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“Reader Emails,” Breakups, Engagements, & Is Another “Bachelor” Season Coming Soon?

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Hi Steve,

Did you find it odd that Michelle’s intro package in the first episode didn’t mention Matt James once, even though she was the runner up on his season? Usually the intro packages include some sort of recap of the new lead’s time on the previous Bachelor/Bachelorette season, along with the new lead saying some version of, “I know this process works because I truly fell in love with [insert name of former Bachelor/Bachelorette here], but now I’ve had time to heal and I’m ready to open my heart again and find my future husband/wife.” Come to think of it, Matt James wasn’t referenced a single time last night by Michelle or the men, either. Do you think producers omitted any/all Matt James references because two Bachelor franchise shows have already aired since Matt’s season, or could the omission possibly be some sort of snub towards Matt? I can’t remember if they mentioned him in Katie’s intro package or not . . .


Comment: I can’t remember about Katie’s intro either if Matt was mentioned, but it’s quite possible it was done purposely. However I don’t know for sure.

Hey Steve – great recap, made me laugh a few times! Just a couple observations about the premiere…. First off I love Michelle, there’s something very endearing about her, I actually believe she’s really there to find love and not Instagram followers, but I could be totally wrong. Second, this is probably uncool to say, but I feel like she got stuck with the fugliest group of guys ever. And those limo entrances, beyond stupid. The guy with the head on the platter – just f’n creepy. As we know, beauty is subjective. A few emailers previous said they looked good on TV but bad in pictures. So go figure.

Finally, I think the reason they put her stint off until later in the year is because she had some work done. I kept thinking something was different about her face, finally I came to the conclusion, it’s the nose. I think girlfriend had a nose job and couldn’t film until it healed up. Crazy? Probably, but something was different. That’s it for now. Keep up the great work Steve! Oh, and Honeycrisp apples are the bomb, give one a try.

Comment: Michelle had a nose job? Since Matt’s season? I haven’t looked closely enough to see if she did or didn’t.

Their has been multiple articles that have posted today about how fans a disappointment that Clayton is the bachelor and that he’s just another unimpressive white guy! The guy got less than 2 minutes of air time. I don’t understand their logic… Fans of this show especially on social media just are saying ehh he’s nothing special because he’s white. Which is such a rude statement… I almost want to stop watching because these fans now make everything about race, when the franchise has changed up and brought in more POC. It’s like are we never supposed to have white lead again? They nit pick everything. It’s so annoying and no one is ever given a fair chance anymore. You’re right Steve toxic bachelor nation it is…

Comment: It’s ridiculous. But that’s Toxic Bachelor Nation for you. The vibe of this show has completely changed since Matt’s season, and not for the better. People are bitching just to bitch now. And doing whatever they can to make everything an “issue.” It’s too much.

How many people in Bachelor Nation secretly hate Nick Viall?

Comment: I mean…

Hi Steve ,

Huge fan question who do you think is a front runner on claytons season this year?

Comment: You’ll have to wait and see.

Sorry if I missed it, but did the men tell all film already? And will Michelle have a live finale?

Comment: Wait, huh? Michelle’s season? The second episode doesn’t even air til tonight. The MTA doesn’t tape til later in November. Not sure yet on her live finale. We won’t know until later. But if they follow the schedule they did for Tayshia last year, it’d be a no. And right now Michelle’s finale is set for the Tuesday before Xmas. That seemed to be the reason why they didn’t do it for Tayshia, so, not sure how they’d do it for Michelle unless her finale isn’t airing on the 21st.


Big news day today in Bachelor Nation.

1. Chris Harrison proposed to Lauren Zima. Happy for them both. I thought it was interesting that he totally scrubbed his Instagram. There is only one post and that is of him proposing to Lauren. Thoughts on that? Fresh start? I have no idea why he did that but if I were to guess, I’d say what you said. Just kind of a fresh start sort of thing. Or Colton is running his IG.

2. Blake and Katie broke up. We don’t really know why. She was supposed to be visiting him in Canada right now. Not sure if she went or not. I am sad for them. I wish them the best. Do you have any more information on this? They’re really no different from any of the other couples on this show. I hear stuff all the time, but I’m not going to speculate since I don’t know why they broke up. But I’m sure Ducks Moy will post something anonymously within days that everyone will believe and email to me within 5 seconds.

Also, people are saying it was a short engagement- too short. I think that is a harsh judgment. I thought the chart with Bachelor data IG on all the Bachelor Nation break ups for the people who got engaged on Bachelor or Bachelorette was interesting. There were actually quite a few shorter engagements than Blake and Katie.

Hannah and Jed
Emily and Jef
Arie and Becca

To name a few.

There were alot or others that were shorter. I think Katie and Blake genuinely liked each other but when they got to know each other in the real world they were not compatible. Your thoughts? It could be as simple as that. And yes, there are others that lasted shorter than them. Matt and Shayne. Travis and Sarah. I don’t either even made it to their ATFR.

3. Michelle’s season has not gotten good ratings so far. I think they are lower than Katie’s right?
Do you think it is because it is on Tuesday nights?
Because people need a break and it is just too much content? Too many seasons?
Because she is a person of color? (I hope that is not the case)

I think she is delightful and one of my favorite Bachelorettes ever. She is intelligent, has a good bullshit meter and she lights up the screen with her beauty and poise.

Comment: The answer is there really isn’t a black and white answer, much more grey. Probably a combination of all those things. But we’ll never know for sure and all we can do is speculate. So many factors involved, but yes, the bottom line is the ratings were awful for week 1 and I don’t see them magically just rising throughout the season.

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