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“Reader Emails,” Injury News (Sort of), Rachel/Gabby Talk Their Season & Today’s Daily Roundup

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Hi Steve-

What was the story you were referring to today which we already heard about regarding a contestant? I forget. Hopefully you’ll know soon enough.

Can you say if the huge story has to do with each bachelorettes final four?
Is Bachelor gonna start filming in Sept like it always does?

Comment: You’ll know once the story comes out. Would rather not address who it is or isn’t. And from everything I’ve heard, Bachelor is set to film mid-late September as always.

Hi Steve,

I’m a longtime reader, but first time emailing you. I was curious how your annual Fan Appreciation Party in Las Vegas was this year? I never heard you talk about it, so I suspect I missed something along the way. I know Amanda Pace, Annie Jorgensen, Jenny Alexandra and host Martin Andrew from Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer were scheduled to attend. I really like all of them, so I wanted to see if you got any scoop from them on the show or their lives. That show was so much better than the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Have you heard if they plan to have another season?

Thanks for everything you do! I wouldn’t be watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette if it wasn’t for you.

Comment: Well, probably because I didn’t write much in the offseason. I think I talked about it briefly on my podcast the next week after it took place. I had a blast and I got a lot of great responses from it, so I’m assuming others had fun. Spending most of my weekend with Amanda and Annie was a highlight for me as well since we were on a group text for 3 months leading up to it, then to finally meet and hang out was just a lot of fun. Was there scoop? Oh of course there was. You should see some of the things said on that group text. But it’s all in good spirits and they are two I’ll always keep in touch with. Martin was great to talk to. I really hope there’s a season 2 of Joe Millionaire. At the time of the party, there hadn’t been any word from any of them if it was happening again. And as for Jenny, I didn’t get to talk to her as much as I wanted to because it seemed like she was always engaged in a conversation with other people, but I did briefly get a chance to talk to her after the party and she was great as well.

Hi! BIG FAN!!!

What are your thoughts on the instagram story of the memo board that Rachel posted the other night and everyone has been speculating? My immediate thought was should she be posting this when the season isn’t over yet? I don’t know it just seems like some kind of breach of contract to even allude she’s with someone considering whenever they do interviews and are asked if they are engaged, they always best around the bush and never give a straight answer. I have no idea what this is.

Also looking forward to this big story you have coming out, have you already talked about it a little bit in a column or am I missing something? Any details on what it’s gonna be about?
Thanks for all you do!

Comment: No. Don’t want to give anything out because I don’t possibly want to jeopardize anything related to it.

Greetings Steve,

Sending prayers that your achilles is okay and the X-ray shows no damage or serious injury.

Seeing how production has preyed on both Gabby and Rachel’s weaknesses thus far this season as well as by trying to instill jealousy between the two, do you think either of them if offered will take a job in Bachelor Nation post show (ex. official podcast host a la Michelle, Becca, etc.). I have to imagine watching it back they are both pretty pissed with how production went out of their way to manipulate them, both in the overall setup of the season and their lack of power/agency to control their narrative in the show, that unless they dangled a rather large paycheck in front of them, both are sitting at home holding their tongues until their contracts are up and they can leave the franchise in the rearview mirror.

In addition, with the repeated talk about Gabby’s estranged relationship with her mom, is there any indication they try to get her mom on the show to talk with her similar to what they did with Matt James’ season and having his dad show up.

Comment: To answer your second question first, no, her mom’s not on this season.

As for a job in Bachelor Nation, unless they add on yet another podcast, they’d basically have to take over for someone. I have no idea what ABC’s plans are in terms of that. They don’t need another podcast, trust me. The mail-it-in ones they already have are enough as it is. Lets please not multiply.

Hi Steve,

Hope your Achilles is okay!

Wasn’t sure if you can fit this into your reader email column, or maybe in a daily podcast:

Do you think Gabby and Rachel wanted to split the guys in episode 3, or was that likely producer driven? It seems odd they would do it so early in the season after they hadn’t had a chance to each meet the guys due to fewer dates plus the canceled cocktail parties. I think production may have seen how difficult the process was for them and decided on it.

I was thinking back to Joe Millionaire format where the ladies didn’t have to make a decision until one of the final episodes (after hometowns). I could understand why Rachel and Gabby didn’t know which guys were there for them that early on, and why some of the guys like Logan changed their mind after more time. Even in last nights episodes some of the guys said they’ve hardly gotten time all season.

