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Hi Steve,

Congrats on the OG achievement! I followed all your IG updates yesterday and gave a slow clap regarding your generous tip. Well. Done. If they don’t send you unlimited breadsticks, justice has not been served. I guess justice hasn’t been served yet.

After Lance Bass publicly accused Catman Connor of not being there for the right reasons, Catboy is taking to social media to defend himself saying he only wanted to know if he was on tv. What’s your take on that defense? Is that what Connor said in defense? I thought he was just saying to let him do whatever he wants and spread positivity or something?

I also listened to Jessie Palmer on the Almost Famous podcast and had forgotten about his history with the show. Have you ever tried to have him on as a guest?


Comment: No. But I did have the villain from his season on, Trish Schneider. She was great.

Hi Steve

Love ur column love reading the recaps even when they’re short. I found ur podcast after u had done like 50 episodes and I got caught up on my long commute to work. By far my favorite guest u have ever had is Jacqueline Trumbull she has such a soothing voice and such good insights even if she’s talking about a “villain”. Maybe if u ever bring the ig lives back she can join u. Just a thought!

Comment: Jacqueline is no doubt one of my favorite guests and one of my favorite people to chat with off air. We’ve had some interesting talks over the years that’s for sure.

Hi Steve! Couple questions for you:

1. With Greg potentially being the new bachelor what does that say about the producers and their relationship with Katie? Did things not end well with them? We know they pick favorites in the end as far as their lead goes (Ben Higgens for example). Does that mean they are more team Greg than team Katie? I only ask because I can’t remember them picking the “bad guy” (if you’re viewing this as being more team Katie) from the former lead’s season. Maybe to them he came out on top which is why they are choosing to highlight him and pick him to be the next bachelor? Is it because they didn’t love Katie in the end? All just speculation and maybe that’s not how the choosing process even works. I’m just trying to figure out why they picked Greg over someone like Michael or Andrew who weren’t as polarizing. I can’t answer for the show. I don’t know.

2. Follow-up question to that, haven’t they always picked a lead that was represented in good light for a majority of their season, and if not that, had a come back story in bachelor in paradise like Nick Viall? Aka not Greg? I think you could technically consider his a comeback story at ATFR.

3. How many people have gone on a first date and gone to the boom boom room? Was Riley and Maurissa the first? None that I can remember, but it’s hard to remember every first date of every BIP season.

4. Do you know the relationship of Demi and Mauri now? They seemed to be friendly on Mauri’s Instagram post last night of her eating cake, so it appears they are now friends? Even after Demi took Kenny to the boom boom room? Just wanted to see if you heard any news on that. No idea. Don’t follow either.

5. Aaron and Tammy also seem friendly on social media. Have they rekindled anything? Based off of tonight’s preview we see Aaron telling Tammy that she’s going to regret choosing Thomas and knowing that she gets sent home and Thomas chooses Becca over her, do you know if she does regret that and if anything has happened between the two of them post show? Haven’t heard anything either way post show regarding Tammy and Aaron.

6. What makes you think that people will be team Thomas just because he ends up with Becca? I mean I’m sure that will be some peoples responses, but Is that what you’re hearing? I know Becca is well liked in the franchise and while I haven’t see her interactions with him on the beach yet, hearing about them being together made her lose some points in my book. Just saying! He’s not a terrible human but I’m not a huge fan of the guy either. I was disappointed when listening to her podcast last week she didn’t mention him showing up to the beach in her recap and how he constantly needed to talk about how big and tall he is. Eye roll. Do you think she is looking back at these episodes when she wasn’t there with open eyes??

That’s all my questions for now. Thanks for all you do!

Comment: Because I’ve seen the reaction in my DM’s and replies on Twitter and IG. It’s not an opinion, it’s fact. The amount of hate emails I received regarding Thomas during Katie’s season and now to see how it’s changed when he was still being called out by guys down there, I’m just reporting what’s happening. No, I don’t think he’s a terrible guy either. I’m just saying what is factually correct: he was HATED during Katie’s season and it was overwhelming how many people made that known. Now it’s died down and I’ve seen a lot of replies loving how much they like Becca and Thomas together.


Long time reader here, like an OG! I know you can’t print this, but I just really need to say, just for your benefit, that maybe an apology to Demi wasn’t warranted. Not sure I have ever seen a more manipulative female in my life. What she does really undermines legitimate harassment cases.

Keep on keepin on!

Comment: Thank you for your input in this weeks “Reader Emails.”

