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Podcast #265 (And Column) – Clayton’s Episode-by-Episode Spoilers (Up to the Final 3)

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Rose Ceremony #4 (Houston, TX) 15 to 12

1-on-1: Rachel Recchia. They did the whole “small town in Texas” themed date. Not sure what city it was. Rachel got the rose.

Group Date: Tackle football game in pads at NRG Stadium. 7 on 6. The team with 7 ended up winning. Shanae wasn’t on the winning team but she ends up crashing the losing teams party and breaks their trophy.

1-on-1: Serene Russell. Went to Galvestion Pleasure Pier. Serene got the rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Jill Chin, Sierra Jackson, and Lyndsey Windham.

Rose Ceremony #5 (Toronto, Canada) 12 to 9 Eliza Isichei, Gabby Windey, Genevieve Parisi, Hunter Haag, Marlena Wesh, Mara Agreat, Rachel Recchia, Sarah Hamrick, Serene Russell, Shanae Ankey, Susie Evans, and Teddi Wright.

1-on-1: Gabby Windey. Definitely involved a helicopter ride and I have video (somewhere) of them walking in a park and sitting on a park bench. Gabby got the rose.

Group Date: 9 women on roast date hosted by Canadian comedian Russell Peters at Archeo restaurant. A lot of references made to Shanae not being liked by the group and if she was gonna somehow show up on this date.

2-on-1: Genevieve Parisi & Shanae Ankney. Niagara City Cruises at Dufferin Islands Park. Shanae was sent home on the date.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Hunter Haag & Marlena Wesh. Shanae Ankney was eliminated on the 2-on-1.

Rose Ceremony #6 (Hvar, Croatia) 9 to 7

1-on-1: Teddi Wright. Teddi got the rose.

Group Date: Unsure of this group date.

1-on-1: I believe this was Sarah Hamrick by process of elimination:

-It’s not Gabby or Serene because they had 1-on-1’s last episode
-It’s not Genevieve bc she never gets a 1-on-1 this season
-It’s not Eliza or Mara bc they’re eliminated at the rose ceremony
-It’s not Susie bc she has a 1-on-1 next episode
-And Teddi already had the first 1-on-1 of this episode
-Only leaves Rachel & Sarah as possibilities for this other 1-on-1 in Croatia and I don’t believe it was Rachel.

Sun 10/24 – Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Eliza Isichei & Mara Agreat.

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