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“Reader Emails,” Shanae’s Hypocrisy, Need Emails for Tomorrow’s Podcast, & Thoughts on the Football Date

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Here is a sports question for you. There were two football games in a row in Kansas City where it went into overtime. I screamed when Kansas City won the toss for the second time in a row. Thank God the Bengals intercepted the ball. No team has ever won back to back playoff OT games in NFL history. Small sample size, it had only happened 3 times before Sunday, but now it’s 0-for-4.

The overtime rules seem so unfair to me. The flip of a coin should not decide the winner. Both teams should at least get one chance in overtime. College football has a more fair system.

Do you think the pro football rules for overtime are fair? Fair? Yes. The thing is, it’s only being talked about as “whoever wins the coin toss wins” because the Chiefs won it vs Buffalo when they scored a TD first. What about this past weekend? Chiefs won the coin toss and turned it over. So it’s not a guarantee if you win the toss you win the game. You know what I say to the team that loses the coin toss? Play defense and stop the other team from scoring a TD and you get your chance with the ball. Now, I did think the old OT rules where a FG ended the game, because that means you didn’t have drive all that far if you had a great FG kicker. It’s obviously much easier to stop a team from scoring a TD than a FG. So yeah, I never liked that.

Why do you think pro football has different rules for overtime than college? NFL will never adopt that. They’re the big brother. They would never just accept what college is doing and go with that. Maybe take some hybrid of that, but never adopt the exact thing.

Do you think pro football will ever change the overtime rules?

Oh I forgot to add congratulations one your excellent sports betting.

Comment: Do I think they’ll change it? Yes. Maybe even this offseason. To what, I don’t know. Because if you automatically give the visiting team a chance, what if the two teams just keep trading scores, which it seemed like KC and Buffalo would’ve done in that game. Not gonna happen.

I think what will happen though is whatever change they make, I think the regular season OT rule will be different than playoffs. I just don’t know what that’ll be.

Hey there,

Regarding the Shanae drama. I completely agree with everything you said in your column and it’s all common sense really if people would have some. My comment is, determining who is the problem/drama between these girls is not rocket science. I know these bachelors are smarter than this. I know that production is a big part of it but come on… have the common denominator and you could always ask a couple of other girls and you can certainly eavesdrop, simple! It’s so simple that I can’t help to think production is involved in keeping them dumb downed more than I thought they were.

Comment: And we saw a few of the other women speaking to him before Shanae showed up on that group date expressing their concern about her. Will be really interesting to see what Clayton says at the WTA since he already told us he can’t wait to have an open and honest discussion. From our accounts, he WAS told about Shanae from the other women and either refused to believe it, didn’t care, or both. Or I guess a third option being, his hands were tied because production nudged him to keep her around. In that case, then he’s at fault, but something he would never admit to in a million years.

I’m guessing you’ll have this question posed many times….in your opinion is there any chance Tayshia is the new Bachelorette?

She’s so well liked in BN and she’d have the support of the fans, what are your thoughts?

Comment: I don’t see that happening. Doesn’t sound like she’s in a place where she would even want to do it.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for what you do for our mindless entertainment every week. I look forward to your questions/posts/spoilers!

Question for you ~ is the “villain” just that obtuse? Do they not realize how badly they behave (or do they??) & that they will be portrayed terribly because of their actions? Does the show help egg on the villain with bad decisions/actions? Or is this who they truly are & they just want the publicity that much?

Thanks for taking time to answer my question!

Comment: We’ve said this time and time again over the years. I think when you’re in that moment, and you’ve got a producer egging you on behind the scenes, NO ONE is actively thinking sitting in an ITM room, “how is this gonna look in 2 months when it airs.” They just don’t. Because if they did, they wouldn’t say half the shit we see them say.

