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Hey Steve

I saw where Kurt from Joe billionaire stood up on Instagram for the women on the show against haters and I was wondering if the bachelors have ever done that, I remember Katie doing it for hunter but I don’t recall the bachelor/bachelorette ever doing it for their whole cast like Kurt did. Would the bachelor producers even allow that

Comment: It’s a good question. They kinda did with Colton’s tweet a couple weeks ago defending Elizabeth. And I think we’ve seen something in the past from them but can’t remember who did it. Not some major proclamation, but maybe just mentioning it on a podcast or an interview about how to not be so hard on the women.

New drinking game! Take a shot every time Clayton thanks a woman for “sharing that”. Is it just me or has he said this at least 10 times in episode 5?

Anyway, love what you do, read your stuff for years and I know whenever you are confident with spoilers of who wins, you’ll share it.

Thanks, Steve!

Comment: Thank you for sharing that.

Hi Steve,

Did you ever find out if this show required the women on this season to be vaccinated against COVID?

Comment: I believe they all have to be, yes.

Hi Steve. I know you’re still not sure of the winner for Clayton’s season but can you confirm that he’s currently with someone and not single? Some people believe he’s actually single right now.

Comment: I do believe he’s with someone, yes. I’ve been given no reason to believe he isn’t.

Hi Steve,

After watching last nights previews it seems as thought after fantasy suites, one of the girls (Susie, Gaby, Rachel) drop a *bomb shell* on Clayton after he tells them he loves them? I’m guessing Susie leaves….

The preview shows (Gaby and Rachel) standing at the rose ceremony when he tells them he was i intimate with them both and another woman who just left. It would make the most sense that Susie leaves before that…

I’m guessing Rachel wins. (Gaby or Susie as next Bachelorette). That seems to be the running theory now based on the edit that the previews have shown. The question is would the edit make it that easy for everyone, since they know people eye that stuff like a hawk? I don’t know.

Also question- why do you think the Bachelor is showing so many spoilers this season in the previews? In the past, they usually never show the women they said “I love you” to or who the final 3 is.

Thank you for all you do and love your spoilers!

Comment: Because they also know that maybe .000001% of their audience freeze frames every shot to dissect it.


Any take on the teaser of Gabby and Clayton? Clayton saying “why would you drop this bomb on me” etc? Robert Mills even said this teaser was right. I already deleted last night’s episode off my DVR, so I’d have to go back and watch somewhere else. I didn’t study it.

Also I’m so over Shanae and it’s gross how the producers just allow this. I know there are villains every season. This just seems to be extremely difficult to watch. Her behavior is appalling. There is no way she can defend her self out if this.

Thank you for everything you do!

Comment: She’ll try. Maybe. But it should fall on deaf ears.

Hey Steve!

Just wanted to give you a big high five on todays column, the episode 5 recap. So many zingers in there! You had me cracking up this week. From a longtime reader, thanks for the laughs today!

Comment: Thanks. Glad I could still do that. Sometimes I forget to laugh myself.


I’m wondering if Shan-nay-nay had most of her negative/villain ITM’s recorded after her time on the season was over. My understanding from those who know her have said she was not into Clayton from the beginning and that production pushed her to say things. It seems like with what you have heard that she would record several ITM after she gets eliminated next week. No. They were all recorded when she was there. They don’t fly people back to film ITMs or pickups unless you’re top 3 or 4.

Who does he get so upset about that we saw in the previews after Monday’s ep? Who throws him for a loop and blindsides him after he says ‘I love you’. Makes it seem that F3 leaves on her own. As if it’s a repeat of Greg Grippo debacle! Does F3 leave and then come back? That’s the $1 million question. The consensus seems to be Susie is who he’s upset with. As for if she comes back (or does leave in the first place) I don’t know.

With Clayton announcing his intimacy with two women, why does that define a storyline? Because they love making that a storyline, even though we know it basically happens most seasons.

Does Serene or Sarah leave first? I assume they are F5 & F6. Serene is top 4. She gets a hometown date. It was spoiled before hometowns took place. She’s eliminated after hometowns and finishes 4th.

Thanks for all you do! Loving Joe Millionaire too. Talk about two bros on social media post show. Geez.

Comment: I’m liking Kurt and Steven. Looking forward to talking to them again post season.

Hi Steve, I find myself much more invested in Joe Millionaire then in Clayton‘s journey. Who even is Clayton? We still know nothing about him. We really don’t. But then again, I don’t think there’s a whole hell of a lot of depth or stuff to even know to begin with.

Anyhow, for Joe millionaire, is there any scenario that you can see where Curt is actually filthy rich? In the first episode, they kept saying that one of them was worth $10 million and the other was not. I can’t help but think they are trying to not only fool the women, but the audience as well. An episode or two ago, I believe even one of the women expressed that same thought. I thought that when I watched the first episode due to that exact line from Martin. But when they’ve centered every episode around one having money and one not, it doesn’t seem like that’s the case. Like, you gave them all the format in that first episode. I mean, I guess it’s possible that was a lie, but that’d seem weird.

I’m definitely not sleuthing for spoilers, but I’m curious if in today’s social media age, if Curt would’ve somehow been able to hide the fact that he is worth much more than Steven’s $10 million.

Comment: I guess it’s possible to hide that.

Joe Millionaire Q’s:

1. Which of their women do you find most attractive? I really don’t like answering these questions nowadays because it turns into A) 46 year old guy commenting on women’s looks is somehow creepy. I’m not asking them to bear my children. I’m saying who I find attractive. I find nothing wrong with that, but, others do. And 2) It turns into “well, what about this girl. You don’t think she’s pretty?” It’s so silly, but trust me, I hear it any time I compliment any woman on their looks, and it just gets annoying. That’s what social media has turned into.

2. Choose a profession- rancher or construction. Uhhhhhh, blogger/podcaster?”

3. I know you don’t have spoilers, but any predictions on who you would guess each guy chooses in the end? I think it’s pretty obvious that Kurt is either choosing Carolyn or Amanda. We’ve really not seen him close with anyone else. That’s what I’ve gathered from watching. Steven? He’s definitely into Annie. And maybe Amanda for him too? I’m not sure who he’s into most.

4. Where is this filmed? The mansion is beautiful!

Comment: Georgia.

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