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The “Bachelorette” Michelle – Episode 9 Thoughts, Some “Reader Emails” & Dale in a Movie

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I mean, I told you there weren’t many this week. Just a few that were sent in over the last week. I’ll blame it on the holidays and people just waiting for this season to be over. When the new year starts, we’ll be back to full columns of emails, right? RIGHT? Lets begin…

Hey Steve!

I just read your reader’s emails from this week and wanted to ask a quick question before I forget for next week.

In regards to the reader from South Africa’s email- I know you can’t let us know your sources but can you tell us if you’ve ever received information from a lead or former contestant?

Have a great week!

Comment: I mean, if I told you I’d have to kill you. I don’t reveal stuff like that. I just let people think whatever they want. Nobody knows how I’ve gotten all my info over the years and they never will know. It’s more fun that way. The crazy part is how much that bothers some people that they don’t know. I’ve said for years why does that even matter? As long as you get the info and it’s right, does it really matter where it came from? Just sounds like a bunch of Nosey Nellies that I don’t have time for.

I read your column about how you said producers are going go try to make any of the F3 look like they could be F1. I am someone that likes the sleuthing part of this show. Their should be a the first happy couple weekend for Clayton and his F1 coming up or just had one.

I noticed last week Rachel was MIA for about 4 days. Dec 5-8th and posted for the first time on 9th late afternoon what looked to be from Florida.

Then on Thursday the 9th Susie has been MIA from the Dec 9th-13th today…

Is this productions doing? Telling the women to stay off SM for X amount of days to make people confused as to who the F1 could be? Because I thought Rachel was F1 but now I’m confused. I don’t think Gabby is F1 though.

Comment: There is no set time for Happy Couple wknds. Never has been. That’s people just guessing when they think it’s gonna be. No one actually knows.

I’ve heard of couples not seeing each other for a month bc schedules couldn’t line up. I’ve also known couples that saw each other every week for a month.

Being absent on social media means nothing and that’s proven by what you just wrote. Rachel was MIA at this time, Susie was MIA at this time, etc. Well, if being MIA on social media was 100% confirmation of being #1, then what you just said makes no sense because he only chose one woman. I can’t stress this enough: unless one of these final 3 flat out posts something that is 100% clear she’s on a Happy Couple wknd (like a Kaitlyn/Shawn, Arie/Becca thing), it’s all just speculation. If someone wants Clayton’s final choice to be someone in particular, you could absolutely make a case just by what you see on their social media it’s them. But someone else that wants it to a be a different girl can make a case for their girl. And they both can’t be right since he’s only with one girl, so, all it is is grasping at straws. When I get solid intel on who he chose, I’ll let you know. But I can tell you with the utmost confidence that whoever I end up spoiling, it won’t be because of anything that happens on social media outside of a dead giveaway, and the chances of that happening are slim.

Hi Steve!

Been following you for years! I always loved being the one who knew the spoilers before my friends.

I just saw the postings of Bachelor in Paradise Canada couples with Angela and Brendan. How can the USA watch it?


Comment: I think you’re mixing up the Brendan’s. The Brendan that Angela moved to Canada for is not Brendan Quinn, Blake Moynes’ BFF that was on Katie’s season. It’s a different Brendan. And I still don’t know how to watch it out here.

Hi Steve – was wondering about the narrative that the show creators push on us viewers about the lead being a quality person who deserves love. We never really know anything about the lead except where they are from and what their profession is. I am finding it harder and harder to just take the word of the creators that these leads are these great people. I wish I knew more about them. We all know Michelle is a teacher from Minnesota…they have crammed this down our throats for months now. But what else about her? What are her hobbies (besides basketball)? What kind of music does she like? Does she travel? Does she cook? What does she like to eat? Or do they leave this out on purpose? Or has the franchise just turned in to a vehicle to drive views to Instagram? Thoughts?

Comment: I think the biggest narrative you’re missing her is the lead was on a previous season where they got dumped, but the audience liked them enough to be invested in their journey and wants them to find love. That’s always been the biggest reason why any lead is cast. Because we just watched them on a previous season and the fans developed an interest in them, so naturally, they’d want to see more of them. You’re right, we don’t know much about Michelle or other leads other than pretty surface level stuff. But that’s been going on for years. They really make the show more about the contestants and the drama they provide.



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