat? She obviously didn’t need to go on BIP to meet Thomas or anyone else from Bachelor Nation for that matter. And she has a platform from her podcast and Instagram. So why would she willingly choose to earn the (dis?)honor of being the first “Bachelorette in Paradise”? I feel like I saw a flash of regret in her eyes when Lance Bass first introduced her to the group, though that could just be the secondhand embarrassment I was experiencing on her behalf.

Thank you for all you do! Really, really enjoy your site.

Comment: I have no idea how much Becca made to do it. But in her position, if I was her, I wouldn’t have gone down there for less than $50k-75k. But that’s just me. I have no idea what her asking price was or what she received.

Hi Steve,

I thought it was really interesting that Thomas kept saying to Tammy that he was the villain on his season…I thought the season hadn’t aired by the time he was down in paradise? Is he just basing this off of the way Katie sent him home? Or is this a little more revealing that Thomas was “in on” the whole thing with producers? As in- he was told he would be portrayed that way and played into it in Paradise?


Comment: I mean, points for being honest I guess? No, it started airing basically the day BIP started filming. None of the people knew what happened on Katie’s season unless the guys told them. Would’ve been kinda dumb for Thomas to lie. He lived through Katie’s season. He didn’t need to see it air to know that the guys didn’t like him and how he was gonna be portrayed.

Hi Steve,

Saw this Reader’s Email today:

Q1: One of your readers this week asked about a lead keeping a contestant around just because they were good friends with the lead’s final 1. I remember that from your podcast too and now it’s killing me trying to remember who on your podcast said that! For some reason I’m thinking maybe Courtney Robertson said it (but I don’t recall who she was “best friends” with on her season). Or maybe it was someone from Juan Pablo’s season (maybe Chelsie said she was kept around for Nikki?). Have you put any more thought into who said this? Or do any of your readers/listeners recall which podcast guest this was? It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I think that’s such an interesting dynamic for a reality dating show that a lead would keep a contestant they were NOT romantically interested in just for the sake of the contestant they were interested in. Do you think the producers would have known that at the time? I briefly thought about it but still can’t remember. Anyone want to chime in that remembers, be my guest.

If memory serves me correctly, it was Kelly Travis who said that Juan Pablo kept her around for Sharlene 🙂

Comment: I know Kelly came on the podcast years ago. Was it her that said that? I honestly don’t remember.

Hi Steve,

I hope you enjoyed the Vegas OG experience!

2 Things..

1) Someone in this week’s reader emails asked about Taylor/Vanessa. When everything with Taylor came out about old tweets and posts of hers using the R word and other disgusting words – I believe I remember Vanessa made a statement on her IG saying she couldn’t be involved with her anymore due to Vanessa’s connection to special needs and the work she does. I vaguely remember something to that effect. Makes sense if it’s true.

2) Question – someone posted that Garrett just had his 1 year anniversary with his girlfriend and it was the 1 year anniversary of Becca posting their breakup. Which means they were obviously broken up before. Do you know if she got to keep the ring? Seems like she waited to announce the breakup til she could keep the ring. so shady

Comment: I have no idea.

Hi Steve,

You’re probably going to get a million emails about this topic but I can quite honestly say that the Brendan/Pieper display we saw Monday night was the most infuriating thing I have ever witnessed in this show’s franchise. Trust me I have had plenty of people who I couldn’t stand on these shows, whether they were there for the wrong reason or the villain or what have you, but these 2 take the cake. And I’ve been a viewer since season 1! Poor Natasha. I really wanted her to rip him a new one cause he oh so deserves it. And the worst part is these 2 are on their social media bragging about what jerks they are. (I don’t follow either of them, just looked to see if they had anything to say for themselves and I was disgusted). Is there a way to get a petition going to get everyone to unfollow these brats? They’re both so immature. I always felt that way about Pieper even on Matt’s season- hadn’t seen what I would classify as immaturity from Brendan until the half hour of airtime he had with Pieper. Just hearing their conversations made me cringe. I’m with everyone else: GO HOME! Ok, end rant. And I mean it about that petition. 😉

Comment: A petition? Don’t waste your time. You did the right thing. Unfollow. Plenty of others have as well. Brendan has dropped around 60k followers. Pieper less than 10k, which is really nothing. But Brendan also had way more than her.

