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Hi Steve,

I saw something on Instagram about a Bravo show being filmed in Minnesota – something similar to Summer House – and that Michelle Young is involved. Do you have any intel on that?

Thanks for all the spoilers and sorry about the foot. Maybe you’ll get really good at scooter-ing and can enter a scooter competition!

Comment: First I’ve heard of that. No idea.

I won’t be entering any competitions, but knowing I’m gonna be on this things for the 2.5 months or so, I’m so glad I invested in a good one. It’s been a godsend so far.

Hi Steve,

Long time reader, first time emailed. How exciting!! First, curious if you have seen a change or reduction in viewers now that you’ve changed the way you report on bachelor gossip/updates? It’s dipped a little, but so has overall viewership, so I think it’s following that pattern. I think it’s impossible to say whether it’s related to not spreading gossip and rumors and things I can’t confirm. I wouldn’t know how to get that answer.

Second, I don’t know if you’ve addressed this yet, but there was a rumor somewhere that Erich broke up with his girlfriend and said he’d get back with her ( a la Jed) after the show. Just a rumor? Assuming not validated or you’d have mentioned it.

Thanks and hope you recover swiftly!

Comment: I’ve heard it. No idea if it’s true. I keep hearing this person is gonna come forward with receipts. What exactly are they waiting for? Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but whatever.

Hi Steve,

Do you think that either Zach or Ethan have a chance of being the next Bachelor? Do you think that Dustin’s comments on Nate’s issue on Bachelors in the City hurt Nate’s chances of being the next Bachelor?

I hope that you get better soon.

Comment: The thing is, whoever gets it, it’s not like they’ve ever told us how close someone came to getting it versus someone else. All that really matters is who it is. I don’t see any way Ethan gets it. You have to be shown on your season to then get the lead. He was barely there. Zach would clearly be a possibility, but Nate is the one that I think they want. However, tomorrow I’m going to tell you my new stance on the Bachelor. I think it’s time.

Hey Steve!

Short time reader, first time writer. Absolutely love the Daily Recaps! Happy they’re here to keep me up to date.

First off, you mentioned something on a daily recap last week about Instagram numbers this season being awful for the men. I definitely agree that IG is struggling and building a following is HARD nowadays but my biggest notice is that Rachel has significantly less followers than Gabby and hasn’t even hit 500K yet. I hate to “compare the two” or “pit them against each other” but I’m genuinely so curious why. Both were incredibly well liked during Clayton’s season and once they were both announced as bachelorettes, you would expect their following to even out. Just an observation. Yeah, she’s definitely behind her by a good amount, and I really don’t know what to attribute that to. Both kinda post the same amount, right? So all it really can be is a preference. People like and/or relate to Gabby more. To each their own. Doesn’t make one better than the other. I think they’re both great and I wish it would be more even, but, nothing really we can do about that.

I hate to still be talking about Nate because I’m so over him and this whole ~story~ but I missed the emails last week. If Nate is so protective of his daughter and not wanting to even mention her to someone after 1.5 years, why would he EVER accept the bachelor gig? Is he going to invite his final two women to meet his daughter after only knowing them for three weeks? Especially given the fact that hardly anyone goes on the show for real love anymore and just to become an influencer, it’s not exactly the best place to meet a woman to be the stepmother of your child. I just don’t see how there is any way his supporters can say what he did was fine, and then turn around and support him in an environment like The Bachelor.


Comment: It’s because that line he gave was just a line. And avoiding the issue that we’ve been talking about from the beginning. The “protection” is about introducing women to his daughter. We get that. For literally the 10,000th time. No one is questioning him on that, so people need to stop mentioning that in their defense of him. It’s him not even TELLING someone he had a daughter that he spent as much time with as he did, like Kelsey. It just makes no sense. But I guess it’s a question we’ll never get an answer to because Nate doesn’t seem to want to answer it and no one else seems to want to ask him about it. At least not now. Time will tell.

Hi Steve:

Maybe too late for your column, but I’m not sure if producer’s understand how important these final hometown visit’s paint the final picture.

I remember watching the season with Sean Lowe. It became apparent during his time with Catherine in Seattle that there was an unexpected (at least for me) and immediate connection that wasn’t shown before. It’s like it clicked for him and me as a viewer. I think they are doing a disservice to these moments and I suspect Gabby had this with Erich too, so I’m thankful they at least showed footage of some of this visit.

I get there is editing and especially this year with 2 Bachelorettes, but honestly I miss the in-depth filming of these hometown visits.

Thanks for all your work – I am a loyal follower.

Comment: Yeah, maybe I’m forgetting their 1-on-1 earlier in the season, but did Erich inform her on that date how sick his dad was? I feel like the hometown was the first time on the show that we saw him telling her his dad had cancer. I gotta believe she knew before that.

Dear Steve,

Wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery! I have a few questions about the bachelorette and big brother.

1. I saw that Erich’s father passed away on July 9th so I was wondering with when the finale of the show was taped, would he have likely known that Erich and Gabby were engaged before his death? I felt so bad when I heard of his passing. No matter what happens between Gabby and Erich, I do think that him and his family are decent people and my heart goes out to them. It was July 6th to be exact. Finale was filmed around May 14th.

2. After last night’s hometown date elimination, do you think that there is any chance that Tyler becomes the bachelor in 2023? Not really. People always get caught up in the moment on these things. By Sept 2023 we’ll have a whole new batch of men from next season’s “Bachelorette” and a whole new season of BIP. Not that he won’t be relevant in a year. I’m just saying his “story” won’t be anymore. He’s fresh in our minds now, but at this time next year, so many more men will have appeared on our screens.

