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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, Jef/Robby, & Thoughts on BIP Episode 5

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I’m sure you saw a couple weeks ago that Jef Holm had filed a restraining order against Robby Hayes. Well he dropped it the other day and Robby spoke out for the first time yesterday and, ummmmmm, just go read that article. Can anyone make sense about any of this situation? I sure can’t. It’s obviously he said/he said, but that story was such a clusterf**k. I have no idea what’s real and what isn’t, who’s lying and who isn’t, or what eventually will happen with this situation. But man, the whole thing is just so bizarre. But not the least bit surprising when we’re dealing with these two clowns. Drama has followed these guys ever since they were on the show. It’s never changed.

Ratings are in from Monday night and it was the most watched episode of the season. I didn’t do the ratings last week, but last Monday drew 3.2 million viewers while Tuesday drew 2.65 million. I expect much of the same from last night’s episode. Tuesdays will never outdraw Mondays. Just not gonna happen and past seasons prove that. What we still don’t know, or at least I haven’t seen, is when this season ends. We’re 5 episodes in and have only had 2 rose ceremonies. There’s no way this show is done in 2 weeks when DWTS starts, so I’m guessing it’ll just move to Tuesday nights after Sept. 20th.

Here are some thoughts on Episode #5:

-Did you like how at the beginning of the episode Lil Jon the announcer said, “Last week, chaos engulfed Paradise” yet they were showing what happened on Monday night? Oops. And no, I did not go back and watch Monday night. I’m gonna be honest, certain parts of these episodes is making my stomach turn. Like I’m getting a strong reaction at certain parts of this show that I wasn’t expecting. Kinda weird. I’m not enjoying having to sit through this. I’m sure in a few episodes it’ll pass, but as of now, it’s not fun.

-So Aaron and Thomas were fighting on the beach, yet on social media, they seem cool with each other. That’s becoming the problem with covering this show now. If you cover what’s happening on TV, and it’s opposite of what’s happening online, then it turns into, “Well it’s not a big deal, they’re fine.” Ok, then what am I supposed to say? Nothing? Because if that’s the case, there’s no point in talking about the show at all if you only want to hear where relationships are at now. Aaron blew a gasket on Thomas, who was 100% into Tammy. Which is great. Until next week when he isn’t and dumps her for Becca. Yes, this show is for dating around and seeing who you’re compatible with, but if you’re gonna get mad at Tammy for ditching Aaron for Thomas, or Jessenia for ditching Ivan for Chris, you have to keep that same energy for Thomas making out non stop with Tammy this episode, only to days later choose Becca over her.

-Chasen gave Deandra a necklace after Karl had given her a bracelet Monday night. Ok, the gifts thing has got to go. I don’t care how tacky that necklace may have been, 1) we know Chasen didn’t buy her anything, and 2) it looks even more ridiculous that he gave that to her after one date. Production buys any gifts and suggests to the contestants what to do with them. There’s just nothing believable about that whole situation and I’m glad Deandra saw right through it. Producers succeeded in pinning Chasen and Karl against each other with their gift exchange only to have it backfire on both and have Deandra give her rose to someone who stayed out of that mess.

-RIP Tahz. You killed it in your 5 episodes, and I wish we would’ve gotten a little more about her exit. Was it because Becca showed up? Was it because Tre left? Seems like there was more that they weren’t showing because that happened so suddenly. Alas, Tahz needs to be proud of her appearance on BIP this season as it blew away her last one, which got turned into a joke. Glad she was able to redeem herself.

-None of the roses given out should’ve surprised anyone, so I don’t think I need to recap those.

-Tia arrived and that was pure comedy. Lets face it, the only way that date happens is if Tia and Kenny both agreed to it beforehand. Yes, they were naked and both went with it, which is different than forcing nudity on the beach like they tried to imply happened when Kenny arrived, yet he was in a speedo. When it’s just two people, sure, they can go nude as clearly both we’re ok with it. Didn’t realize Tia would be such comedy gold last night. I thoroughly enjoyed watching that date as neither took themselves so serious. Are they long for each other? Well no, since we know who Kenny ends up with, but at least it was funny.

-The Noah/Abigail thing had me confused. Abigail said on their first date that she wanted to take things slow, right? But then when Noah took things slow, Abigail was concerned that other relationships were progressing faster than theirs and other couples seemed more intimate than they were. So I’m still scratching my head at what Abigail wanted from Noah, and I think he did too. She just wanted more PDA? I think Noah could’ve been a little more interested in the conversation on the hammock. He seemed put off the whole time. Or even on the verge of falling asleep. These two need to communicate better since it clearly seems like they aren’t on the same page at all.

-The Kendall arrival? Your guess is as good as mine as to why she’s there. I mean, we know WHY she’s there from the television standpoint. I’m just talking more about the personal side. She did an interview before BIP even started filming where she specifically said it’d be hard to see Joe dating down in Paradise. Did Kendall also touch the hot stove when her parents warned her not to as a kid? Was the allure of being back on TV for a few episodes really worth what she was going to witness down there? I don’t get it. Maybe she’s going down there for closure. I don’t think she was ever going there to rekindle with Joe. Nor he with her. That ship has sailed. But again, just something that didn’t HAVE to happen.

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