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Hi Steve,

In addition to arranged Bachelorette interviews, how are Rachel and Gabby currently employed?

Thank you, Steve, for sharing your insights and may you have a speedy recovery from surgery.

Comment: I don’t think either of them is working a paid job now. I think once the ATFR airs, we’ll get a better sense of what they’ll be doing post shows. With so many appearances and what not, I think it’s really hard for a lead to go back to their regular job while the show is airing. Not to mention, they don’t really need to since what they get paid for doing the show is supposed to be a years worth of salary. Or close to it.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for sharing Kelsey and Laree’s stories. I feel like a lot of folks that I normally respect aren’t getting why this was a big deal, so it’s great that you let them have their voices heard.

Comment: I’ll tell you why. Because it was a story about someone who was getting a glowing edit on a TV show. And some people are A) impossible of not kissing peoples ass in the franchise and don’t want to ruffle feathers and B) can’t separate the show from reality. He did what he did. Why people can’t just accept that, say it was shitty behavior, hope he gets better, but acknowledge it actually happened and it should be mentioned, is beyond me. I guess those people will never be reached in a situation like this.


I hope you are healing well and getting around better. Glad you were able to get the fancy scooter to make life easier.

My question is about the passers-by being blurred out so much in the background. I don’t remember it being like this in the past. Is this because of European privacy laws or is it a new show practice?

Comment: No, they’ve been doing that for years. You have to sign a waiver if you’re in the background and part of the show. Some people just choose not to so they get blurred out.

Hey Steve –

I saw last week’s Bachelorette after reader email so some late observations. After Gabby sent Nate home, I wondered if single parents would give her online hate. When she greeted the guys to the group date, she said “Come to momma” which I found an odd choice of words for someone just doubting her readiness to be a mother. The dominatrix / sex topic date was another blown opportunity for the audience to get vested in any of these guys. If you are going to bleep the questions, not show the answers and just show people laughing, why bother? I know it is ABC and Yosef’s daughter is watching. Yes, she is. We must protect her from all smut on TV at all costs.

While it doesn’t really matter, this season’s having the guys receiving roses exiting to the winners’ circle has led to the now obligatory back pat of support from the last recipient to the loser (praying one will follow the pat with “C ya!”). Yeah, that’s not something I’ve really ever touched on in my recaps this year, but it’s kinda funny. The guys with roses are all away from the group, then when a guy receives a rose he joins them. Well, since rose ceremony #3. Just seems kinda funny doing it that way and I really don’t know why.

It would have been more interesting had Logan been ranked as Gabby’s 1 or 2 at that point to see what they would have done. Yeah, this was brought up earlier, but if Tino got COVID, I really don’t think that would’ve been the last we saw of him.

You mentioned an attraction at a young age to Sandy from Grease in her sexy outfit. Do you think that has an impact on the women you find attractive today? Not really. I was like 8 when I saw that for the first time I think. Because then I’d only like Australians in leather pants, red high heels, and full make up. I’m a little more diverse than that ha ha.

Your podcast guest indicated she did not want Turner to win Big Brother due to the story about his sister accusing him of bullying. I did a simple internet search and found that story and another where he went public about his former boss, a well known youtuber I’ve never heard of, being something of a bully. I can see how the boss story could affect him and lead to him standing up for Taylor. The sister story makes him seem like a hypocrite. It makes me wonder whether he was a bully or had a troubled sister where he showed “tough love” and encouraged the parents not to enable or some other story – just not enough details / receipts. Hoping you get to interview him.

Comment: Yeah, I saw that story at the beginning of the season, but then never did much of a deep dive into it. I’m sure he’ll be asked about it post show, so I’m curious to see if what the sister said was true.

Hey Steve. Have you been watching Hard Knocks? We’re hoping it’s just what we need to break the curse of the Lions.

Comment: Absolutely I am. If you have 3 fingers or one ass cheek, I don’t care. I’ll beat your ass.

I put my Lions OVER the 6.5 win total for the season in before Hard Knocks even aired. I really think they can win 7-9 games this year. They weren’t nearly as bad as their 3-13-1 record last year. A ton of one score losses. They will definitely score this season. The question will be can their defense get stops when they need to.

Hey Steve,

Long time fan. First time emailer. I’m writing to ask if you’d received any leads on Jason being there for the wrong reasons. I’ve been doing some sleuthing online and it seems clear to me that he came in prepared for the show, tried to get rid of traces of having been prepared for the show, and his social media activity on his main IG @jason.alabaster is calculated with his friends and family aware of this and assisting him with his efforts. His shy and reserved persona seems to be exaggerated as well. Evidence of all this is publicly accessible online, although he has cleaned up some things since a month ago, and in conjunction with having heard that his last relationship ended because he wasn’t ready to take the next step, I see a very clear picture of someone who went on the show with an agenda, emulating fan faves to get far, and had every intention of self eliminating.

I normally would not bother to bring this up but the unprecedented level of people perceiving Jason to be “not like other contestants” is laughable, and the truth warrants attention.

Interested in hearing your thoughts and if you’d like to know more on my findings. Thanks.

Comment: Haven’t heard much about Jason this season, just like we kinda haven’t seen much of him this season. A very non-descript final 2 if you ask me. And just seems like someone that just doesn’t fit the mold of this show. Probably for the better. Certainly nothing wrong with that.

Hi RS:

Has there ever been a hometown visit where the families house is totally messy?

It seems like every family visit the houses are immaculate & beautiful.

Comment: That’s because production is there hours beforehand setting up and making sure things are in place. It’s TV. Has to look good. And yes, production will buy set pieces to put in the house as well and do their own decorating for TV.


LONGGG time listener/reader here! First off, I LOVE YOU. Second, beignets are not trying to be doughnuts. Third, listen to your doctor and stay off your foot! 🙂

Comment: Whether they’re trying or not, they just aren’t all that good to me. There’s nothing to them that makes me want to ever eat another one. Gimmie a chocolate bar. Or maple bar. Or a chocolate rainbow sprinkle. Basically anything at Winchell’s is what I’m saying over a beignet.

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