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“Reader Emails” and Early BIP Talk

Hi Steve,

I’ve been a reader since Chris Soule’s season. Thank you for doing what you do! Makes the show much more fun to watch.

I’m wondering if the lead and contestants ever discuss their political views? I know why production would never show it, but in this divided country we live in it seems like it would come up (especially if they’re pretending it’s forever). But then again, Becca and what’s his name… It’s like they never talked politics before getting engaged and look how that turned out. I don’t think they do. And if they even bring it, I think it’s very surface level stuff.

Any chance you could get Kelly Flanagan or Ryan Sutter on the podcast to share their Lyme disease survival stories? I would love to see more public awareness of this disease which is so often a “mystery illness” for years until getting the diagnosis. I can try.

I’d also like to say that it seems so obvious who has 10 million on joe millionaire. I know we don’t see everything but how can they not tell? I hope there’s another surprise in store for us at the end because it’s boringly obvious.

Thank you, Steve!

Comment: Is it? The women seem to be confused. When we were told as an audience the first episode, yeah, easy for us to know. And even if we weren’t, we’d have a 50/50 chance of being right. I haven’t seen anything that makes it over the top obvious, and judging by the womens differing opinions, doesn’t seem like it was obvious to them.

Celebrity Big Brother:

Are you watching? Yes.

Toddrick and Meisha playing savage…Agree? Todrick much more so.

Still want Toddrick to win…
Todd Bridges was awesome!

Do you just love Lamar’s naïveté?

I hope Carson wins favorite player…

Your thoughts?

Comment: Todrick is getting hammered on social media. Now Carson, Shanna, and Todd have all come of the show, seen what he said during the episodes and are all against him. Seems to me if this is a Miesha/Todrick final, she’s going to shut him out. No one’s voting for him.

And yeah, I do think Carson will win AFP, but so many people are taking to Lamar now that I think it’s possible he could win it.

Hi Steve. I know you’ve said that the lead knows going into their 1:1s if they are going to send their date home or not. My question is, how does this work with group dates? Did Clayton know beforehand he was going to eliminate Genevieve and Sarah during the date? Or is this done spontaneously based on events or conversations that take place? How was Clayton to know that the ladies would all complain about Sarah, leading to her elimination? Or that Genevieve wouldn’t be able to be vulnerable (so dumb) during their time together? Thanks Steve.

Comment: I’m pretty sure he knew.

Hello Steve!

Only emailed in one other time but I had a thought about the ending for this season- I think this might be favorite final 3 for the bachelor. I think the producers are giving Susie a Hannah/ madi prew edit. I think she goes 3rd on fantasy suites. She has the intimate talk and says the whole uncomfortable thing and then he tells her about the other two and she leaves. He then is so thrown off that he tells the other two about it and then leave. I think he wants Susie but will never be able to get that second chance. I’ve said it since the first episode that I firmly believe he leaves single.

If he is single- why do you think he gets to talk to his parents? Do you think that is once he returns back from Iceland? Thanks for all your information over the years. Greatly appreciated!

Comment: Honestly I didn’t look at the location he was talking to his parents. And even if I go back and watch, I don’t know if that setting gives away whether he’s back home or still in Iceland. I’d have to go back and find the clip.

Hey Steve! Long time reader first time emailer etc. love your column and thanks for all you do!

I’ve been thinking about your Wordle strategy and want to offer you some unsolicited advice so feel free take it or leave it. I’m just really invested in your stats ?

If you know the word ends in ight, then you have so many possibilities – right, night, fight, light, might, sight, tight. It would potentially be impossible to get it right (lol) by the end of six words. So you would want to play a word early on that had as many of the first letters as you can to whittle down the possibilities.

With this example you could play “rents” to test r, n, t, and s; then play “films” to test f, l, and m. You would have your answer by the third try instead of just trying to get a lucky guess!

This is just what’s worked for me, and I hope it helps you!

