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Podcast #256 – Interview with Comedian & Bachelor YouTuber Dave Neal and Clayton’s 1-on-1 Yesterday

Fun and interesting podcast today with comedian and YouTuber Dave Neal as he joins me for the second time. Always a great talk with Dave as we dive into the podcast appearances from Ivan and Pieper yesterday in Bachelor Nation. I didn’t hear either one, so I let Dave fill me in on what was said, then we discuss both their roles (along with Brendans) on BIP this season. We also dive into the influencer world, how things are changing for this show, why this fanbase is becoming more and more toxic and maybe some of the reasons behind that, along with a little discussion on Michelle & Clayton’s season. We even briefly hit on my situation from a few months back as Dave was one of the first (if not the only) podcaster out there who took the time to look at the situation as a whole, rather than the soundbite/clickbait stories that circulated. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Dave’s Twitter handle (@DNealz) in your replies. Great having Dave on again and he will definitely be on again in the near future.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by talking about the last few days of filming on Clayton’s season and a random thought that popped in my head regarding money. Then Dave joins me (10:44) to talk about his YouTube channel, the coverage of podcasts yesterday regarding Ivan and Pieper, looking at topics in this franchise differently than the masses, cancel culture in comedy, Michelle’s season, Clayton’s season and much, much more.

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Yesterday Clayton had a 1-on-1 date at the Galveston Pleasure Pier with who I believe was Serene Russell…

Here are some other pictures from the date where you can’t really see who it is. In the second tweet, the woman in the white shirt walking in front of him with the mask on is NOT Serene, that’s a crew member. However, I have another pic from a distance that I didn’t post yesterday, as well as getting intel from someone who saw her from a little closer angle but didn’t get a pic, and they believed it to be Serene. I’ll put my trust in that. I’ll correct it if I’m wrong, but, based on what they said they saw and the pic I have from a little distance away, I do believe it’s her.

Rose ceremony #4 is tonight at The Post, which is a new facility (or remodeled one) that isn’t even open to the public. I was told they’d be filming the rose ceremony on the rooftop of The Post tonight. Then they’re off to Canada. As I mentioned, I was told Vancouver initially, but then got some info that there was some filming happening in Toronto next week. We’ll see if anything gets out this weekend that can confirm which city they’re actually in.

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