Hi Steve,

This is my first time commenting, but a long time fan of yours!

Question: Who are other “couples” that were “dating” or “talking” before coming on BIP?

What comes to mind is Demi dating Kristian, who was talking to Derek before Kristian showed up on BIP.

Comment: Joe and Samantha are probably the first ones who really took it to another level where it became a storyline on the show.

Hi Steve,

I don’t understand what Natasha was doing with her “detective work” on the Pieper and Brendan relationship? GSJ even brought up to Natasha that she was having doubts about her relationship with Brendan, which should have been a red flag. And for people to say the couple (P & B) were only there to be on TV and get followers is ridiculous. EVERYONE is there to get followers and fame! My take on Natasha is that she wants hound them until the up and leave the show, which I think is pretty shitty of her. I don’t see it that way at all.

I’m glad to see Demi had at least a little moment of self reflection when she said, “I’m such a loser.” Very easy to agree her on that based on her mean and selfish behavior on this show.

Comment: Thanks for your thoughts on this and I appreciate the contribution to “Reader Emails.”

Aside from the complete lack of any sense of self awareness shown by many on this show (example: Demi referring to Mari as “mean, a brat, and entitled”) I’m kind of amazed that these people haven’t figured out how a microphone works.

I worked for years on radio and live television. The rule is, if you are wearing a mic pack/carrying a microphone, always assume it is “live”.

All of these people have seen how editing on this show works. The producers are putting together a SHOW. Yes, Brendan and Pieper acted like jerks. Did they think they would be given a good edit? Who knows.

I still have to wonder what a lot of these people are thinking when they sign up for this. For many, it’s not a good look in the long run, – if it were me I would care a little less about Insta followers and a little bit more about having the respect of others. But, end of day – this is just entertainment for me.

Comment: That’s the way they look at it as well. I think most go in thinking of the end game, rather than in the moment of what they’re saying/doing. And they all just think about the positives that come from the show and not the negatives. Then when the negatives happen, they try and garner sympathy. It’s honestly getting old. The lack of self awareness by so many of these contestants is truly staggering.

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  1. jlal

    September 8, 2021 at 11:13 AM

    Demi just looks pathetic. It is so obvious she is insecure and uses sex, hence the constant asking to go to the boom boom room. She is so shallow, so can’t grasp how a someone would prefer a deeper, mature person over her annoying little girl attention grabbing antics. I almost feel sorry for her, she is so lost.

  2. shenanigans

    September 8, 2021 at 11:27 AM

    I love Steve’s response to any message that even mentions Demi. That’s the way to handle it, Steve. Give them absolutely NOTHING to say. LOL

  3. ctrealitygirl

    September 8, 2021 at 12:25 PM

    I totally agree with everything you said about Demi, jlal. Last night when she wouldn’t leave Kenny alone, even after he made it pretty clear that he wasn’t going to the boom0boom room with her, she came off looking looking very pathetic and needy. When’s she’s being flirty and fun, I can almost see why men are attracted to her, but as the episodes go on, she’s acting more and more like an immature spoiled brat. It really made my day when she got turned down by Kenny. I’m guessing she won’t want to return to Paradise after this season. Her schtick worked in previous years, but her act has gotten old. And I agree with one of the readers who commented that Demi doesn’t even look that good this year. From the moment she walked down the stairs to the beach I thought the same thing. She has a lot of competition in Paradise, a lot of the women are knock-outs.

  4. snowstorms

    September 8, 2021 at 2:19 PM

    All this Demi talk. I feel empathy for the girl. Her Mother was in prison as she grew up & last I heard, she was released when Demi was filming Colton’s Bachelor. If I look @ this and think about how this damaged her psyche growing up, her whole personality adds up. I am willing to bet she has never dealt with it and has never grown up from the time her Mother was incarcerated. Her trying too hard, any attention is better than nothing, etc…

    I always try to think why a person acts the way they do & while I feel for Demi, I hope she does her growing up OFF CAMERA and perhaps come back to the franchise when she has dealt with all of her issues, but I hope she disappears til then – IF she ever DOES grow up.

