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“Reader Emails” and Early BIP Talk

Hi Steve!

Thanks for all you do! Been a long time reader!

Totally not Bachelor related but do you know if Nicci Ramos and Danny from 12 Dates Of Christmas are still together?


Comment: I don’t know for sure, but, I do follow Nicci on IG and I haven’t seen her post with him or about even him in over 2 months. And we all know what that usually means.

Hi Steve,

Did you see the situation at end of the Michigan/Wisconsin basketball game where Greg Gard called a timeout, Juwan Howard was upset and in the handshake line said “I’ll remember that,” Greg Gard grabs/touches him to explain, and then a brawl ensues and Juwan Howard slapped an assistant coach of Wisconsin? A couple questions if you saw it (I mean its everywhere haha) Very well aware. I was watching in real time.

1) Did you think Juwan Howard should be suspended or fired (before the ruling came out)? I knew he wouldn’t be fired. Definitely knew a suspension was coming. While I’m not surprised it’s for 5 games and through the rest of the regular season, I thought it should’ve been more.

2) Do you think 5 games is a fair suspension for Juwan Howard? No, I would’ve been fine with him not coaching the rest of the season.

3) Do you think Greg Gard should have gotten any punishment outside of a 10K fine? Not really. All he did was really just raise his voice.

4) Should we get rid of the handshake line? Absolutely not. I could do a whole diatribe about how preposterous that would be, but I think Tom Izzo said it best. Go read his thoughts on that and those are basically mine.

5) How does this affect the outlook for Michigan and Wisconsin basketball?


Comment: Michigan is a major bubble team to even make the tournament this year, and have a tough 5 games to end the season without Juwon at the head. Wisconsin is obviously in and sitting on the 4 line right now. My guess is unless Michigan finishes this regular season 4-1 or 5-0 (which I don’t see), or with the Big 10 Tournament, I don’t think they get in. And if they somehow do, it’ll be in the play-in game.

Hey Steve –

Interesting podcast last week. It made me look up Real World Boston. For me that season is forever tainted as being the launchpad for a malignant politician. I would have loved to hear Jason’s view on the guy then and now. I never watched so I knew nothing about his season or who was on it.

I’m hoping Chris Kattan not being eligible for favorite houseguest is due to something like not attending the finale versus because he quit. Zero chance of winning it so they should have listed him. Your favorite Lamar moment of the week – telling Miesha his long time voting was because he was trying to decide whether to vote her out, not knowing how to turn on the stove, not knowing who Julie is, not being aware that he needs to watch as the losers vote,…? Yeah, we never got a reason as to why Kattan isn’t on the jury. Is it really because he quit? Didn’t know that was a rule.

As for Lamar, can I answer “all of the above?” He stole the show this season. I hope he wins AFP.

Recently, there were a couple times where a win by Cynthia would have turned the house upside down. I immediately dismissed that as a possibility. I loved seeing Todd discover his superpowers – identifying mystery ingredients and the luge. His kryptonite – knowing what days things happened. I can’t believe how close that final HOH was. Todd/Cynthia had a 2-1-1 lead with 2 questions left. Either one of them gets question 6 right, it was guaranteed minimum sudden death. They both miss 6 & 7, Miesha gets both and wins. Either of them win and we have a different final 2 since they’re putting Todrick and Miesha up. How did Todd not catch on in later questions that the main clue in the BB film wasn’t coming until later on? He kept answering so early thinking he had it when there’s no way they’d give it away that early in the answer. So frustrating to watch.

From the unseen footage show and the spectacle of his nomination (did you find it funny or disrespectful to the nominees?), I think there is more animosity towards Todrick than Miesha so she will beat him in a final 2 – have not finished the Monday night ep yet though.

Comment: Oh Todrick is done. No way he wins. If he’s sitting against Miesha in the finals, he’s getting shut out. If Cynthia somehow wins final HOH and takes Todrick (which she should), I think she wins and maybe Todrick gets a couple votes. But all the houseguests hate him now. I can’t see him winning. Carson, Shanna, and now Todd have all blasted him once they’ve gotten out and seen the footage. And yes, the HOH while it fit his brand and was 100% something Todrick would do, it was still over the top and I can see why it rubbed the house the wrong way.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for all you do spoiling each season. Appreciate your efforts!

Do the “pretty woman” date recipients get to keep all the swag or is that just for show? Not all of it, but yes, they do get most I believe.

Have you gotten into Love is Blind, either watching or spoiling? The season finale drops Friday and I can’t find spoilers of who stayed together anywhere! No one does the work like you do and we’ve all gotten “spoiled.”


