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Hi Steve –

I found the Smoke Bros entrance pretty funny despite opinions of the 2 guys. I think the most real emotion I saw was the heartbreak Riley clearly felt when that cake went into the fire. I have to take Kenny’s side for the moment in the Mari argument but don’t believe he or anyone else will find a real relationship with Demi. I feel bad for the placeholder guys like James, Conor, Ivan and even Karl who seem to believe the women have genuine interest in them when they are really instruments of survival until the next arrivals show up. Of course there are placeholder women too. What I would love to see, would be a non-mean-spirited ITM segment where the producers ask something like “James is a good-looking guy. Why do you think the women here are not interested in him?” I guess I am more interested in that side of it than a hot person gushing over a hot person. I never watched Monday’s episode, but yes, interesting question to ask but I don’t think they will.

The Challenge – This substitute Ed is a real breadth of fresh air. Fun attitude, not afraid of going into elimination. Amazing how the vets just dominate the politics but some of these newbies could make a long term mark. Bananas was first out on his rookie season so it is possible. I never watched The Circle so I know nothing about this guy, but he looks like he could be around a while. And yes once again, even though the rookies outnumbered the vets to start the game, they’re getting picked off 1 by 1.

Big Brother – I watched the goodbye messages on Instagram and they cut off Ky as he was about to spill the beans on the alliance. I guess they had a policy change at some point. Back when Crying Josh (now on Challenge) won BB, an innovation I credit him for was weaponizing the farewell message to jury members. He would reveal the alliance, why the person was voted out, etc. I liked it but I guess the show does not want it to happen. Right now, I think Tiffany is the best strategist with her long term plan but believe her temper and nastiness to Ky and Big D will be her downfall. She seems to be controlling the Cookout alliance, but then again, I haven’t followed the live feeds at all this season or read what’s been happening on days other than what we see on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so I could be completely oblivious to what’s really happening. Seems to me Xavier is in the best position.

Jacqueline podcast – I think her simple question to you is an important one we should all be asking ourselves – Why am I doing this / do I want to do this? What am I getting out of this?

Congrats on Olive Garden.

Comment: Yeah it took me a while to even think about that question. What I was doing before just doesn’t seem that important. Sticking to just spoilers and snarking about the show.

Hey Steve. Hope all is well.

I want to talk about Derek X. I really liked him and it’s unfortunate that his time was cut short by him not playing the roulette wheel. People say that he shouldn’t have sent Christian home so early, but I feel like it was a damn if he did, and damn if he didn’t situation. From the live feeds, we already saw that Christian, Xavier and Alyssa were targeting Derek X behind his back. Plus, Christian is a comp beast and he could easily take Derek X out if Derek didn’t take his shot first. So I understand why he took Christian out. It was risky, and it put a bigger target on his back, but he felt he had to do it. Although he has his flaws, and is naive as a newcomer to the game, I really enjoyed Derek X.

I feel like Sarah Beth and Kyland did him dirty smh. I was really hoping that Derek X and Claire could put the pieces together and figure out the Cookout. Unfortunately, it was too late. Alyssa has the nerve to talk about how he lied, but she arguably lied/lies more than Derek X! The hypocrisy! To me, he was one of the more genuine, honest-hearted, and bold guys there. He definitely could have won big brother if it was a different season. He has his struggles and I wish him the best. So I have some questions for you. 1. What do you personally think about Derek X? 2. What do you think was his downfall? What could he have done differently? 3. Do you think he has a really good chance to win America’s Favorite Player?


Comment: I think he is one of the most likable players this season. His downfall is essentially bad luck. All the cards happened to go against him last week. As far as AFP, I haven’t watched this show enough to know if someone who finished as low as him has ever won it. Have they? Someone who finished 10th? Seems like he can, but as he’s off the show for the next 3 weeks, will that popularity wane? Like, what’s the farthest place back a previous AFP winner finished?

And honestly, the Cookout is dominating this game. Even if Derek X played and won and was able to take himself off the block this week, in the long run, it probably wouldn’t have mattered. Would’ve been a stay of execution. The second he was available to go up again he would’ve and would’ve been voted out. He was too big of a threat to the Cookout.

Hey Steve!

A couple of questions:

1) How does the order of casting work with BIP? Do they just have all these cast members in a hotel somewhere ready to go the whole time they are filming and then pick who they want to send in weekly based on who will give the storyline the most drama? Or do they have a set order they stick with? Yes. They pretty much go down there and wait. And sometimes some people never get on.