Also, will they each continue to only get 2 dates per episode (one 1-1 and one group date), compared to prior leads that get 3 dates each week? If so I wonder if that impacts their season outcomes.. usually the “winner” will get more than one 1-1 date before hometowns but at this rate it doesn’t seem possible. I also wonder if bachelor data has that analysis of prior seasons somewhere (winners getting more than one 1-1 before hometowns or if I’m just misremembering). Yes. Only 2 locations left before hometowns, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same deal. Although they may have more than one 1-on-1 in Amsterdam each. Not sure.

Finally, just wanted to say I love the new daily podcasts. As someone on east coast time I would love if you released them an hour earlier though (they usually pop up around 9am which is too late for my morning commute, and I take work calls on my drive home). I obviously don’t think you’ll change it just for one person, but wanted to throw that out there since you mentioned possibly pushing it up an hour earlier! It would be awesome for us east coasters ?

Thanks Steve!

Comment: Will it happen tomorrow? No. But I don’t think it’s beyond the realm of possibility that I release the daily podcast at by 8am EST sometime in the near future, because I am up at that time. 7am EST? Eh, probably not gonna happen because I’m not up then. But, you can probably count on the 8am EST release happening. It’s definitely a “when” and not “if” situation.

Hi Steve. Firstly I want to say I totally understand why you won’t even tell us a bunch of things you are hearing about but aren’t confirmed. People are dumbasses. I really enjoyed when you posted the three or four story lines you were hearing about durring Tayshas season. I found it quite entertaining. I didn’t take them seriously. I thought it was like a cool look into your process or “journey” to figuring out the spoilers lol. But I remember last year clickbait was talking about you and Taysha went off on how she didnt like you because you were saying that she left Zach and got back together with Brendan. Obviously someone told her that but if she had taken the time to see the source it was coming from she would have seen 4 totally different “endings to her season” (that all contradict each other) as well as you saying none of it was confirmed. This is why we can’t have nice things!

Wow. Someone who actually paid attention. That’s definitely one example of it. You’re correct. At no point during Tayshia’s season did I ever say that it was 100% confirmed Tayshia left Zac and was with Brendan. Never came out of my mouth. That was the season where I actually layed out all the different things I was hearing, with that being one of them. And yes, I did hear Tayshia on a podcast use that story against me, which immediately made me go, “Yeah, she clearly didn’t listen to anything I said or anything I wrote for herself. Because I never 100% said that’s what her situation was.” Why would I? I didn’t know. The game of telephone got relayed back to her and she was given false info of what I said. I specifically said I have no idea if this is true or not, but here’s what I’m hearing this season, and then proceeded to lay out a few different things. And of course, the one most damaging thing was relayed back to her as, “Reality Steve said…” So ridiculous. Hell, I don’t blame her. I blame whoever ran that back to her and made her believe that. So yeah, you wonder why I don’t just throw stuff out there anymore without getting a solid confirmation. Shocked you remember that. Points for you.

Anyways long rant… now for my question which I realize you may not be able to answer. Do you know if they will be bringing on Gabbys mom? Two episodes in a row Gabby has talked about her mom and I’m worried for her sake that production is going to cross a line and bring her in like they did with Matt and his dad. No doubt in my mind production attempted to get her mom. I just really hope she doesn’t go on.

Thanks for all you do Steve and all the bullshit you deal with.

Comment: They’re not bringing her on.

Hey Steve,

Just a few random questions since I am sure you’ll cover everything with this season in other emails.

Did anything ever come out on why John broke up with Katie Thurston? Not that I heard.

Thoughts on Madi Prewett having her “engagement dress” already picked out? Crazy! Cute idea- but I’m not sure if I’d want the surprise ruined. Eh, didn’t even know that until you just said it. Whatever floats her boat. Her life, her choices.

Do contestants with bachelor nation friends (ex. Spencer/Nate) get special treatment from production? I mean, I don’t think it’s some universal rule that they do. Everything is a case by case basis. If you look over the history of the show will you find that friends of former contestants do well on the show? Probably. But to say they all get special treatment, I don’t know if I’d go that far.

Lastly, do contestants ever reach out to you and get upsets regarding spoilers?

Just some thoughts I had today!

Comment: It’s been a while since that happened. And it usually was long after the season aired before they said anything.

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