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Good Afternoon Steve

Thanks for all your effort. I am a busy professional with little downtime and even less time for pleasure and relaxation. BUT…I always follow your recaps, spoilers, and emails as it always gives me your professional opinions and of course, the winners of the show pretty much from day 1. I need that….LOL!!!

I have to say, that Gabby’s self esteem, self love, self respect, self worth, and self confidence has me very concerned. It was heartbreaking listening to her monologue on the July 25th episode talking about not being worthy of love and how she would give anything to be loved by a man on this show and also her mother. She is a beautiful, smart girl and has every right to hold her head up high and know that she is in a position to choose a deserving man and not let a man choose her.

My question is this…. Does the show offer counseling to these young men and women who are so down on themselves? After hearing her do her monologue and feeling she may be in a dark place, I am hoping a professional recognizes this and steps in for some private counseling.

Thank you so much for reading this and responding

Comment: Yes, during the show there’s an on set psychologist. Once the show is over though, at least in years, it was sayanora. You’re on your own. I don’t know if they’ve changed that in recent years due to mental health becoming a major topic in this franchise. For their sake, I hope they have.

Hey Steve!

First time writer here, new-ish reader. Thank you sincerely for all you do!
Interested to hear your thoughts on Rachel and her guys crashing Gabby’s date. I feel like it’s getting painfully obvious how set up and produced all of this is. Like I feel like it was soooo clear that the guys were told to just sit there and watch the match while Rachel sat with Gabby. Like she could have stood with them too??? And then to turn around and say she doesn’t feel wanted or seen and tired of feeling like this. Am I crazy or are producers getting lazy?
Always look forward to reading your recaps and reader emails!

Comment: We don’t know 100% what the answer is. But, I don’t think it’s that far fetched to assume the guys were told not to interact with her.

Hi Steve!

It seems that Nate was and STILL is (as of the Aug 1st episode) a frontrunner for Gabby….but her 4th hometown hasn’t *officially* been spoiled yet. (I re-read older spoilers to make sure). Have you not received info that it’s Nate? I’m sure you receive all kinds of info but was wondering if you have received info that it’s him but there’s an issue with validity. I think you can’t elaborate but I’m sitting here confused.

I also feel that Nate is getting a Bachelor edit. If it end up being Tino I see a RECORD number of applicants.

Thanks for everything!

Comment: Nate does not get a hometown. He was home before then. Gabby sends him home the episode before hometowns.

Yeahh Hey Steve

Big Brother – On the Wednesday episode where Daniel and Nicole were so horrible to Taylor, recall that the reason for Nicole crying seemed to be that she was upset at the prospect of throwing a challenge but was going to do it so she could screw over Taylor. Yeah, hypocritical. Based on what was shown, I interpreted Taylor’s so-called passive aggressive comment as “If you have some issue which makes you want to leave, please don’t worry about any negative repercussions I may face as your partner.” On the MTV Challenge, innocent partners have had to go home when paired with quitters or people tossed out. When they both went off on her, I was hoping she would win HOH to watch them suddenly try to walk it all back. Blaming her for Paloma’s exit was nuts. Yeah. Nicole’s whining and complaining about not being advised of the blindside so she said goodbye to the wrong person was crazy. I also feel bad for Joseph as it looks like he did not pack enough shirts and has to walk around the house and compete without wearing one. I honestly think Joseph may not care if he ever has to wear a shirt again. When you have like 1% body fat, you can get away with that ha ha.

Did the person who named Bowling Kids go on to create the name “Washington Football Team”? Hey now. How dare you step to the 5th grade bowling team of myself, Erick, and Jeff. We tore up that league. And I will have you know we won that league thank you very much.

Challenge – Good to see the return of sinister TJ. Not sure how I feel about the use of a single question with multiple answers as the order gives the first team a higher probability of getting the most obvious answer. Glad for David as he sucked on BB. Xavier was an unexpected non-factor to me. Disappointed in his bitter exit (I guess he was returning Kyland’s bitter BB exit). Wondering if he will flush his law career to be on TV/influence. I think he’s still in law, but also does modeling/influencing. I think. Hearing though that his cousin was murdered and his grandmother died two weeks before he left to film the Challenge is brutal. It’s possible his head just wasn’t in it. I guarantee he’ll be on a future season though of the MTV Challenge. They’ve already said they’re gonna bring some over from the CBS show. I gotta imagine he’s high on their list despite his finish this season.

When you speak about people contacting families and employers about contestants’ bad behavior on shows (as if they don’t already know), it really reminds me of what the sex traffickers did to Jenny from Joe Millionaire. Talk about disgusting. Basically blackmail

WWE and A&E have begun showing new episodes of wrestler biographies and related shows. If I ever knew that Freddie Prinze Jr was once a WWE writer, I had forgotten.

Oui oui yeahh totally.

Comment: I have it set to record the solo wrestler documentaries and best rivalry show every Sunday night. I’m behind and need to catch up. But yes, FPJ was a WWE writer for a while. Now he wants to start his own promotion to compete against WWE and AEW. Good luck.

AGAIN! I have always said that Gabby cries way too much. However last night Rachel took over that “honor”. Her crying over the fact that “her men” didn’t make eye contact with her during Gabby’s boxing date, was way too ridiculous! What man is going to go goo-goo eyes with a girl when two men are punching each other? She is desperate for attention……………way too high maintenance. No more double Bachelorettes!

Comment: Ok.

Hope your MRI goes well and your Achilles injury isn’t too bad after all. For tomorrow’s sports take I would love your opinion on the Dolphins punishment being so much harsher than Deshaun Watsons. I still can’t believe he got away with only 6 games and honestly that the Texans didn’t get anything since they set up hotel rooms, there’s no way they didn’t know what was happening!

Comment: What did the Dolphins team really get though? I thought it was a $1.5 million fine (when your owner is a billionaire) and he can’t attend the games until October. Was there something else I missed? But you’re right in that the Texans definitely covered up DeShaun’s perverted massages and haven’t suffered from it at all.

Thanks for clarifying that it was Hayden’s dog, not his kid, that had a brain tumor. I thought, how heartless can you be, your kid is dying, and you are on a reality TV show. Somehow I missed the dog part. Still, even with his dog dying, he needed to be at home.

Also, I wasn’t sure if it was Rambo or Rainbow, the way he said it.

Thanks, Steve, for setting me straight!

Comment: Ha ha yes. I’m here for the facts, ma’am. You must’ve missed that whole segment where he sat down with Rachel and showed her a giant scrapbook of pics of his dog.

Hey Steve, two questions for you –

1. They never actually showed Meatball getting a rose. Editing flaw or they just didn’t care? I know last week they showed him going back to talk to Rachel, but this week they just started with the drama, no Meatball-Racehl chat. Yeah, the credits scene was him just asking for a rose back last week after the rose ceremony. I guess him being on the cruise ship was their way of saying “She gave him one.”

2. Nayte isn’t in your final 4 for Gabby. Does he go home before hometowns because of his daughter? Or is he the 4th you haven’t been able to confirm yet?

Hope your injury isn’t too serious!

Comment: Man, people loving this Nate for hometowns this week. In case you missed in previous answers, he’s eliminated in the episode before hometowns.

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