2) WHY THERE??? I know the landscape is beautiful and it’s not the motel 6, but I just don’t feel like that location is very nice compared to normal bachelor franchise standards. There is no AC and they are all crammed into a room with bunk beds. Why not film at a nice resort? And can you explain to me what kind of people book that location on a normal basis? Other than a large event like a family reunion, I don’t understand who would choose to go there with that setup. It’s been there the last 6 seasons. I don’t know what to tell you. They like it, but you’re right, this isn’t a nice air conditioned place. The last thing it is is “Paradise.” Ask any former contestant about it. The conditions are miserable. But it goes to show how little that matters to them. They just wanna be on TV.

3) Can you give us any more details about the Becca/Thomas situation other than that they are back together? What other details are you interested in? I know nothing other than they’re dating.

4) This last question is a little random, but I’m a big fan and am curious to know. What are your favorite types of questions to answer in reader emails? What are your least favorite?

Thanks for all you do! I wish all the Olive Garden breadsticks in the world for you!

Comment: I like random ones and ones that I haven’t answered a gazillion times. Or ones that you can’t easily find by a simple Google search. When people put thought into their comment/question and come up with something original.

Hey Steve.

I know he doesn’t get mentioned much, but I just want to talk a little about Ivan. He’s one of the most unproblematic, down to earth, calm, cool, and collected guys I’ve seen on Paradise, let alone the Bachelor franchise. Some may find him boring, or even annoying. I just think he’s cool and generally unproblematic. Very mature. Thoughts? That’s what it seems like to me through 1.5 seasons to me as well.

Tahzjuan leaving paradise was a whole mood lol. I feel for her. She saw Becca come down and she was like, “oh hell naw. I’m done. Y’all can have this.” Lol, I was laughing. It was funny and sad at the same time. I completely understand though. She knew all the guys would jump for Becca when they got the chance, so she straight up dipped. Oh well. Hope things work out for her. Thanks.

Comment: I wish we would’ve gotten more of an explanation. Was it really because of Tre and she had no options or was there more to it? Seems like there was more to it.

Steve, any idea who’s the funny narrator voice on BIP promos? Lil Jon did one, but the others sound different

Comment: They’re all Lil Jon.

Dear Steve,

Thanks as always for all that you do. I have a few questions about BIP, the new bachelorette, Michelle, and your opinion on Big Brother this season.

1. I do not know if you confirmed this already, but I wanted to know if it has been confirmed that the voice that we hear at the beginning of BIP each week was Lil Jon? <b.yes.< b=””></b.yes.<>

2. I did not really follow Matt’s season of The Bachelor so closely, but I do know that the new bachelorette Michelle was a teacher. I was just wondering if you knew if she was an elementary school teacher? As a teacher myself, I am looking forward to seeing a girl who teaches kids as the bachelorette. Yes, she is.

3. I saw that DWTS is premiering on September 20th, so I assume that BIP is ending on September 13th-14th? I don’t know when it ends. I haven’t looked at the schedule going forward. But considering last night was the second rose ceremony, there’s no way this show ends in 2 weeks. I think maybe it moves to just Tuesdays when DWTS begins.

4. I am so happy for Zac Clark that he just marked 10 years sober yesterday. He seems like such a genuine guy. I really admire his journey and how he has used his platform to help people. Would you ever want to have him on your podcast? He’d never do it. He’s tied to Tayshia and she hates me.

5. I wanted to say that I am really happy for Joe and Serena. They seem like a great couple. I saw the episode and he said Kendall and him didn’t work out because she didn’t move to Chicago. Have you heard anything about her moving there? Haven’t heard either way.

6. Did Chris Conran get eliminated night 1 from Clare’s season? I barely remember him. Yes.

7. Who do you think is playing the best game of Big Brother this season and why?

Thank you

Comment: Tiffany or Xavier.

Hi Steve,

After watching tonight’s episode, I am left wondering why Becca would do paradise. I know some previous contestants said they got paid $600 a day, but I got to imagine Becca got paid more. Any idea if she got paid more?? I’m guessing double. Double? I have no idea what Becca’s contract to do that show was, but my guess is she got paid a flat rate to do it. No way she did it for a daily rate. The second I even guess what that number is, it’ll turn into “Reality Steve said Becca made X amount to do BIP” even though I’d specifically say it was a guess, so I’m not gonna bother.

And while I doubt any of us will know the answer to this- why would Becca go on paradise? I just don’t see what the appeal was for her. She doesn’t need the followers. And she has her podcast so she’s still relevant in the bachelor world. And having a podcast and being a recent single previous bachelorette, she still has tons of influencer opportunities. I just don’t get it.

