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The “Bachelorette” Gabby/Rachel – Episode 7 Recap, Jesse’s Big “Surprise” at the MTA, & Your Daily Roundup

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Keeping this in one paragraph: I’m a moron. I know my doctor told me before surgery I was looking at probably 12 weeks before I was walking again. But for whatever reason, my mind didn’t process that. I processed it as 12 weeks before I could walk without assistance. Maybe it was wishful thinking. Had my first doctors appointment yesterday. Everything looks great. It’s healing correctly. They removed the splint and now I’m in a boot. Again for whatever reason, I equated being in a boot to walking. Probably because last time I was in a boot 20 years ago for torn ankle ligaments, I was walking in it almost immediately. Yeah, not quite this time around. Still not allowed to put any pressure on that foot, so, good thing I have my super duper scooter available since it’ll be my mode of transportation for the next couple months. Basically I’m the same today as I was yesterday, but I have a sock and a boot on my foot and not a splint. But everything else remains the same, so I can expect difficult showers for the next 2 months. Ugh. This whole thing just blows. There are people that have it 100x worse than I do. Totally understand that. But this is the first time I’ve ever been incapacitated to where I could use a certain body part and it really sucks. Not fun at all.

Get your emails in for “Reader Emails” tomorrow. Have a few already but can always use more. I’m sure after last night’s episode, plus, the Bachelors in the City podcast from Friday, you probably have some things to say. I covered Dustin’s podcast comments in yesterday’s Daily Roundup, and briefly in today’s. Check it out if you’re so inclined but, woah – not a good look for him. As evidenced by him getting crucified in the comments section of their IG post. Yikes.

Your Daily Roundup is now up (NEW TIME: 8:00am EST) where I go over last night’s episode, say what I think Dustin should do next, and talk about my long recovery ahead from my Achilles surgery.

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If any of you thought Hometowns Date screen time seemed a little off, you weren’t wrong. Just like most of this season being all wonky with little time given to the contestants, look at how much difference there was in time shown on the hometowns last night between people like Jason and Johnny for example:

A lot of you asked me last night after the previews for the MTA aired at the end of the episode of what Jesse was talking about that was going to “change everything.” I actually didn’t post that in the initial MTA spoilers because I forgot. I mentioned it the next day on my Daily Roundup but I don’t believe I put it in writing anywhere. Jesse’s announcement to everyone in attendance was that they all got a free Virgin Voyager cruise. That’s why they all had champagne glasses and bubbles were filling the room. Great gift, but there were two caveats: 1) it has to be taken by the end of this year and 2) the cruise only leaves out of Miami or Barcelona. I’m guessing most people in attendance at the MTA live in CA, so, to spring on them you get a cruise, BUT, it has to be taken in the next 4 months and it leaves out of the east coast or Europe? Hmmmmm, we’ll probably never get an answer to it, but I’m guessing maybe 10-15% of that audience actually takes that cruise.

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