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The Bachelorette 18 - Michelle

The “Bachelorette” Michelle – Episode 5 Recap, Hannah Brown’s Book, & “Reader Emails” on Tomorrows Podcast So Get Your Questions In Today

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-Nayte’s 1-on-1 date on Lake Minnetonka was also one that I was able to spoil in real time back on August 17th:

Then the next day posted about how there were fireworks by US Bank Stadium the night before which was for their date:

-During the boat ride, Michelle’s two friends Ali and Tia talked to Nayte basically setting up what was coming later that night, which was Chris S. appearing. They made sure to show us her friends asking him about anyone he’d possibly have beef with in the house, when they knew all too well (Taylor!) that they’d be sending Chris S in to interrupt their night portion. They show Chris back at the hotel talking to Martin saying, “We ended last night without me getting a chance to speak to her.” Again, something the audience will never know the true story of. I find it hard to believe Chris S. was sitting there all night while each guy got his turn with Michelle and she just didn’t choose to have any alone time with him. So my guess is production kept him away from the group, filming ITM’s, talking to him (as we saw he was separated from them for a bit), then when they allowed him back in the room, Michelle says she’s gonna give out her group date rose. Then Chris acts surprised and pissed he didn’t talk to her. Maybe it was at that time he realized he was played by production and kept away from her. But again, because of contracts, Chris will probably never be able to say publicly what happened that night. All in all though, does it really matter? He wasn’t winning anyway.

-Michelle is telling Nayte a story about an ex that made her physically ill, when Chris walks in and says he wants to speak to her. The whole scene was embarrassing because we know the whole reason he was even allowed to do this was for dramatic effect and because they knew when Michelle did talk to him, she’d sent him home on the spot. Maybe Chris knew this beforehand and didn’t care, or maybe he was totally naïve to the situation. But any viewer of this show could clearly see what was happening here and Chris was being used as a pawn in the Michelle/Nayte storyline. And he bought it hook, line, and sinker. How ya’ like them Honeycrisp apples, Chris? She shuts him down immediately when he whines about how she didn’t listen to his warning and doesn’t want her making the wrong decision, says she doesn’t need to be spoken for, and Chris is sent on his merry way. Although pretty disappointed we didn’t get to hear him say anything in his car ride away. Figured he’d go off on her or Nayte or somebody.

-At the cocktail party, Rick gets a late night stroll on the streets while the piano guy plays and that whole area looked familiar to me. When I was still working with my dad back in early 2010, I had to go to Minnesota for work a few times because of meetings with Target. I always stayed at the Marriott City Center on 7th St and it looked like the Marquette was close to there. And a quick Google search tells me the Marquette Hotel where they stayed is on Marquette and 7th a block away. So yeah, I knew it looked familiar. I’m like a Minnesota local now. Used to go to the Nicollet Mall, went lawn bowling at that one pub, and had walleye at some restaurant I can’t remember the name of. Good times. No Nordic fish for me. Or Hash Head. Nope. That Nicollet Mall is a trip though. It’s like 10 blocks of a mall that you just keep walking through. Never seen anything like that before you crazy Minnesotans.

-The only other significant portion to the cocktail party was Michelle’s conversation with Martin. Martin tells her that all the women in Miami are high maintenance. She asks him what he means by that and then Martin proceeds to bury his foot in the back of his throat. He says they expect you to do everything for them. Michelle tells him, “but you didn’t answer the question,” and then he proceeds to ramble on and show he’s an expert in misogyny. The guy with the frosted tips and who shaves perfectly sculpted lines into his head is telling Michelle that the women of Miami are too high maintenance. That’s rich, Martin.

-Rose ceremony time. Joe, Clayton, and Nayte safe with roses. Michelle: “This week has been my favorite week…if you don’t get a rose, just know I do have to continue to follow my heart…and if no one wants to eat walleye with me, you’re out.”

Rick, Olu, Brandon, and Martin.

Kaitlyn: “Michelle, gentleman, this is the last rose tonight. When you’re ready.” Hey, at least she didn’t whisper the last part this week. But “of the night” to “tonight” has changed the game. Now we just have to see how Jesse Palmer plays it next season. What if HE even changes that? Wow. We might be living in the multiverse if that’s the case.

Rodney gets the last rose, meaning Leroy and Casey sent home. So of the 8 guys remaining, 3 haven’t had a 1-on-1 date yet: Clayton, Olu, and Brandon. And I’m pretty sure Clayton and Brandon’s are next week. Well, Brandon’s definitely is. Maybe Clayton’s is the week before hometowns and he gets sent home on it. Not sure if Olu ever gets one.

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