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Bachelor in Paradise

  • Bachelor in Paradise

    “Bachelor in Paradise” Finale Recap

    For whatever reason, my Twitter app on my phone was down for about 3 hours last night during the show, hence the reason I wasn’t live tweeting. I had gotten back from Vegas in plenty of time, so, I was ready to live tweet. Not sure what happened. Probably purposely done by Apple so I’d go out and buy the new Iphone6. Hey Apple, no need to do that. I’m gonna buy it anyway I’m sure. For whatever it’s worth, had a great time in Vegas for the bachelor party. Fun catching up with friends and a lot of funny moments throughout the weekend. Including the douchenozzle in the sportsbook who told me that, “Mandalay Bay was made for their pools. The pools make way more money than the sportsbook does.” Ummmm, might be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. The pools make more money than the sportsbook? You sure about that, big guy? Probably not. And another shout out to the group sitting in front … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise

    Reader Emails & Jesse’s Apology

    Well look at this. The season isn’t quite over yet and already the “Reader Emails” is practically running on empty. Usually I get between 40-50 emails for this column on any given week and this week I didn’t even get to 30. But usually that’s the way it works as we get closer to the end of the season. Oh well. Enjoy what you have today since there’s only one more “Reader Email” column for a while. No Spreecast tonight as I’m leaving soon to head to Vegas. So for those sports fans that are asking, I’m gonna go with the Packers tonight and take the points. I know it’s sacrilegious to bet against the defending Super Bowl Champions at home on opening night, and only twice has the season opener been lost by the home team, but screw it. I’m playing contrarian tonight since basically everyone and their mothers thinks Seattle will win. And they most certainly can. But that’s why it’s called gambling. If someone knew … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise

    “Bachelor in Paradise” Episode 6 Recap

    Those that have read my site over the years know that this weekend is an annual tradition for me. Vegas for opening weekend of NFL season, so that means no Spreecast this Thursday night, but there will be a “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” column up on Thursday morning, so get your emails in today and tomorrow. It’s a little light right now. However, this weekend has actually turned into a bachelor party as well as one of my friends from middle school is getting married in November, and he figured lets turn this into a bachelor party weekend. Hey, fine by me. Don’t need to twist my arm. And yes, that officially makes me the last of the Mohicans. The only one in my inner circle to not be married. Everyone coming this weekend is married. And has kids. Womp Wooooooommmmp. There are few things in life I enjoy more than 10:00am Sunday morning in the sportsbook for the first week of NFL when all the … Continue reading

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