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If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Teddi’s IG. Sounds like she left because of the producers. She said as much as she can say, but it seems pretty clear. I thought her leaving w/o saying goodbye to anyone was strange & also, only Jill seeking her out after she broke off with Andrew. Apparently she and Serene are real life BFFs, so my guess is that the producers wouldn’t let anyone but Jill go to Teddi.

This show seems to be getting more and more toxic.

Comment: In case you didn’t see, this is what Teddi posted after the episode where she left. Keep in mind, if you look at her whole IG, she never promoted being on the show:

So I think it’s pretty clear why she left. Tell me you left because you hated what production was doing without telling me you left because of what production was doing.

Re: your comments about Clayton and Susie breaking up….

I agree the online hate towards Clayton was awful in every way, and that that was a big problem for the couple.

However, I blame them — especially Clayton — for not staying off social media. Clayton admitted he couldn’t do that. But why? That’s the problem.

I like both Susie and Clayton A LOT, so I’m not someone who bashed them before and keeps bashing.

No one forced Clayton to look at all the online negativity. He CHOSE that, which means he made that a bigger priority than the relationship. I’m sad for him, but putting the end of them on these trolls just doesn’t work for me. I disagree. That’s way easier said than done. Because there are messages that both of them got I’m sure that are very positive. Hell, the positive outweighs the negative I’m sure. But do you want the guy to never look at his phone ever again? When you’re the lead, while it’s easy for me or you to sit here and say “Don’t look at it,” that’s frankly impossible without shutting off your phone and never looking at it. You’ve got emails, you’ve got DM’s all day every day. You have to look at them. And you don’t know what they say until you look at them, right? So yeah, telling them not to look at it is not that easy.

Now, what I will say is that while it’s impossible to avoid seeing negative comments if you’re a contestant unless you literally never check the internet ever again, the key is seeing those negative comments, and trying not to let it ruin your day, or week, or month. While I’m sure it bothers you, the goal is to not let it derail you. And you have to be able to compartmentalize it and realize these people are 1) people that don’t know you and 2) people that are so insecure in their own life, that they take pleasure in hiding behind a computer to criticize/demean/troll/throw hate towards you. Once you can get in that mindset, while you’ll still see it, you can get past it quicker. “Wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.”

In other news….

Jesse on BIP simply DOES NOT leer at the females. That’s an absurd and ridiculous charge unless we’re also going to say he leers at the guys.

Comment: I don’t think he does either. Someone brought that up last week and now I’ve been looking for it. Don’t see it at all.


First off, THANK YOU for moving up your daily roundup podcast! Much appreciated. I have not missed a daily round up since you started in July. I love that I get to start my drive to work on the right foot everyday! I think I have an addiction and get pretty cranky if I can’t listen until later in the day. Thanks. What’s funny is today’s Daily Roundup I actually posted accidentally last night because I had originally 10/11 as the publish date. But it was only up for 5 min before I deleted it. I’d just rather have it go up every morning.

Second, I think it is so awesome that you judged Miss Dallas this past weekend! It really shows how supportive and appreciative you are of women and I think that is just wonderful. Your personal growth is beautiful to witness. (I’ve been here since Emily’s season). Thanks. It was a great time and such a learning experience. Had so much fun doing it. And I hate to disappoint certain psychotic IG accounts that are obsessed with me, but no one had a problem with me being there. Gonna have on two of the other judges soon on the podcast, Miss Louisiana USA 2022 and Miss Oklahoma USA 2022 to talk about their experiences in the pageant world. Whether or not they dive into the scandal from 2 weeks ago at Miss USA I’m not sure yet.

Third, I’m curious about your thoughts on the last couple of weeks and the backlash that production has gotten from former contestants coming out and being vocal about how twisted things can get behind the scenes on the show. Do you think this will continue to happen? And if so, what does that mean for the show in the next 2-5 years? I feel like contestants are getting fed up and more and more will start being vocal. That can’t be good for ratings and I believe we will start to see a major drop in ratings as we have already started seeing. It should continue. I hope it does. It’ll be the only way to maybe get production to change their methods. Will they? I guess time will tell. But we’re in unprecedented times.

P.S. One more question – when you tried a beignet, was it freshly fried and hot? or old and cold? Because if it wasn’t at Cafe’ Du Monde in the french quarter right out of the fryer, pippin’ hot, like going to burn your mouth then you need a redo. Just saying!

Keep being awesome!

Comment: Honestly, it was so long ago, I don’t even remember if it was hot or not. I just know I wasn’t the least bit impressed with it.

Just to remind you, Mark Ballas danced with Sadie Robertson when she was 17. I went back and watched some of their dances. Lots of hugging and kissing afterwards, just in a brother and sister kind of way, nothing creepy. Not sure why he’s so standoffish with Charli. Just wanted to remind you he and Sadie were partners and she was younger. Thanks for all you do!

Comment: That’s right. He did have Sadie. And it was before he was married. I went back and watched Week 1 with Charli. Right when they got over to the judges, he kissed her on the head and had his arm around her waist – during the first judges critique. Then he removed his arm around her and never touched her again. So I have no idea what’s going on. Nobody looks at any of the pros and think any embrace is sexual when they’re just standing there getting their scores. But something in Mark’s head you can tell is he’s making a conscious decision to try and not touch or kiss Charli in any way. And it really stands out when everyone else does it. It’s gotta be he’s in a different mindset that he’s married now and just doesn’t feel comfortable doing it.

Hi Steve!

Did you watch the Challenge untold stories yet? If so, I’m curious what you thought about the editing in each episode. After watching all of them, the editing made me feel like Johnny and Nany are gonna win this season. I’m like you with this show; I don’t wanna be spoiled so I’m hoping their editing didn’t spoil it for us.

