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“Reader Emails,” Shanae’s Hypocrisy, Need Emails for Tomorrow’s Podcast, & Thoughts on the Football Date

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Obviously Shanae has dominated the conversation of the “Bachelor” for the last 2 weeks, and will continue to do so as long as she’s on the show. She’s all anyone is talking about. And yesterday, a reader made a great point about her that I didn’t pick up on. We saw Shanae tell the women in an episode that she wasn’t there to make friends. Fine. We get someone like that every season. But then in the same breath, she’s whining to Clayton about how the women ignore her. Well, if you aren’t there to be their friends which we clearly saw you say, why would you be the least bit bothered they were ignoring you? In fact, wouldn’t that be EXACTLY what you want? To be left alone so you can focus on your relationship with Clayton? So yeah, she loses me with her “woe is me, the women are ignoring me” nonsense. She ridiculed the women if they were nice and respectful as fake. But then if they don’t talk to her and ignore her, they’re bullying. Quite manipulative if you ask me. Shanae deserves all the criticism she’s getting. Not name calling, not death threats, not cyber bullying. Criticism. There’s a difference. What my column was yesterday was criticism. What you’ll hear me say in some answers is criticism. I’ve even offered a solution of how she should act going forward. Do I expect her to listen? No. But that’s on her. She’s so far gone now, she’s not coming back. I have a feeling she’s going to lean into this character even more up to the WTA. Then we’ll see if she’s truly sorry.

A change to tomorrow’s podcast. Had to push the guest back a week because their schedule got in the way. So on short notice it’s almost impossible to find someone, so, this week’s podcast will be “Reader Emails.” I’ve saved a few that were set to be in today’s column (basically just did it chronologically, so, the last 10 I received are the first 10 that will be in tomorrow’s podcast), so get some more “Reader Emails” in as soon as you can today for tomorrow’s podcast. No audio ones, just emails and DM’s and I’ll try to get them on tomorrow’s podcast. I keep saying tomorrow’s but it will probably be going up tonight due to the weather we’re having starting overnight here which might shut down internet service. So get those emails in the next few hours and I’ll try to get them in the podcast.

Yesterday I mentioned that during Monday’s episode, someone had messaged me about the family that put on the backyard BBQ for Clayton and Rachel and that they were locals who owned a known BBQ place. Well, I’d deleted it before I wrote down the info so asked if someone could send it to me again, and many of you did. They were covered in the Houston Chronicle yesterday. Kinda sucks that ABC chose to blur out their BBQ place name. Were they told beforehand they were gonna do that? You’d think this family would sign up to do this so people would know they own a local BBQ, not pretend they were some random people throwing a backyard BBQ. Kinda confusing, but oh well. They got coverage in at least the Houston area and now here.

Since I didn’t get to it yesterday, a few thoughts on everything related to the football group date that the show ended with Monday night:

-I’m not even convinced that the scene of Shanae listening through the walls was actually a frame-by-frame shot. All we kept seeing was a shot of Shanae with an ear up against a wall and another shot of women on the couch talking. So Shanae was able to decipher everything they were saying? They weren’t even talking very loud. This show has just time and time again used so much producer/editing manipulation, that no, I’m not just going to 100% believe that’s exactly how it all went down. And even if it DID, did it justify Shanae doing what she did? That answer would be no.

-This show really loves their football dates. Here’s what I will say. We all know once travel starts on a season, everyone gets a date. And travel usually starts when there’s about 15 people left. There’s always two 1-on-1’s, so finding a group date that incorporates 13 people in it, well, some sort of sporting event or competition seems to be one of the few options they have. And you saw all the clips from past seasons the other night. You kinda forget how many seasons have had one in it. Hell, we even got a Jake Pavelka sighting. Granted, it wasn’t him in the backyard of the mansion raising his voice and berating a crying woman on national television, but still, we got to see Jake. Whoever told him that would be a good look is out of their mind. That’s cringey, and scary, to look back on now.

-I like football. I’ve watched football for years. College and pro. I bet on football. Ummmm, what I saw Monday was not football. Now, do I expect these women to be running RPO’s and the spread offense? No. Buuuuuuut, that was just 13 women separated by different color jerseys just running around with a ball in their hands. The only thing I took from that game was that Sierra Jackson and Marlena Wesh are going to be the starting backfiled for the Houston Texans next season.

-We’ve seen the whole “losing team gets sent home” numerous times before on this show. But lets be honest, production made sure that whatever team Shanae was gonna be on was set to lose so they could do what they did. It’s just so comical to me that Shanae’s reasoning was really no reasoning at all. “I deserve to be here.” Ummmm, no you don’t. And of course ANY woman that was on the losing team would’ve loved to have gotten extra time with Clayton later that night. But only Shanae is allowed to because she’s the one involved in the storyline. It’s not like Shanae took it upon herself to do that. It’s all manufactured drama and she was allowed to go see him because it was productions idea. You don’t think anyone else from that team would’ve wanted to go? Of course they would’ve.

-“This isn’t the Bachelor. It’s the Shanae show.” I mean, that should tell you all you need to know about where her head is at. And the second you say that as a contestant on this show, you cannot for one second be surprised when the audience may not take a liking to you. She’s got no one to blame but herself. And production. But more herself.

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