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“Reader Emails,” Injury News (Sort of), Rachel/Gabby Talk Their Season & Today’s Daily Roundup

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Doctor visits are fun, aren’t they? Didn’t get much of a diagnosis yesterday, got an X-ray because they said I needed that before I got an MRI, Achilles is still swelled, I walk with a sever limp, and they didn’t have any boots for me, so I bought one online that’ll arrive tomorrow. And I got some anti-inflammatory medicine to take. Other than that, nothing got accomplished. The good thing is, it hasn’t gotten any worse. I do notice a little black and blue now, but the swelling hasn’t gotten worse. It really feels like right after you roll your ankle. You just don’t have a lot of range of motion because it’s stiff. Same with my heel area. Just feels very stiff and I can’t move it very much. But I’m also not in any sharp pain or anything, so that’s good. What I’m trying to say is I’m just gonna lay low until I get my boot tomorrow, ice it, and then see how the boot feels. Thank you for coming to my injury talk.

Rachel and Gabby spoke to yesterday about their season and this quote from Gabby stuck out to me:

“So if you pay attention, we’re not pitting ourselves against each other. We’re not in any competition. That’s other people creating the narrative,” Gabby affirms. “So now it’s like whatever, but our friendship has grown so much. And it’s something that I know I take away from this experience, in this season in particular, that nobody else gets to. And that’s truly invaluable to me.”

I know it’s been easy to pile on this season and say that they’re pitting the women against each other, but I don’t see it that way. The guys have made their decision as to who they want to date. There’s no pitting against each other at this point. They each have their own journey. So where is the “they’re fighting against each other” coming from? I don’t get it. The other thing to keep in mind? All the stuff you’re seeing on TV, with Rachel’s struggle, and Gabby’s struggle in earlier episodes, saying they don’t know if they can be loved, etc was all said back in April in the moment. We’re three months removed from that now. Of course in the moment you’re gonna say things you don’t really mean or are out of frustration. But somehow that means that they’re being pitted against each other. I don’t know, I just don’t see it like that. If they were still crying and complaining about not feeling wanted in interviews today, then yeah, I’d feel this was a disaster. It wasn’t.

Also, your Daily Roundup today is up and running. I talk about Rachel & Gabby talking about their season, stories I’m working on, the twins who married twins are featured in People mag, Kelis vs Beyonce, Jojo vs Candace Cameron Bure, Taco Bell saves the day, & RIP to an all-time great.

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Lets get to your “Reader Emails”…

Nate seems to have a really great connection with Gabby. What is it that is making you think he is not in the final four? When does he go home?

Comment: He’s not. Heard that he isn’t. Eliminated in the episode before hometowns.

Hi Steve,

Did you ever watch the show Take the Money and Run? They had duos hide a briefcase with X amount of money in it, and then had private investigators interrogate them for a few days. If the P.I.s found the case, they got the money. If not, the duo gets the money. There are more intricacies to it than that, but I honestly thought it was premium television.

Anyways, it was only on for a few episodes back in probably 2010, but I absolutely loved it and frankly was crushed when they stopped making it. And I can’t find a place to watch it anywhere! Any insights on why it got cancelled, or if there’s anywhere I could watch it?

Riveting email, I know. Thanks!

Comment: Funny thing is, I do remember that show. I think I watched the first episode. I just found it too easy for the PI’s to find them. Maybe some of the duos got away, but if they did, I don’t know how that’d make our PI’s of the world look, you know? But I have no idea if its out there anywhere still. YouTube is your best bet.

Hi Steve!

Totally agree with everything you have said about the way Taylor has been treated on BB.

Are you aware that she was Miss Congeniality at Miss USA? Obviously she was well liked amongst her fellow contestants there which makes her treatment on BB all the more confusing.

Comment: Yes, I have heard that since. Ameerah saying in her interview last week with the media that she was a contributor to the Taylor bullying and regrets it, I think is showing that live feeds don’t lie.


After listening to your podcast today, it suddenly hit me that Nick Viall has become the Regina George of Bachelor Nation. He needs to work on being nicer. You mentioned something about one of his producers being fired. Was it the producer who participated in his interview with you? I was definitely not a fan of hers after hearing the interview. (Or of Nick’s though I was a fan of Nick’s when he was on Kaitlin’s season and when he was on Bachelor of paradise and I really wanted him to be Bachelor.) No. Different one.

