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Hi Steve with Logan leaving due to Covid I was just wondering if Gabby or Rachel’s favourite guys (Erich and Tino) got Covid would they had have to have left too or would the rules be different for them as in they isolate and then rejoin the show? I’m guessing that Logan left because Gabby wasn’t that into him anyway which got me thinking what would have happened if that had been their favourite guys? I know it’s irrelevant now I was just curious as to whether producers would have bent the rules?


Comment: That’s a tough hypothetical. But it sure would’ve made things interesting. I honestly don’t know what they would’ve done. But if I had to guess, there’s no way Rachel would’ve just went with someone else because the guy she wanted got medically removed. I think it definitely would’ve played a major role though.

Steve, were there film crews with him and his daughter in Disneyland tour? Of the video sent to me, no there wasn’t. Was just him, his daughter, and a tour guide. They were in the tunnel heading to Star Wars land, or whatever it’s called.

Was Ethan a part of the BIP cast? He seems to be loved by the fans. Was he asked to be a part of the cast and said no?

You are doing a great job of providing the spoilers!

Comment: No. Ethan was not on BIP.

Steve! It’s unfair how they are dragging you on that podcast. I used to love them but they became so PC & focused on cancelling everyone. All their shows are either boring or unbearable now. They are always up on a moral and social justice high horse. All they do is complain. They should just rename the pod “two whiny chicks PMSing”

Comment: Actually, I’m not sure who you’re talking about? Are you referring to Emma on Juliet’s podcast? Or Emma and Claire’s podcast? Whatever the case, what’s been said is over and done with. I don’t agree with it and never will.

Hi Steve. Don’t know if it really matters to you one way or the other but just wanted to let you know I listened to Emma on bachelor party and to your daily roundup breaking it down and I’m 100% on your side. I’m an Emma and Claire podcast fan but in this case I think they got it wrong when it comes to you and this situation. Hope it gives you a little reassurance.

Comment: Well thank you. It’s one thing to get the support from followers of me. But when their own followers say they got it wrong and can look at it objectively, that’s always a positive thing.

Hey Steve! Just a quick FYI – I have heard you (and others) mention on your podcasts this week that you’re interested to hear what Nate has to say on the company podcasts and/or would read into him being in them or not… he was actually a guest on Bachelor Happy Hour back in July after he received the First Impression Rose. It seems that production has all of the appearances for all the guys planned out from the start between the 3 company podcasts so I wouldn’t take him not being on as related to the news story in any way. I think as of now (going into Hometowns), Jason is the only one who has not yet been on one. I feel like if anyone is given a second interview on a podcast, like Nate, it will definitely be telling as to the story they are trying to tell…

Comment: And the fact that he’s on next weeks MTA addressing the story, IF he were to appear again on one of the podcasts, I bet it’s after next weeks episode. However, as long as its on a Bachelor affiliated podcast, I don’t expect any host to actually run down in detail the things he said and did. Which is why people really need to distinguish the Bachelor affiliated pods from the non-ones. Me, GOR, Dave Neal, She’s All Bach, etc, we have no ties to the show and aren’t trying to kiss anyone’s ass or keep production happy. I would think as fans you’d much rather hear that side than ones that will protect all contestants and not hold them accountable for anything. Just seems like you’ll never get anything good out of those. But hey, that’s just me.

Hey Steve – Love the podcasts, social, everything! Totally agree with you on all the Nate stuff!

Just wondering – have you seen Claim to Fame?! Know there is a lot out there and you can’t watch everything but it’s such a great new reality competition show! Thought you would like it and wondered what you thought!


Comment: I have not watched it. Just curious, does the audience know who each one is related to from the get go, and the people in the house have to figure it out? Or do we slowly learn as the season goes on?

Hi Steve!

I just listened to the part about Nate from the Bachelors in the City podcast (never listened to them before) and am disgusted by Dustin, Peter and especially Emma. While I expected them to have Nate’s back, I didn’t expect the bashing of you. Instead of actually owning that Nate was just out of a divorce and being an Fboy and what he did was wrong they blamed you and the women! How is this your fault?! They deflected and attacked your character/profession as their defense. It truly disgusted me as you have owned your shit and changed your reporting ways.

I’m sorry you don’t always get the credit that you deserve for your journalism but so many of us really appreciate all that you do!

Comment: Your guess is as good as mine. I broke it down. Dave Neal broke it down. GOR broke it down. And we all had basically the same take. Have the Bachelor affiliated pods addressed it? And if they did, how much defending of Dustin did they do, if at all? I haven’t had anyone contact me saying they’ve heard a BN podcast address what Dustin said. Have they really stayed away from it and not commented at ALL? If they have, WOW. Talk about not wanting to ruffle feathers and all having each others back no matter. That’s horrible reporting, it’s biased, and it’s frankly sad if they can’t call them out for the things said on that podcast last Friday. Irresponsible.

Would you ever go on Jason Tartick’s podcast to talk about your career?

Comment: I think the better question would be would Jason ever even want me on? I’m not so sure on the answer to that. With that said, if he did, I don’t know if I’d do it. Not because I don’t like Jason because we have briefly DM’ed in the past. He even showed up shortly on that one Clubhouse thing I did. By the way, RIP Clubhouse. You were real there for a hot minute. But kinda like Periscope, it just never took off. Anyway, I don’t know if I’d do it because I just feel uncomfortable talking about my income publicly. I think it’s great he’s gotten others to do it, but I don’t know if that’s for me. I’m too private of a person when it comes to that stuff.

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