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“Reader Emails” and Early BIP Talk

Was having a talk with someone last night who may or may not have been on a past season of BIP and who may or may not be on a future season of BIP, and we were talking about this years potential cast. Now, we know that most of the women on this season of BIP will be Clayton’s women. But do you realize the next most recent group of women they could pull from would be Matt and Peter’s season? And Matt’s season had a ton of women already on last season: Serena P., Serena C., Victoria, Alana, Pieper, Jessenia, Abigail, Chelsea, Anna & Marie. Sure, they could bring some of them back to repeat, but I’m talking about new blood. What about Peter’s season? Well, you can already rule his top 5 out. Hannah Ann has a boyfriend. Madi ain’t doing it. Victoria Fuller isn’t doing it. Kelsey maybe if they wanna re-cast her. And Kelley isn’t doing it. So now you’re looking at women who finished 6th place or worse from Peter’s season who were on it last season: Victoria P, Kelsey, Alayah, Tammy, Deandra, Natasha, Mykenna, and Maurissa.

I guess my point being is, yes, you’ll have “newbies” this season with Clayton’s women, but unless people are coming back for a second time, I don’t know how many rookies are worth pulling from out of Matt and Peter’s season. I feel like we’ve seen the ones we wanted to see already. Now on the men’s side, they have a PLETHORA to choose from since you got any of Katie’s final 5 who might be interested: Blake, Greg, Justin, Andrew and Michael. Greg has a gf right now, but who knows if he’ll be single by June. Doubt Blake would do it. But Andrew and Justin are shoe ins. Then of course any of Michelle’s final 5: Brandon? 100% will be there. Rodney? 100% will be there. Joe? Ummmmm, ok maybe not him. Rick? 100% will be there. This is all assuming these dudes don’t end up in a relationship with anyone they meet on the Bachelor Live on Stage Tour. Brandon’s not on it, but Rick and Rodney are. Then you’ve got the group of guys on the next “Bachelorette” season to choose from that we haven’t even met yet who will make up a good part of the cast. So a lot of choices in the men, but outside of Clayton’s women, looks like we’re gonna get quite a few people doing BIP for a second time. I just don’t think they have a ton of options from recent seasons who either A) haven’t been on or B) are single. And as always, I use the word “single” very loosely when it comes to these people since we know numerous people have gone down to Paradise with someone back home.

Lets get right to your “Reader Emails”…

Hi Steve- Longtime fan and bachelor nation member here! Thanks for all the coverage you give us, and I love your commentary.

I was skeptical of Clayton when he was cast, especially considering the great guys from the last two seasons. Then, I was not impressed when he was played up as an ‘underdog.’ Now, I just feel like he is a producer puppet and looks like a fool… maybe its because he is such a bad actor!

This week, he once again used the ‘It was brought to my attention’ line on Sarah Hamrick to question her intentions. This is the umpteenth time this season he has strirred trouble amongst the girls when really he could just be straight up / get answers and squash drama. If he really wanted to find out if Sarah was serious about marriage, he would instead ask her about her goals/ future/ current lifestyle, etc… NOT stir the pot and make her cry thinking some mean girl was sabotaging her. To me, he loses the whole point, which is to figure out if someone is your person or not.

Am I wrong? Is he just doing whatever producers want, or do you think he actually maybe isn’t good at conflict resolution and that is just playing out on our screen?
Also, do you think he already knew who his final girl would be? When I watch, I am convinced its Rachel. I think he already knows. I know past contestants admit they knew earlier than they let on…

Thanks for everything!

Comment: You’re not wrong at all. I just think he was put in a position unfamiliar to him and didn’t know what to say or how to act a lot of the time. Throw that in with trying to please production and you get what we’re seeing.

Hi Steve,

Do you know if any basic matchmaking questions are asked of the people on the show? Are they of similar religions, political stances, that kind of thing? Can the bachelor/bachelorette give a couple “hard no’s” to certain things? They know a lot about you after the interview process. They’re well aware of what your likes and dislikes are, but, they’re still casting a reality show. They’re not trying to make every contestant there your perfect match. That’d be a boring show.

Has anyone ever refused to do the activity on a date? It seems like they pick the scaling tall buildings for the person most afraid of heights. I think some of these people should say, “my potential husband would never make me do this.”

Comment: In real life, yeah, that’s what you’d say. But this isn’t real life. It’s a TV show. These people know this. And these people go on in hopes to last as long as possible, get airtime, build a brand, stay in good graces with the franchise, etc. So you pretty much just suck it up and do what they say or else, well, you risk all that.

Hi Steve,

Can you remind me how long the 1on1 date lasts? How long is the day portion and how long the night is? I’m just curious how much time they get to spend together on those dates.

Comment: Pretty much the whole day. But not all of that is spent together because you have to break off a few times to film ITM’s then take separate cars to the night portion where both of you have to change, etc.

Hi, Steve

I had a thought about Kurt and Carolyn on Joe Millionaire. It’s totally normal for a man to have reservations about entering into a relationship with a woman who has kids. That’s a really big step and if the relationship doesn’t work out, the kids’ hearts can be broken, too. In this case, Kurt’s concerns seem to be more with the fact that the kids’ dad is still in the picture (and by extension, in Carolyn’s life.) That would be a red flag for me as it gives off the vibe that Kurt doesn’t know how to deal with men who have a relationship with someone he is dating. Sounds a bit possessive to me. Thoughts?

Comment: I believe he echoed that sentiment when he came on the podcast. Possessive? I guess I can’t say that since I don’t know his intentions well enough. We’ll see how it plays out with Carolyn. Maybe he just really doesn’t want to be with someone with kids and is just using that line to mask it.

