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The Bachelor 26 - Clayton

The “Bachelor” Clayton – Episode 5 Recap, Wordle, Speculation Surrounding the Finale, & Clayton’s Tweets

So yeah, I’m like a kid. You know when you’re real young, you beg your parents for that toy or game you wanted, you get it, play the hell out of it, and two weeks later it’s yesterday’s news? Now, I’m not saying I’m not still playing Wordle anymore because I am. I’m just saying my excitement level isn’t at 100 anymore. It’s maybe around a 10. I’ve played for 24 days now, and gotten it on all 24. And today for the first time, I got it on the second try. I feel like I’ve accomplished everything I need to with that, so it’s just not as big of deal to me anymore. I don’t have a goal of guessing the first try because that’s just blind luck. There is zero skill if you do that. I’ll continue to play, but the days of me playing right at midnight are done, I don’t need to write stuff down anymore, and, well, my new shiny toy is already old news to me since I don’t find it as challenging anymore. We had a moment, Wordle. We had a moment.

Get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow. We have some left over from last week that never made the podcast, but definitely need some more for tomorrow. Hopefully last week’s podcast guest will come through as we are supposed to record tomorrow. You know, one of these days I’ll actually record like 2 or 3 in a week so I have stuff booked well in advance and I’m not walking a tight rope every single g’dam trying to book a guest. You know, it’s only been 5 years. You’d think I’d have learned by now. But nope. Not even close. Pretty much most weeks in the last 5 years since I started my podcast, I record on the Tues or Wed before it airs Thursdays – without fail. And the times where I have recorded a couple in advance is like the biggest relief ever. You’d think I’d try to do that more often. Nope. Procrastination king I tell ya’.

The #1 thing I’ve been asked over the weekend, and well all season for that matter, is who did Clayton pick. Apparently an IG account this weekend posted a spoiler of who the winner was, which was news to me. I went and looked and:

-This is an IG account that has 11k followers
-This is an IG account that, from what I saw, has never posted an original spoiler before
-This is an IG account that says on many of their posts “We get our spoilers from Reality Steve”
-I don’t know who these people are that run it, I’ve never interacted with them, and I haven’t posted who Clayton picked because I don’t know.

So take that for what it’s worth.

It’s basically impossible to talk about what I’m hearing. Because if it’s not the winner, then people don’t want to hear about it and complain. You don’t want to hear anything about what I’m hearing unless it’s the winner. I get it. That’s why I haven’t given any updates in a while. It’s pointless to because I’ll just hear the peanut gallery complain. Just know I’m working on it, I’ve heard plenty of things, and just trying to sort out what’s real and what isn’t. When I know, you’ll know. I’m a broken record, I know, but that’s all I can say at this point.

Nothing on social media or the edit of the show has 100% given away the winner, because you could easily make a case for any of the final 3 based on that. Why did Susie post an IG feed pic yesterday about finding a way to Clayton’s heart if she didn’t win? Why did Rachel post an IG story of a pic from slow dancing last week on her 1-on-1 date if she didn’t win? Why did Gabby post a pic of her helicopter date on her IG feed if she didn’t win? Anyone you want to be the winner, you can make a case for to fit your narrative. And, lets not forget, you have a 33% chance of being right. So it’s not all that hard to throw one of the 3 names out there and then say you were right come the finale. It’s still all speculation at this point because there is nothing concrete about any of them winning. Sure, some rando IG page posted its Rachel, but I haven’t been told or shown anything that makes that 100% accurate. Nor have I been told or shown anything that makes it 100% accurate it’s Susie or Gabby either. Just waiting to get the most solid confirmation I can before running with it. Until then, it’s all just speculation.

By the way, even though this is old news now, go like, comment, and subscribe on TikTok as I post your weekly spoilers there. Next week’s will be coming later today or tomorrow for Croatia:

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It really is crazy how confused people are getting by these spoilers. Since each episode is not ending with a rose ceremony, and I don’t see the episodes in advance, it’s impossible to know what’s gonna be shown in each episode other than looking at the press release which comes out Tuesday. So saying episode-by-episode spoilers would be even more confusing to most people. That’s why I just go with Rose Ceremony #-whatever, since you know that’s who’s going home when you see a rose ceremony. But I gotta post Canada’s rose ceremony spoilers before the episode airs, however, we only saw Houston’s rose ceremony last night and won’t see Canada’s til next week. I really hate it when they don’t end episodes with rose ceremonies in case you couldn’t tell.

Another Bachelor Nation “story” brought to my attention last week was this kinda confusing tweet by Demi:

The reason I’m confused by this is because I don’t know what the “BS being portrayed” she’s even talking about. Have I missed something regarding Riley and Maurissa’s breakup? Demi’s tweet reads like there’s a clear one sided narrative out there about the breakup and everyone who believes that is wrong. I thought we didn’t know anything about their breakup? I haven’t heard a thing, nor have I seen anything publicly out there of any shade being thrown by either side. And the fact that Maurissa liked the tweet makes it seem like Demi is siding with Maurissa in this. Which is fine, but I had no idea that Riley was somehow winning the public opinion on this breakup. So why she felt the need to tell people to stop believing the BS about the breakup, when I would think 99% of fans don’t even know what that BS even is, is kinda head scratching.

And oh yeah, the f’in irony of these tweets isn’t lost on me either. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

And finally, speaking of tweets, Clayton is pretty much owning the poor decision making he’s done this year surrounding Shanae:

Well, at least he can acknowledge it now. And it will make for quite an interesting WTA when speaking directly to Shanae. However, my biggest issue was with the Clayton now has more to do with that Elizabeth apology from last week, when we’re seeing more and more of what he knew in the moment. And that apology is falling flat in my eyes. I’ll get to that on the next page.

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