3. I wasn’t sure if Tino’s parents reactions to Rachel during the hometown dates was for show or they really were so skeptical of the process. Rachel seemed really upset by it. I feel like I’m not wine in saying that Rachel is getting the emotional edit more than Gabby, I was wondering about your take on things? She’s definitely cried more up to this point, but, this show wants emotion from their lead. Even if it’s every episode. So to me, I expect it. This season hasn’t seemed anything out of the ordinary in terms of crying.

4. I am not a fan of what Nate did. I don’t think he is the worst guy in the world but as someone who has been hurt by men in relationships before, I do not like what he has done to those two women. I commend them for telling their stories. Do you believe that if Nate becomes the bachelor that there will be a lot of girls that decide not to be on the show if they are told before heading to LA that he is the lead and a lot of people who will boycott the show? No. I don’t think production cares nor will the women. They care way more about building their brand and being on TV than actually thinking they’d want to settle down with Nate. Or any lead for that matter. It’s just what the show has become now.

5. I think the two bachelorettes was a nice idea to make Rachel and Gabby feel worthy of a great love after what they went through during Clayton’s season. However, I think it was so hard to get to know any of the contestants and their stories with the allotted time each week. Do you think they will ever do this again in future seasons? I’d be surprised.

6. I do respect that the leftovers had their alliance on this season of Big Brother but I also think that Kyle may have tried to benefit his own individual game by exposing the leftovers to Terrance and building trust with him this week. I think he may have broken up his alliance when things go back to normal next week. I feel the leftovers were not really happy about his connection with Alyssa and he was going to have to chose between them and Alyssa at some point. I know some would say Kyle was dumb to do what he did but I actually think if him, Michael, Brittany, Alyssa and Terrence can work together for the remainder of the game, they could do very well. I feel like Monty and Taylor would take a shot at Michael and Brittany first. I also think that if Michael and Brittany keep up the good team work that they could make it to final 2 together. I actually think right now that Michael is playing the best game because he is a comp beast and he is planting seeds in the other leftovers ears that are leading them to target each other and he is making safe choices that get less blood on his hands as HOH by not targeting bigger threats like Monty that are in his alliance early on while I think Brittany is not a comp beast but has a good social game. It definitely is good that she lied about what she does for a living. The house guests would certainly be suspicious of that if they knew. Overall, I think Big Brother just got interesting with Terrance’s big move. With that being said, I believe Joseph will go home this week. Joseph started out playing both sides of the house with the leftovers and the five sweaters, but now I believe the game exploded in his face because of Kyle. What are your thoughts on my prediction for eviction this week and on the leftovers breaking up after the split house twist is over?

Thank you as always for your insight Steve.

Comment: It’s tough to answer about eviction because I have no idea who wins POV. Jasmine is definitely going home on the other side if she doesn’t win. And I think I speak for most of America when I say – whew. I saw a poll on an IG account that had her as the least liked contestant remaining by the public. And it wasn’t close. But as long as Terrance stays with Kyle and Alyssa, whoever doesn’t win POV between Joseph and Turner is going home. Right now, Kyle made the biggest move in the game. And if those 5 stick together, he’d be the only guy who could beat Michael. Because Alyssa, Terrence, and Brittany can’t. They wouldn’t have anything of their resume as of now.

Dear Steve,

Sending you positive vibes for a quick recovery from your surgery. I have a few questions about this season of the bachelorette and previous seasons

1. I was just watching a podcast with Erich on YouTube called Click Bait and he claimed that he was casted due to someone from casting reaching out to him via Instagram. Tia had said that other contestants said they also were casted in this manner. It seemed strange especially for Erich since he had hardly no posts. How do you think they choose random Instagram accounts for casting people? Do you think it is possibly just basing it off of the way that the people look? They’re casting 365 days a year through so many different ways. It doesn’t surprise me.

2. I assume since contestants who are currently seeing their bachelorette season air are under contract is the reason why they are only able to appear on bachelor related podcasts until their contracts are up, right? Just to clarify, the contracts of contestants are up a year after their finale or last appearance on the show airs, correct? A year from the show the finale airs. And yes, that’s why they only go on Bachelor related pods. A few years ago that wasn’t the case. Sometimes I could even get them off the show. Within reason. Those days are long gone.

3. Do you know if Rachel and Tino/ Gabby and Erich have been seeing each other at the safe homes in the past few months? I don’t know dates, but, yes. Well, one date I know.

4. I know that Nate is someone they are seriously considering for the bachelor, but in the event that he does not get it, who else from this season do you think would be a contender? I was thinking Zack may be since he seems to be getting a good edit this season up until this point unless that changes when he self eliminates. He’s certainly a candidate.

5. Do you know if Gabby will be returning to her work as an ICU nurse after her duties with the show and the press are over? I am always amazed by how many people leave their day jobs to become influencers. Not sure. My guess would be probably not, just because most people don’t.

6. Would you ever have Michelle and/or Nayte on your podcast to discuss their break up separately? I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t come on.

7. I saw on your BIP spoilers that Tyler ends up leaving with Brittany. I am drawing a blank. What season was she on? I also saw that Brandon and Serene are engaged. Am I correct that Serene was on Arie’s season? Brittany was on Matt’s season. The one that Anna accused of being an escort. Serene finished 4th on Clayton’s season.

8. What ever happened to Jef Holm?

Comment: I mean, he’s still alive. Check some of your local sorority houses.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is RealitySteve, or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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