Hey Steve, how are ya… Hope you’re having a great week. Thanks for keeping this whole Bachelor/Bachelorette thing interesting for us who’ve been watching for decades, we appreciate it. (First time emailer btw.)

1) There has to be a drinking game surrounding Clayton licking his lips. I think you pointed it out at some point, and now I can’t unsee it. He also seems like he would be a mouth-breather to me. You can play a drinking game every season with anything you want since so many things are repeated season to season.

2) I know you are saying the next Bachelorette will likely be one of the final three – that one will “win”, one will be on BIP, and one will be the next Bachelorette. But, man… do I love Serene. She is stunning, and intelligent, and would make a perfect Bachelorette. I know they would never put two black girls as back to back Bachelorettes, but THEY SHOULD. Serene will be a catch and one of the first people down on Paradise for sure, and I think, will be one of the top women down there the guys are after. No doubt.

3) Is it just me or does Rachel R. seem super fake…. and dumb? I mean, they glossed over her roast on the roast date, and I think the Croatia group date too, probably because she can’t articulate anything of substance under pressure, and every time Clayton tries to talk to her about anything, she’s like, gosh I just like you so much… and opens her mouth all cutesy. Oh, and can we tell her to please stop putting bronzer on the tip of your nose to make it look cute or smaller? Just no. Sorry for venting, I just can’t with her anymore. Clayton has blinders on with her, I’m just wondering if anyone else finds her to be cloyingly annoying. Just by social media talk, you definitely seem to be in the minority. But I don’t know enough about her to confirm any of those things. But the public seems to love her.

4) Also, any idea how professional musicians get to be on the show? Not asking for myself, I just wonder how they pick them.

Thanks! You rock.

Comment: I think behind the scenes these production companies just put out feelers for up and coming artists who have something to promote, etc.

Hey Steve,

Did you see the previews for the new dating reality show on NBC? It’s called The Courtship. It’s suppose to be a cross between Bridgerton meets Bachelor. It’s going to either be really hokey and bad or could be interesting. Yeah, I posted the trailer in “Reader Emails” last week. I might check it out. Depends. Only because Temptation Island season 4 will be airing at the same time and I may just dedicate my time to that one.

I’m liking Joe Millionaire a lot more than Bachelor. Even though there is some drama, it doesn’t over take the whole show. The leads are actually getting to know the girls and go on some fun dates. I like the girls better, they seem to support each other. And the 2 leads works because they can bounce ideas off each other. Clayton seems like he is in a vacuum, being told one thing from the producers and another from the girls. If he had a buddy I think things would be different.
Thanks Steve.

Comment: Clayton and a “buddy” ha ha. Unfortunately because Joe Millionaire has succeeded with two “bachelors” this season, that pretty much means you’ll never see the actual “Bachelor” show do it. They’re the pioneers in the reality TV dating industry. They’re not gonna copy anything from shows that came on years after them. Just not gonna happens. Especially 2 bachelors throughout the whole season.

Hi Steve!

Recently you said “Genevieve has zero chance at “Bachelorette”. It’s most likely gonna be between your final 3 of Susie, Gabby, and Rachel.” I think you’re going to be right about that. But I do wonder why someone like Genevieve (or even Eliza) would never get to be the bachelorette. Is it because they didn’t make it as far in the show? Not enough TV air time? Not enough popularity? Or are their personalities too quiet or serious (or too reality-based)? Just curious. A combo of all those things. Outside of someone like Katie or Juan Pablo or Hannah or Matt, every lead has basically been someone finishing at least top 4 in 46 seasons. There’s a reason for that. You make it that far, the audience is way more invested in you, they’ve met your family, we’ve seen you on a 1on1 seemingly, so the audience has more of a connection with you. It makes sense. The show wants someone that people want to root for. And every contestant has a fan base. It’s just some are bigger than others. And the longer you last, the bigger yours can get.

Also, I can’t wait for Survivor! I’m so glad its back. Would the season they are about to air be the second season that they filmed last spring (2021)? I’m hoping its back to 39 days instead of the recent 26 days. I miss the “39 days, 18 people, 1 survivor!” seasons! 26 days just seems to go by too quickly, and seems to focus more on the twists and idols and gimmicks, and more on the social game, and a bit less on endurance and ‘survival’ and on the physical game that I love to watch. I’m still excited to watch though! Shouldn’t it be starting to air soon?

Comment: Yes, it was filmed Spring of 2021. And will be the same as last season – 26 days. As I assume the show will now be the norm. Once they realized they can film the same show in 26 days rather than 39, it makes no sense to keep doing 39. Yeah it sucks, and I’m with you, I like the nostalgia factor of “39 days, 18 people, 1 Survivor!” This video is awesome, although there’s another one out there that does the first 40 seasons but I can’t seem to find it:


If you personally could choose the next bachelor and bachelorette, who would they be and what about them would make them the most compelling leads.

Comment: I’ve never had an interest in who it is, just that there is a season. Who they cast has always been irrelevant to me.

I have intermittently listened to the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast over the last few years and have noticed a pattern. To my knowledge, they have never interviewed a contestant who is the “winner” prior to AFR, when they interview the lead and the person the lead chooses. This season, they have interviewed Susie and Gabby, in addition to a bunch of others, but not Rachel. Have you noticed this pattern and do you place any weight in it? I’m pretty sure it’s held true for the past 6 seasons.


Comment: No. Don’t listen to it, don’t follow who they have and haven’t had on. I know Rachel did do one of the Bachelor affiliated podcasts, just not sure which one, so I guess it doesn’t matter. If she was the ONLY one that didn’t do it, maybe that’d be a little suspect. But she did.

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