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Hi Steve- big fan:

In your OPINION how do you think this season plays out?

Comment: I know you’re just asking for my opinion, but here’s the problem. When you have things told to you that could be true, clearly my opinion is going to be based on that. But I haven’t shared everything told to me yet because some things I haven’t been able to confirm. And like I said last week, I’m held to a completely different standard than any other Tom, Dick, and Harry that throws out an opinion on how the show ends. Even if it’s an opinion, it’ll be taken as fact. And if it’s wrong, it’s used against me. So I’d rather hold off – for now. I think I will have something next week.

Bachelorette talk-

If you had to guess who do you think the next bachelorette would be?

Do you know when they are gonna start filming? I know it usually starts sometime soon.

Comment: My GUESS is what I’ve said all season – it’s most likely gonna be between Gabby, Susie, and Rachel. They make the most sense. Filming starts in roughly 2.5 weeks.

Hey Steve,

I’m still shocked that Rachel is not with Clayton as well, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out (it just seems like their connection is super strong).

A few questions/notes:

1. Do you think the next Bachelorette will for sure be a final 4? A lot of people are speculating that Clayton’s ratings aren’t good enough and feel that they should pull a popular contestant from the past. Yes. Of course anything’s possible and they have surprised in the past, but for the most part, that’s been for “Bachelor.” Outside of Clare (and Emily they had to wait a year on), the “Bachelorette” has usually come from the season that just aired.

2. Do you think production is regretting casting Clayton? I mean, I think they were going for their “classic look” and felt that it would be easier to destroy him vs. one of Michelle’s final 4 (and get less backlash). Tough to know because I think his finale will draw viewers in with how much hype they’ve put around it.

3. By the way, I’m hearing all over the internet that the biggest issue with Todrick (Celeb Big Brother) was not his playstyle (entirely anyway) but rather that he treated employees terribly and didn’t pay people. I think that’s why fans are freaking out on him. But in regards to Celeb BB, the things he was saying in the live feeds was not cool either. I doubt the average fan watching the show has any idea about his life outside of the show. The die hards do, for sure, but Average Joe who watches? I’m guessing they don’t know anything about Todrick’s business dealings.

4. Hearing anything about the Bachelorette yet? Locations, etc, anything?

Comment: Heard a couple locations, but still waiting to get those confirmed. And have a few of the guys that I’ll release closer to the release date.

Hi Steve,

What was the reason Gabby’s Dad didn’t come in the house? Because he wasn’t vaccinated? I missed it if they gave a reason. I think Gabby will be the next Bachelorette because of the Dean connection and I really don’t see a spark between them. They said her dad’s girlfriend has cancer, so, they were erring on the side of caution.

I think probably everyone went home after and the proposal/final rose ceremony will be on stage.

In the past, hasn’t the lead slept with more than one women? I guess maybe they didn’t announce it. I don’t know why he felt he had to announce it. Maybe there’s more that happened.

Oh well time will tell.

Comment: Yes, the lead of the Bachelor has multiple times slept with more than one woman. I think it’s more about telling 3 different women you’re in love with them than the sex part.

Hi Steve,

With all of the tragedy and uncertainty in Ukraine, would there be consideration for only domestic/North American travel this season of the Bachelorette? Or would they only avoid eastern Europe? Is COVID still a huge factor with international travel?

Thanks! Been a reader since Ali’s season!

Comment: I don’t think it’ll just be domestic travel next season. Not based on the locations I’ve heard that haven’t been confirmed. And I think after Clayton’s season of travel, it’s safe to say that I don’t think COVID is a major concern when it comes to the show as it was during the bubble seasons.

Hey Steve,

Just my guess, but it seems pretty obvious that both of the women that he was intimate with dumped him right then and there. Thus there was no final rose ceremony because there were no ladies left. This would be the best ending EVER because Clay’on is apparently as big an Fboy as Peter was and kinda deserves to be dumped on his behind. This explains how Clayton can still say he “fell in love” and Fleiss can still say “the final choice can’t be spoiled”. Its all in the wording. I don’t think it’s obvious.

