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Podcast #265 (And Column) – Clayton’s Episode-by-Episode Spoilers (Up to the Final 3)

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Rose Ceremony #7 (Vienna, Austria) 7 to 4

Going into Vienna, this is the episode before hometowns. I don’t know if this was a “if you get a rose on your date, you advance,” or if they just had dates and had a rose ceremony at the end. All I know is the end result of who the 4 remaining women were once they left Vienna.

1-on-1: Serene Russell. Hofsburg Palace.

1-on-1: Susie Evans. She got the “Pretty Woman” date here and in the promo you see a woman in a long red dress in Vienna. That’s Susie.

Genevieve Parisi was sent home at some point during this episode without going on a date. I don’t know who approached who first, but it was established that Genevieve and Clayton just weren’t a match and didn’t see it long term, so he either sent her home or she left. Not sure how it’ll be shown.

There might’ve been a third 1-on-1 in Vienna to go along with a group date, but I’m not sure of the particulars since I don’t know how this pre-hometown date episode was structured. All I know is Genevieve went home while in Vienna, and then…

Rose Ceremony/Vienna Eliminations: Sarah Hamrick & Teddi Wright. Genevieve Parisi first one to leave this episode.

Episode 8 (Hometowns) 4 to 3

Tues 11/2 – Susie Evans (Virginia Beach, VA)
Thurs 11/4 – Rachel Recchia (Orlando, FL)
Sat 11/6 – Serene Russell (Oklahoma City, OK)
Mon 11/8 – Gabby Windey (Denver, CO)

Tues 11/9 – Rose Ceremony Elimination: Serene Russell.

That’s all I have up to this point. The final 3 women (Susie Evans, Gabby Windey, and Rachel Recchia) all made it to Iceland for Overnights and Final Rose Ceremony. Since I don’t have the spoiler on that yet, I don’t want to speculate on how it shapes out.

I will say that there was something posted by one of the final 3 women recently on social media that may or may not mean something. I have it recorded just in case, but it’s one of those things where right now, when I don’t know who the final 1 is, it can be looked at two different ways. However, if this girl ends up being the final 1, I definitely think this is something that can be looked back upon once the season is over (or the spoiler is out) and you can say, “oops, somebody slipped up and this was a sign she was the final 1.” I’ll let you know either way once I find out. But when I saw it, it definitely made me go hmmmmm…

I will keep you updated on any news I hear regarding the final 3 women this season and how it shook out in Iceland. Clayton has said in interviews he found love, so he’s definitely with one of those 3, and most likely engaged. I doubt he’d be saying he found love in his post-show interviews and they’re just dating. Especially when all the guys on his season who vouched for him said he wants to be married and have kids. Not to mention, we know how hard the show pushes and engagement at the end of this thing, so yeah, not really breaking news to say that he’s most likely engaged.

Thanks to all who have followed me and as soon as I know the ending, I’ll let you know.

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