  5. windsurfer

    September 8, 2021 at 3:40 PM

    I don’t know anything about your “difficulties” with Demi, but I very much regret that you cannot/will not comment on her absolutely atrocious behavior, specifically for the entertainment value your snarky (but accurate) comments would be. I cringe every time she shows up on screen, and of course the more dreadful she is, the more focus they’ll put on her. Last night was actually so far over the top, even for her, that I switched over to the Sox/A’s game, just to not have to watch her. We have a group of people in the office that meet over lunch the day after each show, just to hash over impressions, likes, etc. (we’ve been doing this since the shows began!) and it is unanimous that Demi has to 1) go soon, and 2) never be invited back. The group is very mixed in many other subjects, but regarding Demi there is total agreement. (One woman calls her “Bat wing” for the absurd eyeliner she wears!) As I say, even without any knowledge of the issues you have with Demi, I have no doubt she’s milking it for all it’s worth. Steph calls her Batwing, I call her Batsh*t Crazy.

  6. jlal

    September 8, 2021 at 4:33 PM

    Snowstorms, I had no idea about her background and it is sad. That may explain the any attention is good attention behavior. However, she also has a very toxic mean girl side to her, that nothing justifies. I feel sorry for any woman who so obviously mistakes sexual attention for something deeper. But, she lashes out and spews vile insults to both men and women who don’t play along the way she wants.

  7. wisewords

    September 8, 2021 at 5:00 PM

    Did you notice how after Kenny turned her down, Demi looked like she stopped wearing makeup?

    Also, how Demi was projecting her own motives and feelings on to others? “He’s a 40 year old child.” (Demi is a child.) “She is mean.” (Demi is mean.) etc etc

    What a sad, sad person. Not funny or remotely entertaining. I bet she is a very unhappy person underneath that veneer.

  8. wisewords

    September 8, 2021 at 5:17 PM

    The best consequence for Brandon and Pieper would be for them to be excluded from all future Bachelor Nation activities, including future BIPs if they break up.

  9. trainwrecktv

    September 8, 2021 at 11:22 PM

    I am here to second the email about Maurissa. She completely transforms into a different person with makeup and I’m fascinated. It looks like she adds eyelashes and a hairpiece (it doesn’t look like her hair is actually as long as that ponytail), and maybe does some really artful contouring? I find myself totally distracted with trying to pinpoint how she does it. She is beautiful and obviously has impressive makeup skills.

    It seems funny to me how people get so wound up about timing (like them going after Chris but not Brendan/Pieper) when it is all so manipulated and edited. For all we know, Joe and Riley could have immediately proceeded to take on Brendan and Pieper when they finished with Chris. All this stuff happened so fast and was overlapping. I think it was maybe Maurissa who said something in passing on Tuesday’s episode about being surprised about being so attached to someone after only knowing them for 5 days. Maybe it was Mari? I can’t remember now. It just brought me back to reality that even though we have been watching for weeks and the people keep talking like they have been there for a long time, they really haven’t been there long at this point. Like how Noah and Abigail aren’t an actual long term couple in the traditional sense.

  10. snowstorms

    September 9, 2021 at 12:38 AM

    It doesn’t give her a pass @ ALL!! I can’t believe anyone on BIP would like her. I was even MORE shocked, seeing the positive way the girls treated her when she was comparing herself to Tia & how much “better” she was in comparison. I honestly wouldn’t mind if we never saw her again, but I DO hope she is able to grow up & find unconditional love. She has to learn how to love herself first, and I sadly don’t see that happening any time soon.

  11. dbla31

    September 10, 2021 at 11:07 AM

    Answering the person who asked about Becca’s engagement ring. I just read an interview with her that she did keep it and hasn’t decided what to do with it yet. I don’t find her behavior at all shady. First off, it’s not like Garrett scrimped and saved for a ring. It was a “promotional consideration” item between ABC and Neil Lane. No one loses anything. Why shouldn’t she keep it? Second, she deserved that and more as a prize for being with that boob Garrett for two years!

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