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“Reader Emails,” More on Michael & Danielle, Cassie Speaks on Colton Coming Out, & Your Daily Roundup

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Man, the editing of this season of BIP is so wonky. It’s like every episode takes on a new theme. For a few of the episodes, we’ve clearly had them focus on one individual or a couple. Genevieve had an episode where she dominated the screen time, Ashley & Jared dominated last week, Michael dominated on Monday, and then last night it wasn’t one person, but it was the same theme over and over and over. And that was, lets show one couple on the beach getting to know each other and/or making out, then intersperse that with clips from the hotel where the woman in the “relationship” with the guy is miserable and crying over him. It’s ok to show it for a minute or two, but they harped on it SO much, it got old. Saw it with Jill while Jacob is tonguing down Kate while she straddles him, we see it with Lace as Rodney is on a date with Eliza, etc. It was all a bit too much and I wish they would’ve spent less time on it. We get the picture. And it made the women look desperate, which I don’t believe they are. But they’re basically forcing them to be, which is never a good look.

Today’s Daily Roundup covers last night’s BIP, Casa Amor not quite working as expected, Jared & Ashley speak on Michael & Danielle, Cassie gives thoughts on Colton coming out, & DWTS thoughts.

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Ashley & Jared addressed the Michael & Danielle relationship during an interview with US Weekly yesterday, and here’s what they said:

“I’m for Danielle and Michael. I think at the end of the day, Sierra is a fantastic person and I love her so much. From what we gathered when we were down on the beach, it was more so that Michael, maybe, didn’t feel it with Sierra,” Jared told Us Weekly exclusively on Tuesday, October 18. “It was more about his connection with Sierra than it was, ‘He’s not ready for a relationship.’”

Ashley agreed. “And initially, like, before we got to talk to Michael about that, I was like, ‘Oh, I guess he’s leaving too because he’s probably realizing that this is not for him.’ But then the next day, we talked to him, and he was like, ‘No, it’s not that. It’s just that I knew that that wasn’t going to be a long-term thing,’” she said.

Which no one is really disputing or having an issue with. It’s clear to us Michael wasn’t into Sierra for the long term. But the fact she’s still tweeting about it 4 months later, I think the way he told her, and maybe what he was telling her before he blindsided her, is showing that maybe he wasn’t as transparent as what he thought he was being. The other thing that Jared fails to address is, while he has every right to feel that way about Sierra, what people are having an issue with is the fact that there’s been no acknowledgement that maybe Michael’s feelings changed BECAUSE he knew Danielle was coming on the beach and was just holding out for her. Anyone who says that didn’t play a role at all isn’t being objective. I think it’s pretty clear that played a role, if not a major one.

Cassie spoke about Colton coming out for the first time earlier this week. The only other time she even addressed it was on Kaitlyn’s podcast, but all she talked about was saying she found out when all of us did. This was her first response to him coming out as gay:

“I’m very happy that he is you know is at peace with himself and not carrying that burden anymore, of course,” she explained. “It was a very just overall hard time for me, so I feel like there was just one thing after another and I was just extremely overwhelmed with everything going on.”

There are plenty of people out there who can’t seem to separate Colton harrassing Cassie and her having to file a TRO against him versus his struggle with his sexuality. The two of them aren’t the same. It’s ok to say you have empathy for Colton and how much he struggled with his sexuality for probably most of his life, especially in the public eye. That’s not, I repeat NOT, mean you dismiss what he did to Cassie. Yet there are plenty of people who seem to think that way. Sorry, but saying you empathize with Colton regarding his sexuality struggle does not make you a Colton apologist. People are so scared to say one positive thing, or show any sign of support for Colton’s struggle with coming out because they think that means they are ok with what he did to Cassie. They aren’t mutually exclusive. You can feel sorry for his struggles and be completely bothered by him stalking Cassie. You should be. But here’s Cassie, THE ONE HE STALKED AND HAD TO FILE A TRO AGAINST, and even she’s saying she’s happy he’s at peace with himself. So if she can say it, we all can say it. If you don’t have empathy for his struggles with his sexuality for years, then there’s something wrong with you.

Your screen time from last night has been broken down by @BachelorData and we have a new leader in the clubhouse: Lace!

Reader Emails begins on Page 2…

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