Hi Steve,

I’ve only been watching this show for a handful of seasons, so I can’t really compare, but it seems to me that we’re seeing a lot more of the contestants bad behavior behind the scenes playing out on our screen. (Brendan/Pieper and Ivan in Paradise, Jamie on Michelle’s season, Cassidy and now Shanae on Clayton’s season) We all know that the contestants aren’t really there to find love and are just aiming for the top 4 to either become the next lead, get invited to Paradise, or just get as much screen time as possible. Showing the behind the scenes conversations (like Jamie with the producers or Cassidy telling the girls she has a fwb at home) makes the contestants look pretty bad. As the shrimpgate debacle continued, I was almost expecting to keep seeing footage of the hot tub when Shanae offered the shrimp to flash on screen every time she brought it up. Is this really happening more than it did in the past? Has production started doing this more to try to discourage people from being so blatant about being there for the wrong reasons? Like they’re firing warning shots to the upcoming crops of contestants to at least pretend they’re there to find love?


Comment: I think that ship sailed a while ago. I don’t think it’s any sort of warning like “you better shape up and pretend you like him/her.” I think it’s just a product of what the show is now. Anything juicy or teaworthy that advances a storyline, they will show.

Hi Steve –

Long time, first time, because this week’s episode really upset me. I even had to write about it because it was so gross, but I wanted to discuss two things you said about the whole stupid thing.

First, Clayton made it worse with his tone-deaf tweets last night. It was pretty clear it was an ugly episode, and he was doing the usual “LOL that was fun!” tweets after it, which upset people. No one wanted him to apologize last week that I saw. But after seeing the episode Monday, those tweets were completely tone deaf. He then further annoyed people by saying, “Wait until the WTA” in a tweet. That’s what set off the social media firestorm, from what I saw, because people wanted him to at least acknowledge what happened, and he was ignoring the elephant in the room. I didn’t see any of his tweets Monday night. His apology will mean something if he follows it up at the WTA answering honestly, which I’m not sure he will or can. Because he couldn’t go back and change what had already happened, so all he can do is address it going forward.

Second, I do think most people blame the producers because they really needed to step in. That was clear bullying that Clayton did not see because he just wanted to kiss Shanae. I feel like Ive seen the host tell a lead Bachelorette about stuff they don’t know about (in fact, it happened in the 1st episode of Michelle’s season) but they never do it with the men. There were a good number of people defending Clayton for that very reason and many, like myself, were more mad at the producers for letting it happen. There’s plenty to be mad at producers about every single season. The examples are through the roof. They’re the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes and never take any of the blame.

Overall – I’m done with this season at least, and maybe the show in general. It’s been years of this junk now, and it’s not even entertaining anymore. As my wife said, “Shanae isn’t a fun wrestling heel, she’s a person you just want to go away” and the producers building it up like a gag with the shrimp was too much.

Comment: Like I said earlier, she’s not even good at being a villain anymore because it’s SO over the top. And her “I’m not here to make friends” declaration only to be followed by “they were ignoring me” falls on deaf ears.

Hello Steve,

Though I’ve a long time reader, I have never written in before, but in regards to your column Tuesday, all I can say is “Bravo!!” Bravo to your comments regarding Shanae’ behavior both on the show and since. Bravo for reminding everyone that Clayton is blind to these behaviors at the time they are happening and at least is apologizing now. And bravo for your explanation of productions part in all of this, both actively and passively. Bravo to all it and to you who expressed it so well

Comment: Thank you. Since I don’t listen to any of the BN podcasts, I’m honestly curious how many of them call out production for any of this. My guess? Zero.

Hi Steve – thanks as always for your insight! I’m a big fan of both your column and podcast.

I couldn’t help having a bit of Deja Vu last night watching Shanae’s ITMs… some of her remarks were direct quotes from Courtney Robertson, who was such a delightful “villain”… I wonder if she thought that was her example/model for success in the show. The major difference of course is Courtney never had a bad word to say about any of the other women… she was funny as hell. Shanae is NOT funny and her narcissistic behavior is pretty unwatchable. If she ends up on BIP, then the show will have really sunk lower than they already have. I’m beginning to think these current producers have no clue what constitutes good television… I only keep watching because of content from you, GOR, Shandy, etc. (not franchise pods) which are fascinating in breaking it down.

So no real question, here, but thanks for all you do…

Comment: If she’s on BIP, it will be because production will have convinced her to get the ol’ redemption edit, which might have worked for some in the past, but doesn’t work for everyone.

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