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Podcast #274 – Interview with Reality TV Casting Producers, Jason Cornwell & Damon Collazo from Cornwell Casting

A real fun podcast for you this week as we’ve never really gotten to go behind the curtain with anybody in the casting/production world (outside of one person) until today, when I speak with Jason Cornwell and Damon Collazo from Cornwell Casting. They cast this season of “Joe Millionaire” among some of their other shows over the years like “Million Dollar Matchmaker,” “Tough Love,” “Kate Plus Date,” “Mental Samurai,” among others. A really fun dive into what goes into casting a reality dating show, in particular how they cast this season of “Joe Millionaire.” Before the interview, I briefly discuss the WTA filming next week and then address why I don’t just share what I’ve heard about Clayton’s ending. There’s a reason for it. Short answer: It’s pointless to because it’ll only lead to more questions you’ll have that I don’t have answers to. Trust me. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Cornwell Casting’s Twitter handle (@CornwellCasting) in your replies. Thanks again to Jason & Damon for coming on. Really interesting to learn about the casting process for reality TV dating shows.

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(SPOILERS) I briefly begin by talking about WTA spoilers and why I don’t just share what I’ve heard about Clayton’s ending.  Then Jason & Damon join me (8:58) to about their background, what got them to start this casting production company, what they look for when they interview contestants, their casting of “Joe Millionaire,” and much, much more.

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