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The “Bachelorette” Gabby & Rachel – Episode 4 Recap, My Possible Major Injury, Hayden’s Apology, & Your Daily Roundup

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Well yesterday sure was interesting for me. I guess I’ll have more to disclose tomorrow, but at the gym yesterday, I could’ve sworn I tore my Achilles. Doing mountain climbers on the TRX, planted, and it felt like a weight dropped on my Achilles. Honestly, I thought one did. I’d never felt anything like that before. However, no sharp pain, I can walk with a limp, it’s tender if I pinch my Achilles all the way up to my calf area, then no tenderness after that. Paramedics came and they didn’t seem to think it was completely torn based on what they were having me do with my ankle. I’m able to walk with a limp, I can even balance on that leg and even bend to a certain point. Just feels very stiff and the Achilles area is a little swollen. No bruising or anything. So I’ve been told if I completely tore my Achilles no way would I be able to do any of that stuff. But I definitely think it’s a severe strain or even partially torn. Definitely scary to say the least and I have an X-ray at 3:15 today to see what we’re dealing with. Thoughts and prayers for my Achilles ha ha.

Don’t forget to get your “Reader Emails” in to for tomorrow’s column. Any doctors in the house? Yes, I know I’m getting an X-ray today and I’ll know for sure what it is, but based on what I just described, any pre-diagnosis you can give me? I’ve had 2 major injuries my whole life: I broke my collarbone in 5th grade, and tore ligaments in my ankle in the early 2000’s. That’s it. So knock on wood I don’t have my first major surgery coming up. Regardless, I know you probably have some questions/comments/thoughts after last night’s episode so get them in today and they’ll probably make it into tomorrow’s column.

Today’s Daily Roundup is also now up for your listening pleasure. I talk a little about last night’s episode, a little more about my injury,

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I know a lot of you are wondering where the spoilers are. Trust me, I get asked it every day. Same thing happened with Peter’s season, Katie’s season, and Clayton’s season recently. If I don’t have it right away, I’m constantly asked. I get it. That’s the bar I’ve set for myself that everyone holds me to. And when I have spoilers, I give them. This season there has been so many things told to me, that’s it’s been really difficult on just getting the confirmation of what is true and what isn’t. You might ask, “Well why don’t you tell us what you’ve heard?” Because telling you something that I have no idea whether it’s true or not will:

1) Immediately be taken as fact no matter how many times I preface it by saying “this is what I’m hearing and I haven’t gotten this confirmed.” Trust me. Been down this road before.

2) The things that I hear may completely mischaracterize a contestant(s) on this season.

3) Some of the information is contradicting itself.

We know how fans of this show are when “tea” is posted about contestants. It’s guilty until proven innocent in the court of public opinion. Well, let me rephrase that. It’s guilty until proven innocent if the contestant is someone the audience doesn’t know yet or is a villain. If it’s a fan favorite? They always get the benefit of the doubt first. Hypocrisy at its finest. I could throw everything I have out there, have some of it stick and then at the end say, “See, I told you I heard that.” But that’s not how I want to do business. Once I get anything confirmed, then I’ll relay it. Until then, just trust me behind the scenes to know I’m doing what I can to separate the truth from what’s just hearsay right now. As far as contestant news, there are some pretty big things coming down the pipe in the next few weeks. One you probably know about since it was discussed earlier in the season, and the other one is probably the biggest story I’ve ever done. And it’s not a good one to say the least. But it’s something people need to know. Still putting all those details together but I expect them sometime this month.

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