Sadly, though, I think they are setting up for a reunion of all three ATFR and he will profess his undying can’t live without you love to one of them there and she will have had time to decide how much she misses him and needs him also. Cue happy tears and confetti. Maybe even a ring that he’s kept in his pocket this entire time just in case. Insert eyeroll here. Jesse will probably turn to the loser, uh, I mean second place contestant and offer her the consolation prize of Bachelorette (which is how they lured them both to the ATFR in the first place). We’ll be back for her decision right after this commercial break. She will of course hesitantly say yes. Then they will have to take a crap ton of time doing new Bachelorette introductions through her tears to her first few men to kill time. And she will see “hope for her journey for the first time in months.” Cue more tears and confetti. (I could totally produce this show.)

Anyhow, thanks for all you do. I couldn’t watch this crapfest without your spoilers!

Comment: I mean, everyone’s got their theories on how it ends. Guess we’ll see.

Hi Steve,

While reading your recap today you notes that you were low on questions and something came to my mind, so here it is. Hopefully it will be a break from the “season ending” theories that you’ll be inevitable getting.

In the recap you noted that the show has recently moved away from the men asking fathers for their permission to marry their daughter and that in the real world this should happen. I am wondering why you think this asking of a father’s permission should happen in the real world?

I understand that this practice is a tradition; however, it dates back to daughters being their fathers property, which isn’t exactly positive. I understand that it’s not longer though of that way and more considered a sign of respect. But I can lead to unwanted input on a couples decision to get married. For example, if the father said “no” would the man really reconsider proposing? A couple would be less likely to get such a response if they went to the parents/family together and announced that they were planning to get married.

To be clear, I don’t have a problem with this practice. My husband asked my father before he proposed to me, but I don’t think it’s necessary to do so. My father appreciated the gesture but also didn’t “need” it (my dad told my husband that it was our decision and not his). So I’m interested to hear why you think it should happen in the real world.

Comment: I think you took one word I said and ran with it. If I say should, maybe that was a little strong. Because everybody is different. I think it’s something I would do, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everybody. I’m not jumping up and down saying everyone ever in the history of the world needs to do it, and if you don’t, you’re totally out of touch, etc. To each their own. But do I think it’s a nice gesture and respectful? Yes. Never said anything about property. You’re twisting words and seemingly making an issue out of something that totally wasn’t.

Hi Steve,

Any idea what was going on with Rachel’s voice? She sounds like she has a cold, except that she has sounded that way for the entire season. I hadn’t really paid attention until last night when it was very noticeable. Maybe that’s her regular voice? She did have a cold during her hometown date. I thought that was obvious? She hasn’t sounded like that all season. She clearly got sick during her hometown date, probably from the travel. I know my throat gets a little scratchy and raw every time I fly, and that’s just only for a few hours. She was coming back from Austria, after being in Croatia. Flying can take a toll on your throat, which in turn can easily affect your voice. She also posted a pic from the day before her hometown in her hotel room with her nostrils stuffed with tissue on her IG. So yeah, she was sick that day.

I am guessing Rachel came in last in your poll because we have not heard much from her this season (although we have seen her plenty). Maybe the voice issue is why? Readers tend to identify with those they know better. Gabby’s quirky personality can be funny and endearing. Susie is sweet and Cinderella (and the antithesis of Shanae). Serene is relatable in many ways. Heck, she killed it up on that tower! Rachel, I feel we do not really know. Yeah, I don’t know why she finished last. I just assumed it was because most people think she wins since, you know, IG accounts reported it so it must be true.

Now, my theory on the ending, for what it is worth: If, according to Mike Fleiss, the ending is still being worked out, then I predict the end of the season was undecided. Think about it, if someone told you they were in love with two other people besides you, and also had intimate relations with them just the other day, wouldn’t you think twice about being with that person? I bet one or more of the women had second thoughts about being with him. Also, I know that the lead often sleeps with all three finalists, but I don’t ever remember the lead announcing that. Maybe he also announced that he could not decide who to pick? Of course, this could all be production’s messing with our brain and throwing us off.

Thanks for keeping us entertained!

Comment: Yeah, there’s a lot of moving parts from the final 3 down to the final 1, and I feel I only know a few of them. Without knowing the full picture of how things went down, it can get confusing. So I’m trying to find out as much as I can before reporting what I know.

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