Also, I thought of one more prediction I made that turned out to be true (going along with my email I sent last week). As soon as Claire’s men were released I immediately declared on Twitter that Matt James would be the next Bachelor!

Comment: You basically are a fortune teller at this point. Or a psychic. I think you should open up your own shop in Venice Beach, wear a giant funny hat, look into a crystal ball, take $20 from people and just tell them the stuff you tell me. You’ll be raking in the dough in no time.

Hi Steve, love the Daily Roundup. Just an update for you since you don’t watch the live feeds – Paloma was the one that from the first week started the anti-Taylor seeds. She said in Diary Room she didn’t like her because she’s a previous pageant queen and didn’t like the way she (Tay) carried on in the house, in Paloma’s opinion fake and trying to win favor with the guys. So Paloma started a campaign against Taylor. Daniel being HOH first week decided that if the house wants her out then on the block she goes. And Big Brother being a breeding ground for insecurity and paranoia all the others just went along with it and it’s just snowballed from there. The Girls Girls alliance has Mean Girls energy and Taylor has been a total class act and not lowered herself to their level.

Thank goodness that Joseph, Kyle and Monte have stepped up and opened their eyes.

Thanks for all you do, couldn’t live without your spoilers LoL

Comment: Yeah, it seems that the rats are being exposed on that show. Could you imagine if Taylor makes it to the end? Or even wins?

Hey Steve!

I was giggling at your episode when you were talking about the twin DNA and thought I’d send you another mind fuck!

My best friend had to have a bone marrow transplant and her younger brother donated his bone marrow to her when she was tested, she started to show up as genetically male with his DNA! Apparently if she committed a crime and left her DNA she could blame it on him haha!

I’m not sure if that lasts forever as the longer out your are from a BMT your body will create its own cells again, but I just thought it was super cool!

Have a good weekend!

Comment: My brain is starting to hurt. Be sure to check out todays Daily Roundup podcast where I talk about the twins again. That family is going to take over my life. I’m low level obsessed with them now, when a week ago, I didn’t really have a clue who they were.

Hey Steve!

I keep seeing the idea floating around of double bachelors for next season, and the double bachelors being Greg Grippo and Andrew Spencer. Do you think there’s even a possibility of that happening, or will they go with one person from this season? I think it would be a terrible idea, especially with those two lol.
Thanks and looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Comment: Anytime I get a question like this, I just go down the checklist:

-Where did you see this being brought up?
-Is that source legitimate?
Have they ever posted a correct spoiler before?
-Where are they getting that info from, if they shared that at all?
-If they did share where they got it from, how reputable is THAT source?

I think you see where I’m going with this. Whoever said that doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

this is hard because I never liked Nick – ever. I found him smarmy and self absorbed from his very first appearance and everything since has only verified that. Of course I’m sure people have said that about people that you’ve gotten to know and like. I still think, especially after your interview with Chris Conran, that his true colors are showing thru.

So question: has there been any kind of quantifiable dip in his viewership and other such online numbers? One would hope that he would be held accountable for this kind of behavior and/or at least not profit from it like he has been.

Comment: I wouldn’t know. Only he would know his numbers. The only thing visible to the public in terms of his views/listens is his YouTube channel. You can see the views on all those videos. But I don’t have a channel really, so I don’t really know how the monetization for YouTube works.

However, to answer your question about if he’s being held accountable? As far as I know, he still has a podcast, and he’s avoided the two main topics that have come up recently regarding things he and his girlfriend have said/done. So the answer to that would be no, unfortunately.

Hello Steve,

Michael Vick, deservingly, received a 1 year suspension, DW was handed a mere six-weeks. I think of the victims, having received a settlement or not, the punishment or lack of it, has to be crushing.

I agree with you about the Pro Bowl. I feel the same about the Hall of Fame Game. Thursday night football….it wouldn’t bother me if it went away.

Have an enjoyable FB season.

Thanks for all Steve, I truly appreciate it.

Comment: Yeah, I’m sure the victims are thrilled. Yes, they received a settlement, but that’s not justice for them. DeShaun, if the punishment doesn’t change, will be playing in almost twice as many games as he won’t be. And that’s wrong based on the evidence presented to the judge and what she admitted he did. It’s really unfathomable how she only came to 6 games, but, there is a longer answer to that that I don’t wanna get into.

What are some false things that you have received? Stuff that were ridiculous and definitely did not happen!

Comment: In general or you talking about this season?

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