Massive congrats on being the 1st costumer at the Olive Garden in Vegas. I love Olive Garden! They need to sponsor you!


Comment: Yeah, I think that’s been a question ever since I spoiled she was on the show. I’m sure whatever she got paid was a huge incentive. That show needed her more than she needed the show.

Hi Steve!

I love reading your column. Thank you for continuing to give us the scoop!

I didn’t watch Colton’s season of the bachelor, but did watch BIP when Demi was in the first time. Does she seem like a cartoon character of herself this season? Granted, it’s been a while, but I just don’t remember all the comments about dating everyone, going to the boom boom room, the loud and obnoxious laughing, and all that. I know it’s entertainment, but she just seems to be trying to hard, if that makes sense?

Thank you for reading and possibly answering my email!

Comment: Thanks for your Reader Emails submission this week.

Hi Steve!

I’ve followed you for a while and I have to say I really like the growth you’ve shown. It’s refreshing to see someone be open about how they may have been previously, own it and then see how they have grown. Anyway is it me or is it weird that Kendall would wait to come to Paradise to get Joe back? Was this a show set up? They’ve been broken up over a year, I’m sure she knows how to reach him, just seemed weird. Also I find it hilarious (maybe ridiculous is a better word) how folks comment on Joe’s posts about him and Kendall being soul mates and he doesn’t have a spark with Serena. Why do random people think they know anything about their relationship bcuz of edited things you see on tv?! And then tell him on HIS posts?! Because that’s what Toxic Bachelor Nation does. There are literally insane people that watch this show and think that people care what they think of it.

I broke my rule of not reading comments and now I’m paying for it because I’m irritated ?. People are funny (not in a good way, but in a lacking common sense kind of way) and it’s ridiculous how they think they actually know these people on tv without personally knowing them. That’s like me walking up to someone I’ve seen around but don’t know and commenting on their life. Ridiculous and wouldn’t happen outside of being behind a keyboard. Thanks for your spoilers and updates, people like me who don’t like to wait until the end of the season appreciate the work you put in for us!

Comment: It’s impossible to explain that phenomenon. I’ve never left a comment on a contestants IG page ever and never will. Especially one that insults, critiques, or blasts them or whatever. But that’s the culture we live in now. Because people can, they do. Screw any ramifications or any thought put into it beforehand.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is RealitySteve, or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. deborahsilver

    September 1, 2021 at 9:46 AM

    Funniest date in history.

    “Usually it’s toward the end of the first date that you might see someone naked. Now we’re just going to start with it,” Kenny said.

    Tia, meanwhile, told the cameras: “I know being naked is a normal thing, but like, my parents watch the show. My bible study watches the show.”

    She added that she hasn’t played volleyball before and wasn’t good at it — especially when there was a “flaccid penis flopping around.”

    I was crying I was laughing so hard.

    “Cheers to seeing your schlong in all it’s glory.”

    That should be the title of this date, cheers to your schlong.

    Am I the only one laughing so hard that I am crying?

  2. ctrealitygirl

    September 1, 2021 at 10:59 AM

    What I truly enjoyed about this episode was the arrival of two “older and wiser” Bach alums – Becca and Tia, who were so much more mature than the rest of the cast, and neither took themselves too seriously. It made me realize how much the franchise has changed over the years. The people coming on now are mainly in it to gain followers. I think, based on last night’s “performance,” Tia would makw a great Bachelorette!

  3. rob22

    September 1, 2021 at 12:01 PM

    ctrealitygirl. There’s no doubt that Tia would be a popular Bachelorette. I’m kind of thinking that she must have turned the gig down already since she was such an obvious pick. But we have another Bachelorette season and a Bachelor season before she could have another shot. Her popularity with BN makes it still possible & she’ll still only be 30 years old. But people tend to focus on what was recently right in front of them. So I think Tia only becomes the Bachelorette if there isn’t any women standing out from the next Bachelor… which won’t start airing until next year.

  4. ctrealitygirl

    September 1, 2021 at 1:26 PM

    I wholly agree with everything you pointed out, rob22. I’m just so tired of the crop of leads for both Bachelor and Bach-ette and thinking a more mature lead would be refreshing. Katie was 30 but I felt she acted very immaturely. Maybe the past contestants need some time between their seasons and when they’re chosen as a lead. More perspective. But the powers at be are looking for drama, so the more immature the better, right? It’s just getting so old. Katie’s season was terrible.

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