Comment: No. Never watched.

Hi Steve,

I’m late to the party again bc I think you said your cutoff time is 5pmct. Anyhoo I’ll keep typing in hopes it can be saved for next week. Ha ha, you’re the first person to ever bring up a “cut off” time. To be honest, even if something comes in Wednesday morning, depending on how many I’ve already answered and if I wanna add more, it’s still possible it gets in if it’s sent in late Tues night/early Wed morning.

1. I believe you said already that advertiser’s decide who to work with based on a person’s likes on their pages (yours e.g.) as well as the number of reader comments on their pages (yours). Are both true? My website pages? I honestly don’t have control of what ads appear. It’s all done through a network.

2. Have you heard which contestant in Clayton’s season is being coached by @gameofrosespod? I hope you have them on again soon. No. And I don’t think the contestant will ever admit it, nor will GOR ever reveal.

3. When do most contestants hear who the lead will be-when they arrive at the mansion or hotel the first day? It varies season to season because not all leads are announced at the same time.

4. If they don’t like a lead can they opt out or create a scenario that could get them removed early on or do most just stay and fake their way through to gain followers, be influencers etc? I would say very few bail out on their own because they don’t like the lead. I mean, they found 30 women to appear on Clayton’s season and none of these women knew a thing about him other than a picture of his face and whatever they found in a Google search since his time on Michelle’s season didn’t start airing until they were already a month into filming.

5. I heard that Sarah thought the Bach was going to be Greg-any truth to that? Sarah reminded me so much of Tammy from BIP. I have no idea.

6. Fans have been extra hard on Clayton bc the majority still don’t realize that producers control the strings and most leads want to please them instead of revolt. It seems there are a lot of newbie watchers. I think most people just don’t do a deep dive into this show and how it’s made. But I think that goes for most TV viewers.

7. Have you read any part of How to Win the Bachelor? I would think the authors could be infringing on the franchise rights to the show, namely their interpretation of how the show works and the fact that they trained a contestant on how to win. I’d think the franchise doesn’t have a very cozy tight relationship with the authors bc I’d think reading the book could be detrimental to how viewers take this gameplay against the show. They sent me the book but I haven’t read it yet.

8. I think Susie will be next ‘ette. Your thoughts? Clearly she’s in the running if she’s not involved with Clayton, but putting a % on her chances is pretty moot.

This is all for right now. Thank you once again for everything you do every week to make us the spoiled rotten fans of yours we are. A tail wag for Luka from my cat Mufasa.

Comment: I hope you don’t have another cat named Scar and they fight all the time.

After Susie’s edit last night, how could she not win the entire season? Seems too cliche and a very favorable edit for Susie to NOT end up with Clayton. Red dress, lady in red…hmmm. She gives me Hannah Brown vibes, very genuine and sweet and I have a hunch from even before this date she would be the last one standing. What are your two cents on this?

Comment: It’s very possible she doesn’t end up with him. Unless…

I have been a long time reader but this is my first reader email question based on today’s Bachelor column. My impression/guess on “historic ending” and “it ain’t over…” is that Clayton proposed and was rejected or attempted to propose and was stopped. I don’t ever recall a Bachelir or Bachelorette experiencing a rejected proposal or one stopped by the intended recipient. What do you think?

Comment: I don’t think that’s it.

So I hope this email isn’t too late for tomorrow’s column! Did you happen to watch the “rookies & sophomores” game Friday night? I think that format should be how the all star game is! It was fun and exciting to watch. Anyways, I’m ready for this season of the bachelor to be over! But I appreciate all the honest work you do for us, I enjoy reading your columns! I did. I don’t think they’ll ever do that with the main game. We just have to accept the fact that the All Star game will always suck for 3 quarters. These guys don’t care enough and there’s no incentive they could put on the game to make them care enough.

What are your thoughts on this “bachelor live” tour stuff? Feels like another thing contestants are going to try and get on.

Comment: The whole thing just seems silly. And the fact that former contestants are now the “leads” in multiple cities makes even less sense to me.

Hey Steve,

1st off- thank you for always giving us the info you KNOW is accurate. We truly appreciate that over just basic assumptions.

Do you know if they are having both WTA and ATFR? Could things potentially continue into both? Yes. WTA films today, and ATFR will be live on finale night, per usual.

I have also been meaning to ask you if you watch Love Is Blind at all. Why or why not??

Comment: I can only take so much mindless reality TV dating show at once.

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