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“Reader Emails,” Katie Speaks on Her Breakup with John, Tomorrow’s Podcast Guest, & Your Daily Roundup

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I’m excited about tomorrow’s podcast guest. Former Bachelor Bob Guiney will be joining me for the first time ever. Different times man when he was on. Did you know that Bob’s premiere episode in 2003 was the highest rated Bachelor premiere in history? Well, neither did I til I googled it yesterday. Still, that’s a pretty big accomplishment. To show you how different things are nowadays in terms of TV viewing, Bob’s premiere drew 12.5 million viewers. Nowadays? Premieres are drawing around 4 to 4.5 million. Yes, we’re all aware of ratings down across the board, especially with streaming now a thing which obviously wasn’t around in 2003. But that’s a giant number. Hell, all those early seasons were drawing major numbers. But network TV is just not what it once was, so you have to look at it through that lens.

Katie spoke about her breakup with John, among other things, in her first interview post-breakup yesterday when she went on Kaitlyn’s “Off the Vine” podcast. US Weekly recapped it, and I cover a lot of it in today’s Daily Roundup. Some real interesting stuff in there. Not your basic generic answers we usually get when someone talks about their breakup in Bachelor Nation. Katie really gives us some info that basically none of us knew regarding her relationship with John, where she felt it went wrong, how she feels about dating within Bachelor Nation, why she blocked Nick in the first place, and much, much more. It’s a good recap. Or a good listen, whichever you’d like to do.

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We’ve talked about how down the IG numbers are for everyone across the board in regards to Gabby and Rachel’s guys. But Erich shot up tremendously after Monday’s episode as he almost doubled his total in 24 hrs after the show aired. Still not even close to 100k, but for this season, easily the highest growth of the season in one day:

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