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“Reader Emails,” Victoria & Greg Confirmed in Italy, Deux Moi Gets Called Out by Hailey Bieber & Your Daily Roundup

Curious if you think producers are happy with their idea to move the OG’s to the hotel, and if they’d do it again. The optics don’t look good for anyone: the weepy girls at the hotel look desperate, the guys at the beach so quickly jumping ship look like d-bags, and the new girls coming in with aggressive attitudes saying they don’t care if they’re wrecking relationships makes them look like… well, fill in the blank. It’s also not a positive visual of the hotel girls who are entertaining the new guys, when 24 hours ago, they were totally committed – or at least, that’s the edit producers wanted us to believe.

The new hotel guys even said this wasn’t the Paradise they’d signed up for. All of the original beach players did what they were asked to do… show up, make connections and put their heart into it. Producers are now placing them in a situation that breaks their hearts WHILE tarnishing their image… and the viewer experience. I would think twice about coming on next year’s show if this is how they’re treating folks psycologically. And as a viewer, why buy into a romance storyline, when you see how manipulated it’s going to be 2 weeks later. That’s a waste of time for all.

I’ll admit, some of the original beach relationships weren’t going to go the distance… but watching this manipulation… and everyone look either desperate, or like trash, isn’t enjoyable. Females were manipulated. Males were manipulated. Viewers were manipulated… and IMHO, all beyond the norm that you point out, happens weekly. The day all the hotel folks were hanging at the pool… and it was dull didn’t surprise me in the least. I’m sure that wasn’t fun for them to shoot, nor produce, nor us to watch. Boring!

Comment: Yet they keep going back for more. They love it. Until they get a bad edit, then they don’t. That Hollywood bug can be quite vicious.

Love the added Challenge content. I’m a long time challenge and bachelor fan with very little other reality show knowledge!

I recently discovered a challenge stats account who does similar content to Suzanne at Bachelor Data. They are called “challengestats” on Instagram and I see that bachelordata is following that account!

I hope the Johnny and Nanny thing is just a red herring. Remember Leroy’s last season before retiring? They kept on giving the story line to show how perfect it would be if he finally got a championship and won that season — but he didn’t win.

Comment: Yes, I’ve seen Challenge Stats before and love it. Granted, it’s tougher for me to remember stuff that happened on those seasons so it comes in very handy at times. I wish they’d do screen time stuff like @BachelorData.

Hey Steve,

I listen to the Daily Roundup every day. It’s a great addition to your podcast! Just curious, what is the point of having the people from Bachelor Australia? Is someone really going to make a connection and move here or there for “their person”? It just seems ridiculous. Viewers are also not invested in these people, so who really cares about their storyline. Just my 2 cents.

Comment: Yeah, who knows. Maybe some people cancelled and they thought it’d be a good idea. But clearly unless either of those two had any plans to move to the states, it was clear they were just brought on for filler. They’ve barely gotten any camera time and I’m pretty sure neither leaves the beach in a relationship. And yes, I see your point. You’re not being mean, but it’s true, who cares about their story? We know nothing about them or their history with the franchise.

I was watching “The Midnight Club” on Netflix– the new horror/teeny series that came out for Halloween basically. Elan Gale was in the credits.. is he out of the reality TV world? Not saying you follow his career exclusively or care, lol. Just didn’t realize he was anything other than an FBoy island type.

Comment: I know he’s moved on to doing Netflix shows and the only reality one he does is FBoy. He’s gotten more into scripted stuff from what I’ve seen.

Hi Steve!

I gotta say I miss the old you, (gotta love me some tea) but totally respect the Steve you’ve been the past year and a half. Just curious…the “old me” meaning what?

To my question:

Why don’t you ever talk about Hell’s Kitchen?! The show cracks me up and I feel like your recap/following it would be so fun to listen to!
Or maybe I’m just behind the times haha!

Hope I get an answer to this!

Comment: I don’t talk about Hell’s Kitchen because I’ve never seen :03 seconds of it. Just not a show I watch. I really only talk about the shows I watch. Of course I’ll have a Kardashian take here and there or a Housewives opinion on occasion, but it’s usually not from anything that happened in any episode because I’ve never watched either. Unless it’s from a clip I see, or something I read that transcribes a clip, I’ll only talk about the shows that I watch because at least my opinion is coming from a place of knowledge.


You called it, and I do wish I would have listened but I’m pretty over Bachelor in Paradise. But I love your spoilers. Rock/hard place. Even before you started your podcasts I liked your snarky take on a show that I would watch and make predictions with my sister, and kinda eyeroll at even though I’m a hopeless romantic. I’ve said it before I might just be outgrowing the show that never changes because there are better shows out there now.

