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Hi Steve,

I’m behind in reading the columns, but wanted to give my feedback to a comment you made about the first episode: “And to be honest, I don’t even remember anything Jessenia did on Matt’s season that even warranted that type of response.” I refreshed my memory and totally know what Toxic Bachelor Nation would have had a problem with. Jessenia and MJ ended up in a brief, pre-rose ceremony two-on-one, because Jessenia had “dared” to share with Matt something rude that MJ had done. Even that night I knew that Toxic Bachelor Nation would go after Jessenia. How dare the intelligent, thoughtful minority girl go after the trashy blonde and win? I’m convinced that that whole scenario ended up with people going after Jessenia. And she did nothing wrong. As you’ve said (now hundreds of times) before, this audience is largely messed up.

Comment: Ahhhh yes, I remember that now. Toxic Bachelor Nation doing what they do best. Embarrassing.

In regards to Demi, I feel she has a double standard. She doesn’t find it okay what you told her but if any guy spoke to a girl the way she spoke to the guys they’d be crucified. I find what she says to them way worse than what you told her. It’s just ridiculous.

Comment: Thank you for your email this week.

Q1: One of your readers this week asked about a lead keeping a contestant around just because they were good friends with the lead’s final 1. I remember that from your podcast too and now it’s killing me trying to remember who on your podcast said that! For some reason I’m thinking maybe Courtney Robertson said it (but I don’t recall who she was “best friends” with on her season). Or maybe it was someone from Juan Pablo’s season (maybe Chelsie said she was kept around for Nikki?). Have you put any more thought into who said this? Or do any of your readers/listeners recall which podcast guest this was? It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I think that’s such an interesting dynamic for a reality dating show that a lead would keep a contestant they were NOT romantically interested in just for the sake of the contestant they were interested in. Do you think the producers would have known that at the time? I briefly thought about it but still can’t remember. Anyone want to chime in that remembers, be my guest.

Q2: Sorry if I missed this in your spoilers/updates but how come Sarah Trott from Matt James’ season wasn’t in paradise? She seems like she would have been a shoe-in. She’s basically had a boyfriend since the second she got off Matt’s season – and possibly even before. DJ Spinarooni or whatever his name is.

Q3: Did Taylor Nolan and Vanessa Grimaldi have a falling out? They used to be all over each other but recently Taylor did a cryptic Instagram story where she mentioned “people no longer in her life” and it was right around the time Vanessa got married (and neither follow each other anymore). I don’t know anything about what their relationship is now but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Q4: is there a rhyme or reason to the contestants from Bachelor/ette that you follow on social media platforms? I’m assuming you don’t follow everyone from 40+ seasons— so do you just follow the contestants you like? The ones who you think will produce drama/content/spoilers? The ones you want to have on your podcast?

Comment: There’s no rhyme or reason to who I follow. Some people I follow were first night contestants and I’ve never interacted with them ever. I just randomly choose people every season. I usually follow the lead, but after that, it’s just random. And considering I only follow 257 people total (not all being BN), there’s tons more people I don’t follow than do. I just don’t need my IG feed cluttered.

Hey Steve! I was wondering if you knew or heard anything about a bachelor in paradise reunion show being taped for this season?

Comment: I’ve heard there isn’t going to be one this season.

Hi Steve

I hope you are enjoying your time in Vegas and sincerely hope you are the first to eat at OG. Man do I love OG, the chicken and shrimp carbonara is it for me!!

Anyways, I was going to ask this last week but I figured somebody else would and alas, they didn’t. Did you listen to Olivia’s podcast with Jade? I’m sure you know she addresses the stuff you said back in the day and her current opinions on it. She had some good points for sure, I do hope she sees how much you’ve grown and changed. I’ve always liked Jade and I think you’ve more then proven yourself as a changed man (though I can’t lie, I do miss the gossip)! I listened. It wasn’t easy to hear it, but I listened. I was…confused.

Also regarding Greg as potential bachelor, it’s just so bizarre to me. Doesn’t it seem strange that they would give him such a poor edit and then make him the bachelor? If they had him in mind they easily could have changed the narrative especially if they didn’t like Katie… I know some people argue that he didn’t come across that bad but come on, it’s a stretch to say he came across as great. No, I don’t think he came off great. But I can see how they position him as the lead. I didn’t at first, but now I do.