Hey Steve,

Have you heard if there is anyone from bachelor nation on dwts this season? There’s been alot of speculation about Tyler, Katie and Blake, Colton and even Jojo who just revealed that she wasn’t allowed to dwts (similar to Kaityln, the current champion).

Comment: No. Definitely not Tyler though.


Comment: I’m not Sharleen. I have no idea, nor do I care, what anyone from this show wears so much so that I’m gonna link to it. I think you have the wrong blogger.

Hi Steve,

Wanted to share my thoughts on Monday’s train wreck BIP episode for your reader emails. In no particular order:

I don’t get what Mari wanted (I’m not sure she does either). That whole story line left me scratching my head. Basically, I don’t want to be exclusive, but if you start dating around, I have a problem with that?
Kenny’s proclamation before the cocktail party started was very cringey and odd I do not see Demi truly being into Kenny, I think she’s just playing it up for TV. Aaron was being a total hypocrite about Tammy making out with Thomas, as Aaron had just made out with Serena C in front of Tammy
Tre calling Tammy a trash human (or saying it was trash human behaviour) was uncalled for, as well as Aaron calling her a dog. It’s basically the premise of the show and Aaron/Tammy were not exclusive
I wish they showed us what was going on with Taj to cause her bizarre behavior (although it was likely editing taken out of context like Clare talking to animals) I loved seeing more of Riley’s personality, he was portrayed as being so serious with Clare/Tayshia’s season, but he’s pretty funny

Thanks again for providing the entertainment! Glad your Olive Garden experience was exactly as you wanted it to go!

Comment: I didn’t watch (other than Blakes’ recap), but that sounds fairly accurate.

Hi Steve , awhile ago you said that you thought Michelle’s season would wrap up Sept 10. Given hotel they are at in Mexico right now is booked until Sept 11, do you think she is filming hometowns and the rest of the season there, including Final Rose ceremony ? Thanks

Comment: I never said it was the exact date. I said it’s what I was hearing. There was never a solid “it will end on this date.” And you wonder why I even avoid saying I’m “hearing” stuff anymore, because anything I say immediately becomes set in stone. I specifically said that’s what I was hearing. Could mean the l1th. Could mean the 12th. Could mean the 13th and so on and so forth. It was a while ago I heard that. I think even before filming started, or at least very early on. So unfortunately I don’t know what exact day the show ends or what’s happening with the ending.

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  1. deborahsilver

    September 1, 2021 at 9:46 AM

    Funniest date in history.

    “Usually it’s toward the end of the first date that you might see someone naked. Now we’re just going to start with it,” Kenny said.

    Tia, meanwhile, told the cameras: “I know being naked is a normal thing, but like, my parents watch the show. My bible study watches the show.”

    She added that she hasn’t played volleyball before and wasn’t good at it — especially when there was a “flaccid penis flopping around.”

    I was crying I was laughing so hard.

    “Cheers to seeing your schlong in all it’s glory.”

    That should be the title of this date, cheers to your schlong.

    Am I the only one laughing so hard that I am crying?

  2. ctrealitygirl

    September 1, 2021 at 10:59 AM

    What I truly enjoyed about this episode was the arrival of two “older and wiser” Bach alums – Becca and Tia, who were so much more mature than the rest of the cast, and neither took themselves too seriously. It made me realize how much the franchise has changed over the years. The people coming on now are mainly in it to gain followers. I think, based on last night’s “performance,” Tia would makw a great Bachelorette!

  3. rob22

    September 1, 2021 at 12:01 PM

    ctrealitygirl. There’s no doubt that Tia would be a popular Bachelorette. I’m kind of thinking that she must have turned the gig down already since she was such an obvious pick. But we have another Bachelorette season and a Bachelor season before she could have another shot. Her popularity with BN makes it still possible & she’ll still only be 30 years old. But people tend to focus on what was recently right in front of them. So I think Tia only becomes the Bachelorette if there isn’t any women standing out from the next Bachelor… which won’t start airing until next year.

  4. ctrealitygirl

    September 1, 2021 at 1:26 PM

    I wholly agree with everything you pointed out, rob22. I’m just so tired of the crop of leads for both Bachelor and Bach-ette and thinking a more mature lead would be refreshing. Katie was 30 but I felt she acted very immaturely. Maybe the past contestants need some time between their seasons and when they’re chosen as a lead. More perspective. But the powers at be are looking for drama, so the more immature the better, right? It’s just getting so old. Katie’s season was terrible.

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