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“Reader Emails,” BIP Ratings, Clayton’s Filming in Houston, Tyler C. on SNL, & (EXCLUSIVE) Where Are They Headed for Clayton’s Overnights & Final Rose Ceremony

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Quite a few things to get to today before we hit your “Reader Emails,” which was a bit low this week. Kind of expected since there were no shows this week, and, I didn’t put out a reminder IG post until yesterday. It’s ok. A few things to talk about like BIP ratings which we never went over, Jesse Palmer makes the “official” announcement, Tyler Cameron on SNL, Becca & Thomas ring theory, and more updates on Clayton’s season currently filming, including an exclusive on where overnights and the final rose ceremony will be. Because I’m fascinated by all things media related, and being a huge college football fan, the Jesse Palmer stuff interests me. When he was announced as the new “Bachelor” host, it said that ESPN had signed him to a new 3 year contract extension. And last week I told you I thought it’d be interesting to see if he did his regular Saturday appearance since rose ceremony #3 was last Friday night, and how he’d make it to ESPN in Connecticut for all day broadcasting. Well, it didn’t happen. He wasn’t on this past Saturday. And considering the show is now traveling basically through the week before Thanksgiving, my guess is Jesse will no longer be in studio on Saturdays. Maybe they’ll do some remote shots of him. But him in studio with Matthew Berry and Joey Galloway I can’t imagine is happening until “Bachelor” filming is done. I’ll keep an eye out.

And in kind of a weird post yesterday, the first mention by anyone associated with the franchise that Clayton is our new “Bachelor” came from Jesse on his Instagram. This is what he posted:

I mean, we all know Clayton is the “Bachelor” since they’re now shooting episode 4 and plenty of pics have gotten out. But to have “announced” on IG by the brand new host was just something they’ve never done before.

I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now, but Tyler Cameron appeared on SNL this past weekend hosted by Kim Kardashian. If you haven’t, here it is:

No major speaking part, but still, it’s SNL. Every time they’ve done a parody of the show, it’s always been of the “Bachelor.” This time, to do it with a “Bachelorette” and have all those random celebs and athletes as the men competing for Kim was pretty funny. She was way better than I thought she’d be. Some good sketches this weekend. I think I liked “People’s Kourt” the best. And the video of the 40 year old women at the club.

One thing I’ve got asked a lot this week is about the IG stories of Thomas and Becca where Thomas seemingly has a band on a his ring finger and people asking if they’re married. I mean, c’mon. Lets think before we immediately jump to a conclusion like that. Do we really think that Becca, who’s already had two failed engagements from this show, is going to choose to NOT get engaged on BIP for that very reason, but then just haul off and get married secretly to a guy she’s known for 3 months AND accidentally give it away in an IG story without any mention to the entertainment sites covering it? Uhhhhhhh, no. They’re not married. It’s just a band.

One thing I never covered during this season of BIP was the ratings. It’d been two years since the show was on due to the pandemic, but, you can clearly see that that didn’t draw a bunch of fans back in. Although, just like almost all of network TV, numbers are down across the board. But just to compare and contrast, here were the ratings for every episode of the last 2 seasons of BIP. Couple things to note here:

1) BIP 6 always ran Mon/Tues episodes, whereas BIP 7’s last 5 episodes were all on Tuesday’s, which is not a night that this fanbase is used to for the franchise. I’m sure we’ll see the same downtrend for Michelle’s ratings starting next week due to it being on Tuesday’s. You can just see that Tuesday’s never bring in a bigger number than Monday.

2) BIP 7’s last two episodes were both 3 hours, something BIP 6 never had. And a three hour is show is inevitably going to bleed viewers during that 180 minutes. Hence the reason the last 2 episodes this season were basically the two least watched. That viewership is an average of each three 1 hr block.


Ep 1 (Mon) 3.0 million viewers (.9 rating)
Ep 2 (Mon) 3.2 million (1.0 rating)
Ep 3 (Tues) 2.65 million (.8 rating)
Ep 4 (Mon) 3.23 million (.9 rating)
Ep 5 (Tues) 2.59 million (.6 rating)
Ep 6 (Mon) 2.98 million (.8 rating)
Ep 7 (Tues) 3.0 million (.8 rating)
Ep 8 (Tues) 3.04 million (.9 rating)
Ep 9 (Tues) 3.04 million (.8 rating)
Ep 10 (Tues – 3 hrs) 2.69 million (.7 rating)
Ep 11 (Tues – 3 hrs) 2.8 million (.7 rating)


Ep 1 (Mon) 4.36 million (1.3 rating)
Ep 2 (Tues) 3.5 million (1.1 rating)
Ep 3 (Mon) 4.3 million (1.2 rating)
Ep 4 (Tues) 4.07 million (1.2 rating)
Ep 5 (Mon) 4.78 million (1.3 rating)
Ep 6 (Tues) 4.1 million (1.1 rating)
Ep 7 (Mon) 4.59 million (1.2 rating)
Ep 8 (Tues) 3.95 million (1.1 rating)
Ep 9 (Mon – Labor Day) 4.07 million (1.1 rating)
Ep 10 (Tues) 4.04 million (1.0 rating)
Ep 11 (Mon) 5.26 million (1.4 rating)
Ep 12 (Tues – Finale) 4.14 million (1.1 rating)
Ep 12 (Tues – Reunion) 4.39 million (1.3 rating)

In case you’ve missed my updates on Twitter the last few days, I’ve been posting some things about Clayton’s filming. Here are the places they’re headed through Hometowns:

One update to this. Yesterday I was told something in regards to filming in Canada actually being in Toronto and not Vancouver. I’m still looking into it and will update if/when I can confirm it. But they’re definitely going to Canada after they leave Houston, which will be Friday. And it would make more sense to head to Europe from Toronto than Vancouver, but I guess we’ll see.

They’re currently filming in Houston this week as there was a 1-on-1 Monday, a group date yesterday at NRG Stadium involving some of the Texans players, so I’m assuming it was another flag football date like they did on Peter’s season in Cleveland. The Texans starting center Justin Britt is a former teammate of Clayton’s at the University of Missouri, so I’m sure he was part of it. The cast and crew are staying at the C Baldwin Curio Collection by Hilton on Dallas St. The Houston rose ceremony tomorrow night is being filmed on the rooftop of The Post, a new structure in Houston that doesn’t even open til next month.

If you wanna see what Clayton looks like working out before the date, well, here you go:

And finally, I was able to find out where overnights and the final rose ceremony are being held. Considering they’re going to Austria and Croatia this season, it makes sense they’d be going here:

Clayton’s overnights and final rose ceremony will be in Iceland.

Couple things here: these were the locations I heard they were headed for Clare’s season before the pandemic hit. And this is the second time they’ve been to Iceland. Last time they were there was during Ali’s season. That’s where they had the infamous 2-on-1 date with Rated R Rego and Kasey where Kasey got left on the glacier. So we’re back to normal travel on the show, hence the reason why more info has gotten out. No pictures of dates have surfaced from Houston yet, which is a bit surprising, other than a group video I got of the women doing there “Welcome to Houston” intro. But again, it’s pretty far away, and they’re all bunched up and I can’t tell who is who. Too far away and not the greatest quality. Maybe something will get out on today’s 1-on-1 date. And maybe we’ll get something once they’re in Canada. However, once they head overseas, don’t expect much. That’s hit or miss. Occasionally a picture or video might show up, but, people in those countries are less likely to know what’s being filmed, and even if they see it, posting it to social media happens far less than in the U.S.

“Reader Emails” begins on Page 2…

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