Do you have any idea why there are rumors that production didn’t like Katie? It does seem to me that she goes against the grain and has a hard time with the rules of production, but it really seems like she’s a cool likeable chick.


Comment: There are hundreds of rumors every season.

I have watched a few seasons of BIP but I don’t really watch the regular seasons- BIP only. Which means I usually don’t have a lot of context. I have always really liked Grocery Joe and thought he seemed really genuine, but I am just super confused how he can be coming off a long relationship, and days into a meeting someone can be all in? These people must know each other before hand right? Like there is some sort of relationship in place before they come on? Or am I just super off on Joe and is he just excellent casting and a great BIP player? Help me understand Reality TV!!

Comment: Well, he had been broken up with Kendall for a year. So it’s possible to be ready again when he went down there. I have no idea if he spoke to Serena pre-show. But you gotta remember, these people say and do things for the camera that they know will either A) put them in a good light or B) be what the other person wants to hear. Joe isn’t the only one. Plenty of them are all in immediately on this show. It’s almost what the show is based around. Because if you seemingly aren’t all in 4 seconds after meeting someone on this show, then you’re “afraid of commitment” or “aloof” or “not taking it seriously.”

Hi Steve!

So happy you were the first customer at Olive Garden Vegas! Was that the nicest Olive Garden you’ve dined at? It was definitely the largest, that’s for sure. And the décor was a little different than any other Olive Garden.

My BIP question is was Mari and Kenny in on the scripted birthday cake incident? Who writes D’s scripts? The producers? Do all the others know it’s scripted?

Thanks for all you do for the fans!

Comment: I mean, we’re 7 seasons into BIP and 42 seasons into the main show. If people don’t know how this show works yet, that’s on them.

Hi Steve!

Long time reader, first time emailer. I was just wondering about the timeline for the casting process for Greg’s season – have they already picked out the next cast of women? I had a close friend start saying she was going to be on the next season but not sure if it was speculation or actually true!

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Comment: I’m sure some women have been told they’ve been cast, but is everyone set to be on the season finalized? No. And until filming starts night 1, even if you’re flown out there, it’s still not set in stone until the cameras start rolling and you get out of the limo.

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  1. deborahsilver

    September 1, 2021 at 9:46 AM

    Funniest date in history.

    “Usually it’s toward the end of the first date that you might see someone naked. Now we’re just going to start with it,” Kenny said.

    Tia, meanwhile, told the cameras: “I know being naked is a normal thing, but like, my parents watch the show. My bible study watches the show.”

    She added that she hasn’t played volleyball before and wasn’t good at it — especially when there was a “flaccid penis flopping around.”

    I was crying I was laughing so hard.

    “Cheers to seeing your schlong in all it’s glory.”

    That should be the title of this date, cheers to your schlong.

    Am I the only one laughing so hard that I am crying?

  2. ctrealitygirl

    September 1, 2021 at 10:59 AM

    What I truly enjoyed about this episode was the arrival of two “older and wiser” Bach alums – Becca and Tia, who were so much more mature than the rest of the cast, and neither took themselves too seriously. It made me realize how much the franchise has changed over the years. The people coming on now are mainly in it to gain followers. I think, based on last night’s “performance,” Tia would makw a great Bachelorette!

  3. rob22

    September 1, 2021 at 12:01 PM

    ctrealitygirl. There’s no doubt that Tia would be a popular Bachelorette. I’m kind of thinking that she must have turned the gig down already since she was such an obvious pick. But we have another Bachelorette season and a Bachelor season before she could have another shot. Her popularity with BN makes it still possible & she’ll still only be 30 years old. But people tend to focus on what was recently right in front of them. So I think Tia only becomes the Bachelorette if there isn’t any women standing out from the next Bachelor… which won’t start airing until next year.

  4. ctrealitygirl

    September 1, 2021 at 1:26 PM

    I wholly agree with everything you pointed out, rob22. I’m just so tired of the crop of leads for both Bachelor and Bach-ette and thinking a more mature lead would be refreshing. Katie was 30 but I felt she acted very immaturely. Maybe the past contestants need some time between their seasons and when they’re chosen as a lead. More perspective. But the powers at be are looking for drama, so the more immature the better, right? It’s just getting so old. Katie’s season was terrible.

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