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Podcast #308 – Interview with Kate Casey of the “Reality Life” Podcast & (EXCLUSIVE) What Alumni Returned This Season to Possibly Be a Contestant on Zach’s Season (Also in Column)

Another great time with multi-time podcast guest, Kate Casey from the “Reality Life” podcast, joins me to talk a bunch of things – most of which are not Bachelor Nation. The first 45 minutes or so are spent talking about some of the news in the Housewives franchise – Bethenny Frankel strong arming some TikTokes, Cynthia Bailey’s divorce, Teresa Giudice/Melissa Gorga drama – and then talking Netflix documentaries that you may want to watch. After all that, then we discuss her thoughts on BIP, Zach as the Bachelor, contestants speaking out, where the show is going wrong, and much, much more. Also, before the Kate interview, I fill you in on a spoiler from earlier this season during Zach’s filming of what alumni showed up as part of a date then went to the after party trying to get on the show as a contestant and everything surrounding that. That’s also described below if you scroll down. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Kate’s IG handle (@KateCasey) in your replies. Thanks again to Kate for coming on. She’s a plethora of knowledge when it comes to the Housewives franchise and Netflix docs. I definitely want to tune in to a few of those now. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) I begin by telling you what former contestant shows up on Zach’s season first to help out with a date, then crashes the group date after party trying to be one of the contestants. Then Kate joins me (9:20) to discuss Bethenny Frankel strong arming TikTok accounts, Cynthia Bailey/Mike Hill divorce, Netflix documentaries she loves, and we end with Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor talk.

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Today’s Daily Roundup covers some Bachelor news, the Challenge premiere last night, Survivor with their classic edit fakeout, and the same ol’ song and dance with the Dodgers last night.

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So yesterday I sent out this tweet:

Figured I was gonna wait a little longer to fill you in on this when I posted more of the early season spoilers that I have, but, I realized it’s the first date of the season and isn’t a major spoiler to the season so I can do it now. Here’s the details:

-The first group date of the season had 3 alumni that were brought on to attend and sort of “judge” the women in competitions: Victoria Fuller, Courtney Robertson, and Tahzjuan Hawkins.

-The host of the date was rapper Latto, she of the very popular song “Big Energy.” I’m sure if you’ve spent any time on TikTok, or hell even Instagram since so many use it as a background song in their IG stories or Reels, you know who Latto is and/or have heard that song.

-The women were put in different competitions, with one of them being having to tell a story about a time where they had to exert big bitch energy or something like that. The 3 alumni were there to help judge who did well, or something to that effect, but Zach and Latto ended up choosing who the winner was. I don’t know who that was but I’ll find out later.

-Well, either this was already planned before she even got there by production, or Tahzjuan made it known while she was there that she was interested in Zach, but she ended up appearing at the group date after party later that night, seemingly to try and get on Zach’s season.

-Now in the past, anytime someone has joined the show after night 1 (minus Nick on Kaitlyn’s season), they’re usually met with a “Hey, it wouldn’t be fair to the other women, I’ve already established relationships etc (Shawntel on Ben’s season, Heather on Matt’s season, etc). But this was the first date of the season. So I don’t know exactly what Zach’s reasoning was, I just know that Tahzjuan didn’t continue on after that night.

-Since this was the first date of the season, this will happen in episode 2.

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