Comment: It took me a few reads of this to understand what you were saying, but I finally got it. And yes, in the example yesterday when “swill” was the word and I knew it started with “s” and ended with “ill” by guess #2, I definitely could’ve done any word with 2-3 of those letters to eliminate. I guess the only way that wouldn’t work is if I didn’t figure out til clue #5 that the word started with “s” and ended with “ill.” But it hasn’t come to that yet.

Hi, Steve!

Longtime Bachelor/Bachelorette viewer here! I admit that there were several seasons after the Jason/Melissa/Molly fiasco that I didn’t watch the whole season, only followed your spoilers, and then watched the finale ? Thanks for all the years of spoilers!

Even though you reported that this season’s ending isn’t traditional, I do have a question pertaining to past seasons’ winners, as my memory has failed me. How many previous winners have had more than one one-on-one date? Is multiple one-on-ones typically indicative of the leads’ F1? Of the final three that have been reported, Susie is the only one that had two one-on-one dates. Given that, and the fact that she received the ‘Pretty Woman’ date, does this follow a pattern for other leads’ final choices?

Thanks for all the info on this season…I can’t wait to see how it plays out!

Comment: Off the top of my head, I don’t know. @Bachelordata probably has that somewhere on her IG page. But I know it’s definitely happened quite a bit.

Hey Steve!

So I saw that Dave Neal made a video about this but wasn’t exactly sure where the rumor/suggestion originally came from that apparently fans have thrown Demi Burnett’s name in the pool as a potential Bachelorette lead. I was just wondering your thoughts on this. Out of all of the seasons I’ve watched over at least the last decade, I only recall ONE contestant (excluding Demi) that openly identified as bisexual on the show. Personally I couldn’t say if I think the franchise will have an LGB (not sure if they’d go as far as “T”) lead any time soon like other versions (Canada, Australia) and after the sort of mixed reaction to Demi and Kristian on Paradise you’d think it was supposed to be historic (even like Maurissa and Riley’s engagement) but obviously they broke up. Do you think that would be the kind of storyline the powers that be would want, like they’ve made storylines from someone’s virginity or, like with Clayton, that the person really wants to start a family and is apparently good with kids etc etc.

Comment: I stopped giving any opinions on Demi about 9 months ago. Gonna keep it that way. It’s a lose-lose for me.

Hey Steve,

I know you have probably been asked this a gazillion times, but does the woman on the Pretty Woman date get to keep the clothes?

Comment: Everything? I don’t think so. Most of it? Yes, I believe so.

Hi Steve:

Thanks for the update on Clayton’s season “ending”. There are a lot more questions which I’ll spare you. I will give you my prediction.
Clayton picks someone but she says no.
Which still really isn’t “historic” in the franchise. Jen S. the second bachelorette was down to 2 guys one of them proposed and she said no. Even turned him down again on the after show I believe so there is a time where there was a proposal that was refused.

Someone can even argue that Colton was rejected by his final pick on his season although Cassie eventually gave in and decided to have a relationship with him.
We’ll see.

If Clayton is rejected and how they have treated him all season from the mean tweets and the announcement when no one knew who this guy was, this show has really done Clayton dirty.

Comment: I don’t think that’s what happens. Because that would insinuate a final rose ceremony, one woman arrives, he gets down on one knee (or is about to) and she tells him no. I don’t ever see that happening. They can somehow get away with that when it comes to the Bachelorette (we saw that happen to Ben Flajnik with Ashley and Nick with Kaitlyn), but this show would NEVER let the woman do that, which should probably tell you all you need to know.

Rejecting the lead by leaving before the final rose ceremony? We saw that with Madi, so that wouldn’t be new. But no way they set up a lavish final rose ceremony, set the stage for a romantic ending, and have the show end with the woman rejecting a proposal. No way. I don’t have all the exact details of how this season ends as you know, but I’m sure it’s not that.

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