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The “Bachelorette” Gabby/Rachel – Episode 7 Recap, Jesse’s Big “Surprise” at the MTA, & Your Daily Roundup

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-Per the norm on the hometown date episode, everything was shown out of order. If you weren’t following along in the offseason, hometowns were really the first time all season that spoilers started getting out. So last night, they showed the hometowns of Gabby in this order: Jason, Johnny, Erich. For Rachel, they showed them as Zach, Tyler, and Tino, with Aven’s hometown set to begin next week’s episode before transitioning into the “Men Tell All.” Well, every single one of those dates was out of order from when it was filmed. This was the breakdown of filming in case you don’t remember:

Aven – 4/23
Tyler – 4/25
Zach – 4/27
Tino – 4/29

Erich – 4/24
Jason – 4/26
Johnny – 4/28

So yeah, when Rachel eliminated Tyler on the day portion, she was alluding to having just been on a date where she had a stronger connection and was further along. “My last hometown had a different feel going into the night and is different than today.” The viewing audience heard that and thought she was talking about Zach’s since she’d only been on his hometown before Tyler’s. But in reality, she was talking about Aven’s, since the order was Aven’s hometown THEN Tyler.

-The first hometown was Jason’s where they went to Bourbon St. His parents are separated and they met his dad in a park to share a beignet. O-VER-RATED…clap, clap, clapclapclap…O-VER-RATED…clap, clap, clapclapclap…
Don’t @ me. I’ve been there. I’ve had a beignet from Café Du Monde. Putting powdered sugar on dough does not make it a donut. I’ll take a glaze twist, a chocolate bar, a maple bar, a chocolate raised, an apple fritter, ANY of those before a beignet. What can I say, I’m a donut snob. I just don’t get the hype of the beignet. Is it just because it’s history? Is Café du Monde a landmark place? Did they originate the donut? If that’s the case, then great. Props to them. But I’ll still head down the street to my local shop that just says “Donut” to get something more tasty thank you.

-To show how much the hometowns are cut for time, when they met Jason’s dad in the park, we only saw his dad’s 1-on-1 with Jason. We didn’t even see him to talk to, you know, the most important person on the date which was Gabby. I mean, they are really skimping on time this season. How do you not even show the dad talking to Gabby? Anyway, at the house, we met Jason’s mom, sister, and sister’s boyfriend. When Gabby spoke to the sister, she asked “Do you think he’s ready for a long term relationship” and the sister laughed and said yes, with no real follow up behind it as to why. Then she asked the mom “Do you think he could be with someone like me,” and the mom laughed and said yes with not real follow up behind it as to why. Then when Jason is talking to his mom, he said he wanted to be true to himself, and in that particular moment, he “could never see myself getting engaged at the end. It’s not realistic to me.” Ooooooookkkkkaaaaayyyy. Well thank you very much for participating.

-Now granted, he said that in the moment to his mother, and maybe two weeks later in filming that changes in his head. Remember I did tell you that I’d heard from more than one person that Jason eliminated himself this season. Still haven’t not gotten that confirmed, but, hearing what he said last night, if he DID eliminate himself at the end, would it really be that far fetched? He just laid the ground work last night as to why he wouldn’t go further and be ready to get engaged to someone he barely knows. Totally logical, and almost TOO logical for this show because we know the engagement is just for show. It’s because what they want you to do. We all know the ending of this show is really just two people choosing to continue to date, with an engagement label behind it. As I always say, I never take the engagement seriously until one of the parties moves in with the other person, or at least moves to their city.



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