Shows I love are Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, Tough as Nails and I watched The US Challenge this summer. (PS I know you don’t like spoilers for other shows but you got me twice on the daily podcast for The Challenge, geez Steve) I don’t know anything about The Real Love Boat but I just did not want some other thing to watch. I’m also behind on the Amazing Race but I have been moved to tears watching that show and I also watch the Canadian version. I think you should watch it even if it’s weeks from now.

I listened to Tino’s interview and had to eat my words when I previously said run Aven about Rachel, he owned the cheating. Too bad they didn’t get a happy ending. I was wondering if you would listen to the podcast based on your feelings on Nick. I listen to him only occasionally, can’t say he’s up there for me. Not a diss but it’s hard for me to listen to a lisp for long periods of time. (Maybe it’s the former teacher in me.) I did not listen to the pod. Just heard clips and read US Weekly’s transcription of his answers. That’s what I wanted to hear. I just don’t have a lot of respect for what Nick does, so I’d just rather not have to listen to him speak.

I definitely relate to you so much when it comes to Olive Garden but I’ve never ordered what you always get, because there is no better meal than Chicken Marsala to me. That’s good. Just not in my top 5.

You give me lots of content to listen to while I’m at work or driving to work because I can’t not work in complete silence. I really miss the rapid 10 so I’m including one hoping you might humor me.

Rapid 10 Here you go…

1) Rank your sports in fav order: College football, college basketball, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB. And the best event every year is March Madness, hands down.
2) Why don’t you travel: Haven’t really had anyone to travel with. In terms of out of the country, romantic/exotic locations. I would think at one point I would.
3) Coke or Pepsi: Coke. But I can have both if a restaurant doesn’t have Coke.
4) What happens if Bachelor franchise is canceled, what’s your next career move. Podcasting isn’t going anywhere. Will just focus my attention on other topics.
5) What do you like to do on a weekend when the show isn’t filming (no spoilers coming in). Well for the last 3 months I haven’t done a whole hell of a lot because of my torn Achilles. But usually it’ll consist of me walking my dog, going to any hockey games my nephew has, watching games, maybe getting a group together to watch, etc.
6) Who would you want to interview from the show if you could cast and non cast. Anybody that I’d want to interview I’d want to do on MY terms, with no limitations allowed, and no being careful because of any contract. And that’ll never happen unfortunately. Of course I would love to talk to Chris Harrison or Robert Mills one day. But they’d never answer the questions I’d want to ask so it’s pointless.
7) Do you have a charity that has a personal connection that you support. Emily’s Smile Boxes. Attended her Casino Night this past weekend. Met Emily over 10 years ago at a different charity event when she was 10 or 11 years old. And now I’m still in touch with the family and her mother is the reason I was a Miss Dallas judge a couple weeks ago.
8) Have you ever Tweeted or DM’d Jeff Probst to tell him to bring back your favourite line from Survivor. No. I’m sure he wouldn’t care.
9) Best memory in Vegas. Well, there’s my best memory that I can only share with close friends, and there’s my best memory I can share publicly. I don’t really have one that sticks out because so many little moments have happened in all the times I’ve been out there. But I’d say anytime I won big at the tables or the games. Two years ago March Madness trip was my most profitably trip ever. I’ll never forget that one. Others are just trips I’ve took that didn’t revolve around any winning and just had a good time with someone.
10) How’s your leg/foot. Coming up on 3 months now since surgery and the doctor says I can now begin physical therapy next week. No pain, it just feels like my achilles/back of my ankle hasn’t been stretched out in 3 months – because it hasn’t. Just feels super tight. So I’m assuming physical therapy is what’ll change that.

I was pretty attached to your first dog because she was always on the videos, maybe let this one on the gram or Tik Tok more often.

Take good care. Thanks for great content as always.

Comment: Luka will occasionally make appearances here and there but she keeps to herself mostly. There isn’t much exciting that she does. Well unless there’s company, then she loses her shit.

What is your thoughts on Kanye west’s anti semitism? Thoughts on the signs on the highway in LA. As a Jew, I hope that everyone cuts ties with him and cancels him. He is dangerous with his huge following. The timing yesterday was perfect. As I was finishing up my column and posting the link to sign the petition for Adidas to cut ties with him – they did. There’s no place for his hate speech and his mental health (which clearly isn’t great), is no excuse whatsoever. And the morons hanging signs over the LA freeways over the weekend, you’re no better. Kanye deserves to lose sponsors over his hate speech. There HAS to be consequences or else nothing changes.

