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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 10 Thoughts, Jesse Palmer is Your New “Bachelor” Host, & Some Info on Clayton’s Women

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-We began with the conclusion to the Aaron/Ivan fight which consisted of them repeating themselves over and over and over again. In case you missed it, this was their fight:


Yep, that’s basically what I could gather. From what was shown to us, Ivan lied. He told the group, and specified to Aaron the reason he spoke to Chelsea in the first place was because she grabbed him. Then the show made sure re-show the clip of Ivan and Chelsea at the bar where he asked if he could speak to her and, well, that basically blew up his whole story. But that was just the pre-cursor of what was to come.

-At the rose ceremony once everyone’s lined up, Wells asks to pull Ivan aside and they go talk. It’s during this talk where we find out what happened during the overnight where they had to shut down during the hurricane, and it’s what I told you last week. Somehow Ivan got a hold of what room # Alexa was in (we find out it was because a producer left his phone in Ivan’s room with all the room assignments? Uh, ok), he went to her room and stayed there a few hours. Now, while Ivan broke the rules (although we’ve never known there to be any rules on this show), this thing was way overblown. Ivan isn’t an awful person because he went and talked to someone that wasn’t on the show yet. Yes, I’m sure the fact that he mingled with someone who wasn’t yet even on screen was a no-no, and maybe they were specifically told to go to their rooms and not interact with each other – sure, then rules were broken. But we as an audience were still never told exactly what Ivan did that was wrong.

-Why not just explain to the audience last night through Wells that contestants were told not to go to anyone else’s room during the night? Simple, to the point, and we’d get why Ivan was in trouble. But they never explained any of that. It was just “understood” that because Ivan went to Alexa’s room to hang out for a few hours, I guess that was a no-no? But if we the audience aren’t told what rule he broke, how are we supposed to understand what the big deal is here? Is it because he went to someone else’s room? Is it because he went to someone else’s room who wasn’t on the show yet? Whatever the case, I’m sorry, but this situation was totally overblown. In terms of “scandals” on this show, this ranked near the bottom. If he broke a rule, then fine, I agree he shouldn’t have been allowed to continue. But to put it on your audience to just think they’d know exactly what he did wrong was a mistake. Wells should’ve told him, “You can’t continue on the show because ____________.” I mean, we can guess why, but they could’ve been much clearer as to why he had to be removed, and it wouldn’t have been a big deal. Sucks for him, sucks for Alexa who now can’t come on the show (again, why not since all she was doing was accommodating someone who came to her room. Why does she get punished for Ivan’s lack of judgment?), but this whole thing was honestly pretty stupid. Ivan should be criticized more for lying to everyone about the Chelsea conversation when there was clear footage of it than this silly “scandal.”

-Rose ceremony time. 8 women and now 11 guys left.

Serena to Joe
Abigail to Noah
Marisa to Riley
Mari to Kenny
Becca to Thomas
Chelsea to Aaron
Natasha to Ed
Tia to James

So Blake, Demar, and Dr. Joe are sent home. It pretty much came down to those last two roses. Natasha was deciding between Ed, Demar, and Dr. Joe, and Tia was deciding between James and Blake. I think we pretty much knew who each one was picking. Tia decided not to listen to her vagina and went with the safe pick and Natasha went with Ed when Dr. Joe was clearly in the friend zone and I don’t really remember her hitting it off with Demar. I guess Chelsea could’ve given her rose to Demar? Maurissa? Hell I already forgot. The fact that this was 3 hours last night had me losing brain cells.

-Speaking of that, did I hear correctly that the finale next week is also 3 hours long? Geez. We know Michelle’s season starts on Oct. 19th. And next week’s finale is the 5th. Is there something airing on the 12th non Bachelor related that couldn’t be moved? If these last two episodes are 6 hours total but only 2 episodes, why couldn’t they just make last night 2 hours, next week 2 hours, and the 12th be a 2 hour finale? Back-to-back 3 hour episodes to end the season (if I heard that correctly), just seems like way too much. Especially with so much filler happening AND no reunion show. Shoot me.



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