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Podcast #264 – Interview with Danny Escalante & Nicci Ramos from “12 Dates of Christmas”

Another great chat today with one of the final couples from “12 Dates of Christmas,” Danny Escalante & Nicci Ramos. Sure, they’ve heard a lot of the chirping in regards to Danny picking Nicci over Brooke, and we get Danny’s thoughts about what went into that final choice, their relationship since the show, what you DIDN’T see about their relationship on the show, and much, much more. It was great to talk to them both at the same time rather that on separate weeks. It’s not easy being a public couple from a TV show, and we talk about how they’ve navigated that since the show stopped filming in April being that they live on completely different coasts with Danny living in Florida and Nicci in California. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, go follow them on their IG accounts (@dandy_danniel & @nicci_ramos). Thanks again to Nicci and Danny for coming on and I wish them luck moving forward.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by briefly discussing spoilers regarding Clayton’s final three women and Michelle’s final two episodes. Then Danny and Nicci join me (7:25) to talk about how they each got cast, the immediate connection they had once Nicci joined the show, how their relationship was edited and what you didn’t see, how they both feel about Brooke’s role in returning to the show, what life has been like post-show, and much, much more.

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