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Podcast #259 – Interview with “Reality Life” Podcast Host Kate Casey & Your Final 4 for Clayton’s Season

Another fun podcast today with a friend of the podcast, Kate Casey, who recently had a very interesting podcast interview with Jed Wyatt. We discuss that along with RHOBH drama and suggest a few amazing documentaries you could watch. But first, I start out by talking about the final 4 confirmation I posted yesterday on Clayton’s season and the response to it, mostly that turned into questions about Michelle’s final 4. Kind of a head scratcher to be honest. Then in a pure nostalgia moment, last night it was announced that Fox is re-booting “Joe Millionaire” come January, which is the show that essentially birthed Reality Steve back in 2002. So I give my thoughts on all of that before Kate comes on for a great 1 hr talk. As always, if you’d like to respond to the Kate interview, please include her Twitter handle (@KateCasey) in your replies. Love having Kate on and she’ll no doubt be on again in the future.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by discussing the Final 4 Spoiler for Clayton’s season and the return of “Joe Millionaire” to Fox, the show that started Reality Steve. Then Kate joins me (15:15) to discuss her recent podcast interview with Jed Wyatt, the craziness that is this season of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and we finish with suggesting some really interesting documentaries out there.

Twitter – @KateCasey
Instagram – @katecaseyca

CampaignZero – link
8CantWait – link
PoliceScorecard – link

In case you missed it on social media yesterday, I spoiled Clayton’s final 4 as Hometown Dates have begun filming.

We’re 2-for-2 as since that post yesterday, got confirmation that Clayton was in Orlando last night as I was sent pictures of him at a restaurant, that confirms Rachel’s hometown is today since that’s where her family is. So it looks like the schedule is correct as Serene’s will be on Saturday in OKC, and Gabby’s Monday in Colorado.

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