Thanks for all you do, Steve!

Comment: You know, I mentioned this on the Daily Roundup today, and I didn’t realize there were SIX different episodes. I thought there was just one. But I went to my DVR and saw 6 had recorded. I’ve heard Johnny on podcasts recently promoting this season, and I don’t know any spoilers for Challenge nor do I want to, but it’s clear that they go far this season. He wouldn’t be this excited to promote the season if he was an early eliminatee. Can’t say I’d be shocked if he won.

(1) Not so much a question, just a comment: with how many social media scandals and old posts have impacted contestants (or potential contestants) in the past several years (Garrett- Becca’s season winner, Rachel-Matt’s season winner, Garrett P- Hannah B’s season, Vanessa P- potential contestant this season, etc), I don’t understand why all these people don’t learn to wipe their social media the second they decide to do one of the most popular TV shows in the country. Obviously I know that once you put something out onto the internet, there’s no guarantee that someone won’t screenshot it and use it against you (even 10+ years later), but if today I applied to go on ANY show, the first thing I would do is clear out and delete all my social media and set everything to private (and I don’t even think I have ever posted anything controversial— I would just do that to cover my a** so that nothing could be taken out of context and/or misconstrued). Seems so simple— I just don’t get why anyone that decides to jump into the spotlight (be it on a reality show, in politics, in the media) wouldn’t immediately wipe their social media and start with a completely blank platform. It’s certainly a head shaker every season. You’d think they would. Maybe they don’t realize how easy it is to do. Or how to do it at all.

(2) Bachelor data brought up a good point on her Instagram that it seems there has been a shift in production ever since Elan Gale left (I think Hannah B’s season?). Do you agree? It seems like these past few seasons are so gimmicky and filled with producer stunts and contestant off-air drama. I know you said this show will never go off air as long as it’s winning it’s time-slot demographic target, but something’s gotta give, right? It seems so hard to care about and root for any of the contestants these past few years. What’s caused the shift? While Elan is the most known producer from the past, there are plenty of contestants that didn’t like him who’ve told me so personally. So I don’t think you can clearly pinpoint he’s the reason. He manipulated, lied, and coerced just as much as any other producer. That’s their job. Maybe he just did it better? I don’t know. But just know plenty didn’t like him as well.

(3) I don’t watch dancing with the stars but curious: do the pros in each couple choreograph the dance every week? Do they get to pick their songs/costuming to fit their vision for the dance they are performing, or are there other folks who tell them what the songs/costumes will be for their dance?

Comment: I don’t know the exact process, but the pros definitely have a major say in the choreography. The song is chosen for them, and then the costume is done by the costume designers to fit the song. I do think the pros have help putting the dance together though, it’s not ALL them.

Hey RS,

Caroline Lunny was recently a guest on She’s All Bach as I’m sure you saw. It was a really great interview that I hope a lot of people listen to. Anywho, I was wondering if you knew anything about the part where she said she was seeing someone in Bachelor Nation that was set to go down to Paradise but never did. She made it seem like they werent together anymore due to all the shit she’s had to deal with about her ex. What a loser! Anyway just wondering if you knew who it was.

Comment: Yes, I’ve heard who that was but since they’re not together, I don’t feel the need to put it out there.

Hey Sensei –

Do you believe they should do another Cobra Kai season or was the finale a satisfying walk off homerun? My speculation is they knocked Bad Boy out because he didn’t have the moves. I think there’s still plenty of story to tell. I do think they’re out of cameos from the original show. I just hope it’s not the end of Terry Silver. I loved his performance the last two seasons. What a great villain. I’m kinda sick of Kreese. Terry is much more multi-layered of a villain.

Big Brother – I think Taylor’s pageant training in answering questions helped her big time. Maybe you met future reality contestants at Miss Dallas. While I’d like to think Kyle was top 3 for America’s Favorite as people saw him as someone who made a mistake and was open to learn from it, I believe it was from anti-woke racists (who would deny being racists). Kyle making top 3 said A LOT. And yes, Taylor nailed her answers. With that said, I think she was getting all the votes she got anyway.

Masked Singer – Are you watching this season? I like the format as it probably brings in more contestants who know it is really a 1 show commitment if they are not good. Since season 1, I imagined Barry Williams / Greg Brady begging to be on. I’ve seen the Brady Bunch one and that’s it. Wed nights are my busiest TV night now with Survivor, Real Love Boat, Amazing Race (which I still haven’t even gotten to yet), and now the Challenge beginning tonight.

Analogies for Rachel vs Gabby show outcome: Jan vs Marcia Brady (fictional characters) and Peter Scolari vs Tom Hanks after Bosom Buddies. Ha ha good one.

(Perhaps) overly judgmental views: Feeling like a 38 year old widower father looking to 25/26 year olds as a wife / stepmom is a little creepy and unlikely to be a successful long term outcome. I also don’t think I would go to a doctor who goes on TV and presents themself as a horny f boy / f girl. Yeah, a bit judgmental there. Have you seen Kira’s background. She’s basically a genius. She’s allowed to be horny without discrediting her schooling. Harvard and Wharton School of Business. She’s allowed to have a sex life. I don’t think this is gonna affect her career at all.

Writing this before seeing BIP Tuesday – the additional Salley suitcase shots show someone really finds this bullying / retaliation (for some “wrong” on her part that they perceive) hysterical. When I saw Lace was on, I figured she would be made to look like a fool (e.g. Clare / raccoon) but, so far, it is Salley.

Comment: And it was even worse last night. Why these people were so bothered by someone who was so harmless made no sense to me.

Is Wells really a bully? Was it production’s idea or his own to shame and humiliate Salley?

Comment: It was productions and he participated in it. So he’s certainly guilty by association. He doesn’t get a pass because it wasn’t his idea.

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