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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 10 Thoughts, Jesse Palmer is Your New “Bachelor” Host, & Some Info on Clayton’s Women

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So I did get an update from yesterday regarding Luka and the son I didn’t even know she had. Basically, Luka, her sister (Lotus), and her son (Buster), were rescued from a backyard breeder. The person who rescued them decided to keep Buster for themselves, and gave Luka and Lotus to the Humane Society that I ended up adopting Luka from. So Buster was never put through the Humane Society system, hence the reason I never saw him or knew about him. Now it makes more sense. I’ll be meeting Buster and his adopted parents at this reunion on Sunday. Thanks to those who emailed in yesterday with your suggestions regarding Luka meeting her son that she hasn’t seen in at least 3 years. It should be interesting and I will definitely try to record as much as I can. They want them on leash the whole time so I’m sure that’ll make Luka even more bothered that she can’t get out and run around. But we’ll see once we’re there how it’s all going. I’m looking forward to it.

Something else I was looking forward to sharing with you all today was everything I’d gathered on the Salley Carson situation from Clayton’s season. However, if you saw my tweet yesterday, you know now that it’s a moot point. Salley never made final cast so she didn’t appear for the limo entrances last night at the mansion. So allllll that drama that came with her being set to be married this past Sunday, being on her bachelorette party a month ago, yet set to be on this season is now all for naught. She’s not on Clayton’s season as a contestant. We know when they release the potential cast, usually 3-5 don’t end up making it. With Michelle’s guys, they released 35 and only 30 of them made it. So with 33 women being released for Clayton’s season, I’d say probably 3 aren’t gonna end up making it, and Salley is one of those three. She’s already home.

The other big story from yesterday was it was officially announced by ABC that former “Bachelor,” former host of “The Proposal,” current host of “The Ultimate Surfer,” and current ESPN college football analyst Jesse Palmer has been named the new host of the “Bachelor.” Again, because ABC likes to play coy, we have no idea if it’s just for this season or what. All it said was he’s hosting the next “Bachelor.” Doesn’t mean he’s not the full time host going forward. Doesn’t mean he is. We don’t know. What I’ve heard and I’ve been saying for the last month, was that they were looking for a new permanent full-time host to replace Chris Harrison. I highly doubt Jesse is gonna be a one season host. That doesn’t make a lot of sense. I would think he’s definitely the Bachelor/ette host, with BIP in question.

So this tracks with what I was hearing and what I’ve been reporting for the last month. I was told they wanted a new permanent host, it would be a solo host, and it would be a guy. Told you it wasn’t Wells, and I wasn’t hearing any former contestant names. Jesse was the name that kept coming up, but I never got the confirmation I needed it was him. And now we know it is. The question I have now is in the press release announcing him yesterday, it said he’s still doing his ESPN job. How is that possible? He has to be in studio in Connecticut every Saturday. That clearly can’t happen if he’s gotta be in LA at the mansion for rose ceremonies these first few episodes. And then when they start traveling, how does that work? I guess we’ll find out more, but, my guess would be he’s off college football on Saturdays – at least once travel starts. I guess it’s possible as long as a rose ceremony doesn’t fall on a Saturday he could be in Bristol, CT on Saturdays then fly back to LA when he needs to be.

With Clayton’s women being announced on Saturday, here are there full names and IG accounts:

So with all the women out there now, I’ve had a few days to gather info on them. Not dirt (which plenty has come in on), but rather bits of information about them that you may find interesting. Or not. But nonetheless, here are some things about the women you may not know:

-As far as I know, we have two mothers this season: Lindsay Dobbs and Claire Heiling. Lindsay has a daughter, Kollier. And Claire has a son who’s about 5 or 6.

-Gabby Windey is a former Broncos cheerleader who now works as a registered nurse and was featured on GMA during the pandemic:

-Shanae Ankey is good friends with Urban Meyer’s daughters, Nikki and Gigi. For her sake, I hope the stink of the Jaguars doesn’t rub off on her.

-Daria Rose has quite the backstory having lost her home in Hurricane Sandy, then getting accepted to 7 Ivy League schools.

-Mentioned this in tweets last week before the full cast list came out:

-And speaking of pageants, we have a recent champion on our hands. Susie Evans was Miss VA USA 2020. She didn’t place top-16 in Miss USA that year.

As the season goes on and I find out more tidbits, I’ll pass them along. And yes, I’ve already been sent plenty of negative info about a lot of Clayton’s women. Golddigger, sleeps around, only there for clout and followers, cheater, mean girl, has a boyfriend who’s letting her go on the show, blah blah blah. Same things I hear every single season. But unless I hear it becomes a storyline on the show, it’s not something I’m going to cover. But you know who will? All the IG accounts that post things without verifying and for years got mad at me for posting negative info about the contestants. Kinda hypocritical, no? Hell, they already did it with Salley, and she didn’t even end up making final cast. So I fully expect them to post every single bit of tea they get on any of the other contestants. Granted, they will have not looked into any of the info to verify it, nor will they even check the source. But hey, don’t let facts get in the way of a narrative. Yes, I’m fully aware I used to do the same thing. Emphasis on “used to.” Since Katie’s season started, I haven’t posted one story I’ve heard negatively about any of her or Michelle’s guys, and there’s been PLENTY I’ve been sent.

Your BIP recap begins on Page 2…



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