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“Reader Emails,” Shanae’s Hypocrisy, Need Emails for Tomorrow’s Podcast, & Thoughts on the Football Date

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Hi Steve,

I agree, wordle is the current fad and I am like you, give me a math problem, I’m good but always sucked with words. I didn’t get Knoll but the last word I guessed was knock so if 6 attempts I may have got it. Took me 5 guesses today to get to sugar. My sisters are way better with their FB bragging about it, but they have always been readers as kids and I ended up in Finance. You know, my Wordle game has improved so much since last week, I don’t have to write anything down anymore. I’m 15-for-15 since I started. Today’s word took me 5 because I blanked on one of the guesses and wasn’t paying attention.

Thanks for the tips on college basketball, I’ll be sure to go back and read before I attempt my bracket this year. Just moved to ACC country last year so it has been interesting to see so much news coverage on college sports lately. I will give out a first round winner again (hopefully), and probably a bonus pick with some of my other thoughts on first round games.

I’ll have to say your commentary on Joe Millionaire has compelled me to start DVR the episodes. I will be starting on 3, do I need to go back and watch the first 2? Will it be impossible to know what’s going on if you don’t go back and watch the first two? Probably not. But you should still watch just so you know the people better.

I have a hard time listening to your podcasts because my work schedule requires me to be on the phone all day. And I have two younger children so outside of work hours doesn’t allow for much. But I plan to listen to Jennie’s because I am very interested. Please give Jennie’s a listen. Sometimes when I do podcasts like that, I feel like it’s such an important topic but I always think no one’s listening despite being able to view my downloads every week. Ask any podcaster, no matter how popular they may be. Because I’m recording by myself, and it’s just me and my microphone, yeah, sometimes you wonder who’s ever listening and do they like it or not.

Getting super bored with Bachelor with the fake drama of Cassidy and Shanae. This story line is just so tired! Are they just trying to gain more younger viewers by dragging this out? Always thankful when they finally decide to dismiss them.

My question is, when the one on one goes on a date, do they go back to the house to change between the day and night portion?

Thanks-keep up the good work

Comment: They don’t go back to the house or mansion or hotel. They change somewhere on site. Usually the place they’re having the night portion at, because it’s usually some hotel or loft or something.

Shanae is so frustrating to watch but something I haven’t seen as many people talking about (either in recaps/ podcasts, or your reader emails) is why she went after Elizabeth in the first place. What she told Clayton at first was that Elizabeth ignored her in a group conversation but even prior to that we saw on the Ziwe group date that Elizabeth sat next to Clayton for the questions portion and Shanae was getting really annoyed in her ITMs about Elizabeth getting the extra attention. This was probably reinforced by Cassidy having told her the day prior to focus on Clayton, get attention, alone time, etc. I think Elizabeth said in an interview, the first thing was when Shanae tackled her on the obstacle course race. That was the first sign of, “where the hell did that come from.” And apparently ever since had a thing for her. But as I mentioned on Page 1, Shanae’s “the women were ignoring me falls on deaf ears when well before that, she told the women she wasn’t there to make friends. Great. Then you shouldn’t care they’re ignoring you by that logic, right? You can focus on Clayton. She’s not even good at being a villain.

When we see Shanae really upset is when other people can be perceived as “beating” her in the competition (someone else gets a 1:1 date card, someone wins the extra time in a group date and is then with Clayton alone but still visible e.g. Sarah Week 2 and Gabby Week 3). Since Shanae isn’t on other peoples’ 1:1s, seeing Elizabeth getting extra time was the first time Shanae had to actually watch him give someone else more attention than her. I think she only pushed Elizabeth during the obstacle course and then brought her up to Clayton because Shanae saw her as a threat. Her efforts to sabotage Elizabeth this past week are just a continuation of that. I don’t think she’s threatened by Melina who was his partner during the Baywatch activity (sunscreen) but I’m sure whoever gets the most viewable (by the women) attention from Clayton on next week’s group date will end up being her next target.

Thank goodness you were able to already tell us when in the season she is sent home so I know an end is in sight. This past week’s episode was just not fun.

Also on a different note I know some unspoiled people still think of Teddi as a front runner since she got the FIMP but Bachelor Data pointed out that she had no screen time at all Week 3, whereas we saw 1:1 conversations and makeouts with all of his final four.

Comment: Gonna have to deal with Shanae for only 2 more episodes, since while she does go home on the 2-on-1 date in Toronto, I’m pretty sure next weeks episode will end with that cliffhanger. We did see in next week’s previews of them on the 2-on-1. So it’s just a matter of if the result of that 2-on-1 date is in the episode, or they tease it into the following week.

Hi Steve …. Thank u for sharing about wordle, I am now addicted as well. I did not even know about it until I read it in ur column. ????
See there? U are now an all purpose column! Wahoo!