Also, do you think the Phillies have a chance to win? I think so because they are the hottest team right now and the city wants it bad!! Just shows the best team doesn’t always win!

Comment: Any team that makes it to the World Series has a chance to win. Phillies are no different. They’re 9-2 in the playoffs, they’re riding a hot streak, and their bats are on fire. But Houston is 7-0 in the playoffs now, so it should be a good series.

Hi Steve –

Nam has to be one of the unluckiest players in Challenge history – exit due to a back injury, pairing with LoLo, mysterious Covid disappearance, and now his self-picked partner bails in week 2. Given how much production makes up its own rules, they could have subbed someone. It is a shame we won’t see Jordan-Turbo fireworks. Do you think they should try to stop spectator interference in The Zone? I was hoping to have Bananas and CT in the same season. Yeah, Nam got screwed. Lets hope he gets invited back. I think you’ll be seeing Bananas and CT again on in a future season.

Amazing Race – I know you haven’t been watching but one of the interesting pairs is Derek and Claire, who were both duped by The Cookout (he was also on Challenge USA). I don’t remember any showmance / heat between them but they are a couple now. Yeah, they became a couple shortly after their season ended. I hear they’re doing well. I haven’t watched AR. Has Rex Ryan been eliminated?

After listening to the 10/25 Daily Roundup, I saw that Adidas broke ties with Kanye/Ye/Anti-Semite. F him! No idea if the Kardashians ever come out against him as he is forever linked by kids and they might not want him losing any money. Given their family push for recognition of the Armenian genocide, I would think this kind of hate would really upset them. His supporters on the freeway just might not love black people either. There are certain politicians who court the white supremacist vote – even if they pretend not to – so I hope people who are not crazy outnumber the crazies in the rapidly approaching midterm election. So much is on the line – vote!! We are in some scary times now with our democracy being threatened. Definitely get out and vote. And Kim spoke about hate speech and how it’s wrong, but didn’t mention Kanye by name. You’d think that family would cut ties with him in a heartbeat if, you know, he wasn’t father to their 4 kids. Unfortunately they’re stuck with him and I can’t imagine things will get any better.

Are you surprised that, so far, Shanae has been so different than Clayton’s season, some men have shown interest in her (albeit ready to drop her quickly for someone else), and the women have had a forgive and forget attitude?

Comment: She must’ve done one hell of an apology tour.

Hi Steve

I have to say I was not surprised to hear the latest gossip about Victoria Fuller -especially after watching her in action last night. I hadn’t heard any of the gossip before watching last night’s show, but I kept thinking that things did not look good for her and Johnny to last. I guess I could see Johnny overlooking her going on a date with Alex, as the premise of the show is to date more than one person in order to find the best match. But her body language was telling a different story than what she was speaking. She looked WAY more attracted to Alex than she did with Johnny in the most recent episodes. In fact, the only time she seemed into Johnny was the night she flirted with him after her date with Justin. My take on her is that she loves to flirt and tease men, then loses interest once she “gets” them. I’d say that take is pretty accurate.

Ironically, last night she kept commenting about how much younger Johnny was and how she was worried he might not be ready to settle down and start a family. And did she say she wanted 5 kids? Sorry, I don’t see her doing that! I think Johnny was way more serious about her than she was about him. Uh huh.

As for Greg Grippo. Geez, how many BN women has he pursued now? And was he fooling around with Victoria at the same time he was messaging Rachel of this past Bach-ette season? Maybe Victoria has met her match! Too bad Johnny went to Mexico; I was pulling for him to be named the next Bachelor. Sure would have been better than Zach. I don’t even care to know how his filming is going. Another snooze fest season. After this last dumpster fire Bach-ette season, I was looking forward to the silliness of BIP. But the producers found a way to ruin the fun by dragging out every episode, focusing on one couple or one annoying person (namely Genevieve & Jill). Not to mention bringing back Ashely and Jared and devoting almost an entire episode to their boring marital habits. I do like them as a couple, but they gave them WAY too much screen time. And, I’m getting SO bored watching the “power couples” lazing around on beds all day and night: Brandon and Serene, Michael and Danielle. Can we see them doing something fun or have a meaningful conversation? It’s amazing that any of them last after the show.

Sorry for the rant…just getting so annoyed the Bachelor franchise. They have (had) a good thing going but seem to be hellbent on throwing it all down the toilet.

Thanks for sticking with it. Reading your recaps are way better than watching the shows.

Comment: Welp, hang in there. While you may not like Zach, remember, the season is made in casting. It’s the women you’re tuning in for, not the one lead.

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