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Podcast #254 – Interview with “Survivors” Stephen Fishbach

“Survivor” is back on our air after almost being gone for 2 years and that can mean only one thing – our resident guru and former 2-time player Stephen Fishbach joins the podcast to talk about it being back in our lives. A lot of new changes to “Survivor” this season and we talk about each one individually. Do we like them? Do they benefit the game? Does it make the production better? Some things are blatant, some not so much. We dive into all of that and then some. As a heads up, this was recorded before last night’s episode, so there won’t be any spoilers regarding last night. And since the “Beware Advantage” was used for the first time last night, you’ll hear us talking about it briefly asking what it even is. Just know it was recorded before what we saw last night. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Stephen’s Twitter handle (@stephenfishbach) in your replies. Stephen has always been one of my favorite guests to have on because of his knowledge and passion for this show. Loved having him on again. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) I begin by talking about the start of Clayton’s season filming last night, and a story about something that was said on BIP this past Tuesday. Then Stephen joins me (9:59) to discuss the premiere of “Survivor” after almost 2 years off the air. It was recorded before last night’s episode, so no talk of what happened last night, but plenty about the new visual, audio, and game changes this season, the removal of “Come on in, guys” and the why of it all. Are all the twists and turns good for the game? Stephen is our resident guru when it comes to this show having played twice and always provides some of the best insight and makes me think about things I never thought to think about.

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