Did u know there is a wordle archive where u can access all the previous wordles? Over 200 of them! It satisfies that 24 hour wait period.

Comment: Yes, but I’d rather just continue my streak I’m currently on.

Did you also see that the guy who created Wordle (whose last name is Wardle), sold the game to the NY Times for “low seven figures?” Not bad. So pretty soon they’ll be running it off their site, same game, one word a day, and they say they won’t charge. So be on the lookout for that.

Hi Steve –

I’m hoping you have Martin the butler from Joe $ on the podcast.

I would have to go back and read the spoilers, but I think you may have missed out on the pivotal role that shrimp have had this season. Wondering if Clay-tin will still rely on his defense that he did not know about Shanae after more women said something. Is it just me or does Jill always look like she is about to cry? Look like she’s gonna cry? She IS crying a lot this season.

Toxic Bachelor Nation is not alone. Toxic Married At First Sight is alive and well. There is a bride who is not attracted to her husband and is not handling it well. She is getting destroyed endlessly on social media. No idea how these people can return to normal life. I also fear that one day, one of these nuts will turn to violence. Lets hope not, and I hate to be morbid here, but would we honestly be surprised as a viewing audience if it did happen?

Any thoughts on the announced cast of Celebrity Big Brother? The guy who was the Bull on Masked Singer whom I did not view as a celebrity is on so now I guess I have to think of him as a celebrity because he was on Masked.

Comment: Yeah, Todrick is an “entertainer” whose been around in recent years for sure. But unless you’re in the younger generation or at least follow some of the names and trends, I don’t think most of the older crowd will have heard of him. I’m excited for this season. Will be interesting to see some of those people meshing. Julie already said yesterday in an interview that Chris Kattan and Lamar Odom really don’t realize what they’ve gotten themselves into. They’ve been filming for a week now (premiere is tomorrow) and she said some people aren’t handling it well. Whereas Todrick and Shana Moakler are super fans of the show, so I think that’ll help them.

Hey RS,

I was looking up some tea about Chris Lane (girls on his bus) and I came across a link to your podcast with Jen Saviano with a guest appearance by LB. Two things stuck out to me:

1. LB said she met Chris lane with Jen and Lauren (I assume Lauren Bushnell now Lane). Correct.

2. Apparently he messaged His now-wife while she was with Ben??? Why on earth did she end up with him? Love?

Also…how do LB, Jen, and Lauren B’s other friends feel about her getting married to Chris Lane?

Comment: I don’t know. You’d have to ask them. I don’t get the impression that Jen speaks with Lauren all that much. And I literally haven’t heard a thing from LB since we recorded the interview that day. No idea what’s going on in her life.

Hey Steve!

Long time reader and follower since Jason’s season! My husband tells me I’m such a nerd, but I remember exactly where me and my college girlfriends were sitting when we read the bombshell article about Jason switching to Molly!

I cannot remember a time in bachelor history that someone like Shenae has been on the show. I know there is a villain every season but she seems to be very malicious towards one person. I can’t remember that happening as aggressive as this has been. I did not witness Elizabeth treat Shanae badly, yet she has singled her out and destroying her character. Seems as if Elizabeth could have a defamation suit against Shanae. At what point does production step in? And to throw the trophy like she did! That’s aggressive behavior that shouldn’t be tolerated. I’ve read what you’ve written about the show and production for years. I believe everything you say but this takes it to another level. Yeah, production is never stepping in. And they hide behind this, “Hey, it’s the leads journey. They need to figure it out for themselves” BS, since they’re the ones behind the scenes pulling all the strings and creating this unnecessary drama.

I also know a lot of people are upset about her mocking ADHD. My 7 year old son has ADHD and I’m here to tell you that it has been the most difficult two years of our lives. It takes a toll on the whole family, including your marriage. We are in a great spot now and have the right medication and Therapist but it was not an easy road. It doesn’t make me angry at her for her comments it just reinforces how ignorant people are about the condition. ADD and ADHD are often mocked and downplayed in society, so it’s not just her. Most people are ignorant about the condition unless you live with it or know someone who does. Women are often under diagnosed with ADHD so for Elizabeth to come out and admit it is a huge step. I hope she gets a second chance on Paradise! I’d be stunned if Elizabeth wasn’t on Paradise.

Lastly, I’m sure you’ve heard it 1000 times but I do not think Clayton makes a great bachelor. He seems very naïve and timid in the position. He’s not assertive and just seems a little lost. Their decision to cast him seemed like a quick one. I know it’s more about the girls they cast but I’m having a really hard time rooting for him and following his story.

Hope this email finds you well. Take care!

Comment: He’s just a guy to me. I haven’t gotten invested into him either, but then again, I’m not invested and don’t watch the show the way most people do anyway. I could care less whether Clayton ends up with someone or not. Once his season ends, it’s on to the next one for me.



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