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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 10 Thoughts, Jesse Palmer is Your New “Bachelor” Host, & Some Info on Clayton’s Women

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-Once we got through that drama and the rose ceremony, it was time for our last two arrivals of the season. First one up was Anna, who was the meme Queen from Matt’s season with her “she is entertaining men for money” quote. TikTok had a field day with it, she was crucified over it all season, Matt sent her home because of it, then she owned up to it at the WTA. So clearly this was her shot at a redemption coming down to Paradise. And the Anna we saw last night was nothing like the Anna we saw during Matt’s season. Was self depricating, self aware, and just nothing like how she came across on Matt’s season. So she basically doesn’t have many guys to pick from since all are coupled up, but she ends up taking James. And whaddya’ know? Another date where producers thought a sexually themed date around food was a good idea. These two roll around in cinnamon and sugar as human churros. God these dates suck. But they make out at the end and Tia’s vagina is getting a little worried.

-Mykenna now arrives and she’s got even LESS pickings than Anna did. I know a lot of you ask why these people would even come in this late knowing you barely have any options, and the answer is, TV can be an addicting drug. Not to mention, sometimes it’s out of their hands. Anna and Mykenna were in Mexico longer than they probably expected sitting in a hotel waiting to come on. I’m sure they were lied to and told they’d be brought on earlier, but they weren’t. And they have no say in when they come on. Mykenna was part of that party where 3 of the 4 women ended up getting on (Alayah being the only one that didn’t), but she also came on after Chelsea and Alana did which made her options barely none. So either the show reboots the whole format and you don’t have people arriving so late where everyone’s basically already coupled up, or, this is what you’re gonna get every season. Nothing we saw with Anna and Mykenna having to deal with slim pickings is anything different that we’ve seen from previous seasons. This always happens.

-Mykenna is interested in Aaron, she asks him out, he says “yeah, can we talk real quick,” everyone’s confused, and he tells her he’s not in a great head space to go on a date. This makes Mykenna cry. Now, I was trying to figure out why she was so sad. Was it because she got rejected? Was it because she feels like she came on so late and now she’s regretting it? Was it because she felt like she wasn’t gonna get a date? I mean, Anna barely had any choices, and while James said yes to her, I didn’t get the sense that Anna would’ve cried staring out into the ocean wanting to leave if he didn’t. Mykenna HAD to have known coming on the show dead last that the chances of her ending up with someone were slim and none, right? She has every right to be sad, I was just curious as to the why? Maybe she was embarrassed and realized she never should’ve come on? Just thinking out loud here.

-Being a child of the 80’s, probably my favorite part of this whole season was the 80’s themed prom. Although, I’m still confused as to why Wells decided to change his voice and talk like announcer guy at prom. Why didn’t he just talk like he normally does? Anyway, I found it hilarious they were slow dancing to Foreigner, and outside of Kenny, Ed, and Grocery Joe, I can’t imagine any of those other contestants, if you asked them the name of the song or who sang it, could’ve answered “I Wanna Know What Love Is” by Foreigner. No way. I know you may find this hard to believe, but I was not crowned Prom King. You can pick your jaws up off the floor now. I thought they were gonna have a laundry list of superlatives to give out. They did 3 – Best Kisser (of toes), Biggest Flirt, and Most Likely to Live Happily Ever After, which was a total foreshadowing of what they knew was coming.

-We know Noah and Abigail have been together post show, and watching that “break up” last night clearly seemed producer driven to me. We see this every season essentially where a couple that seems to be fine, one of them just breaks it off and they get back together post show, then you ask “Why’d they even break up on the show?” I kinda have the same thoughts on Noah and Abigail. Considering they got back together fairly soon after leaving Mexico, it kinda seems like Noah was maybe urged or pushed in that direction to end things with Abigail for dramatic purposes. Kevin did it to Astrid, then they were back together within a week of filming ended and now they’re pregnant. Joe did the same thing to Kendall in season 6. Becca does it to Thomas next week. These aren’t coincidental. It’s clear production has their storylines of what they want on the show, and for whatever reason, every season they’ll pick one or two couples and get in one of their ears to get them to break up on the show. These breakups I just mentioned (that all got back together post show) are just not because the person doesn’t see a future. High pressure situation, a producers in your ear, and you act on impulse. That’s 4 x in the last two seasons it’s happened. Again, not coincidental.

Can’t wait for 3 more hours next week. Ugh.

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