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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 6 Thoughts, Michael & Danielle Answers, & Your Daily Roundup

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Still a few days removed from the Dodgers getting bounced in the baseball playoffs – again – earlier than expected and the sting is still there. You read all these stats and you just shake your head at another failed postseason by them. Despite the 4th most wins in MLB history, despite a run differential of +334 runs the best in MLB since 1906, somehow this teams postseason run lasted shorter than a positive COVID test quarantine. 12 runs in 4 games isn’t gonna do it boys. Neither is a pitching philosophy based on analytics and statistics rather than a feel for the game. Anyone who watched Saturday’s elimination game knows Tyler Anderson should’ve gone out for the 6th inning at least. These bookworms are killing the Dodgers and have been since taking over the team. 9 failures in the last 10 postseasons isn’t telling enough already, they keep doubling down on their outdated philosophy. But hey, go get em’ next years guys. That’s the year it’ll work, right? It’s bad enough baseball in general doesn’t let pitchers pitch anymore, the Dodgers have to take it to the extreme. Ok, I’m done ranting. Until next postseason I’m sure, when it happens again.

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Your Daily Roundup is up now up which covers last night’s BIP, answers why Michael & Danielle weren’t part of the switch (and won’t be moving forward), Bachelor filming news, Kelley & Peter hard launching, DWTS, & that crazy ophthalmologist TikTok story.

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Guess what? We have a new teachers pet on BIP this season in case you didn’t know. His name is Michael Allio and the whole show basically bows down and caters to his every need. Does he have naked pictures of production or something? Holy shit, could they make it more obvious how much they’re basically letting him play by one set of rules while everyone else plays by another. First, lets discuss this whole notion of Michael playing the “woe is me” card and saying over and over that he’s going home, love didn’t work out for him, yada yada yada. It was just laid on so thick it was overkill. You didn’t even have to know the spoiler to know that someone was about to get brought on that beach specifically for Michael. They made it SO obvious, and shit, I’m sure Michael even knew deep down Danielle was coming on. They admitted they’d spoken pre-show. Did he really NOT think she was coming at all? I highly doubt it.

In terms of the question most of you asked me last night at the end of the episode, which was “Where were Michael and Danielle during the switch,” the answer is they were on their date when Jesse spoke to the group and the switch happened. Not all that surprising, BUT, even when they get back from the date, because Michael is this season’s teachers pet, they STILL don’t have to participate in the switch. That’s right. When you see them come back from their date tonight, Danielle doesn’t have to go off with the other women to the hotel. She stays on the beach with Michael and the new 5 women that were brought on. Why? Because apparently they’re considering Danielle as part of the “new” group of woman. Hey, whatever fits your narrative, but good Lord. The amount of favoritism being given to these two this season sure is overwhelming.

And look, Michael and Danielle are still together to this day, so it’s all worked out for them. I don’t think anyone is angry or upset they’re together. It’s more about them getting to play by different rules than everyone else and, seemingly, their whole relationship was mapped out by the show before this thing even started filming. It’s not hard to see that. Nothing about them screams “organic.” For those who remember back in the day, this is literally Kentucky Joe and Samantha all over again, except Joe got the villain edit for it. He was dating, making out with, and all over Juelia knowing that Samantha was coming in, then dropped Juelia in a heartbeat. Say what you want about how Michael handled doing the same thing to Sierra, but he basically did the same thing. Spent every day with her, we saw numerous shots of them on the day bed, kissing, arm in arm, then he tells her somethings just missing. Are we supposed to believe that sentiment just came completely out of the blue and had nothing to do with knowing Danielle was coming down to the beach at some point? C’mon. It’s way too convenient for him to abruptly cut it off with Sierra and a day or two later Danielle magically appears. You know who also is well aware of how convenient that is? Sierra. You see her tweets from last night?

If you can’t read between the lines, that’s ALL about Michael and how what he said to her isn’t adding up with what he was saying the second Danielle arrived. Again, no one is shitting on Michael and Danielle’s relationship. We know it’s been 4 months and they’re still together. And we know a reunion show taping is coming up on Nov. 4th. I have no idea what’s gonna happen, but is it really far fetched to think that maaaaaaaybe we could see a proposal now that they’ve been seeing each other in the real world since June and she’s met his son? I think all most people are saying is Michael should at least address this either privately to Sierra (which clearly he hasn’t done), or just post something online explaining the whole situation, because a lot of people think it reeks. I mean, I think we know what the answer is, and that’s that Danielle was who he came for, he knew she was coming and Sierra was someone he liked but knew she wasn’t long term because of Danielle’s arrival. It’d just be nice if addressed and/or admitted it. But that’ll never happen. Just want people to think outside the box here and while Michael and Danielle are a serious thing and have been since June, lets just not forget it was at the expense of someone else. Sierra is actually being nice in those tweets based on the things I’ve heard.

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