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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 8 Thoughts, A Breakdown of the Victoria/Johnny/Greg Story, Brandon Speaks Out, Michael/Sierra & Your Daily Roundup

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A lot of stuff to get to today, including what people who don’t listen to the podcast missed yesterday. I’m sure many of you have at least heard the rumblings about what’s happening behind the scenes of the show (I alluded to it on my Twitter last night), and I went over all of it in yesterday’s Daily Roundup, and briefly recapped it again in today’s Daily Roundup. But I’ve also included it below for you to read. It’s the basics of what I know regarding the Victoria/Johnny/Greg Grippo story. There’s a lot there, and there’s two different reportings happening. What I’ve heard over the last 6 weeks, and what Dave Neal reported over the weekend, which is something I haven’t heard therefore haven’t reported. I’m not sure if what Dave reported will ever be proven to be true, but, doesn’t mean it isn’t. It’s all below here on Page 1 and then on Page 2 I go over some of the other things happenings on BIP both on the show and behind the scenes. It’s amazing how much more exciting what’s happening off screen is beating what’s happening on screen. I guess that’s what happens when the show you filmed in June doesn’t end until Thanksgiving week. Plenty of time for mess to happen.

Get your emails in for “Reader Emails” tomorrow by emailing A little low right now so get them in before tomorrow. Thoughts, questions, emails, queries, they’re all accepted. There’s a lot happening right now, so I’m sure you’ve got some opinions. Send them my way and it’ll be in tomorrow’s column.

Your Daily Roundup is up now up which covers last nights BIP, more breakdown of the Victoria/Johnny/Greg Grippo drama, Michael responds over the weekend to the Sierra storyline, Brandon and Serene, Gabby & Erich, and Swifties are losing their mind over “Anti-Hero.”

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Before we get started, I definitely want to mention the anti-Semitism happening right now that’s not acceptable. It’s disgusting. Whether it’s what Kanye said, or the despicable signs that were hung over the LA freeways this past weekend, none of it is acceptable, as there’s no place for hate speech like that. Hate speech leads to worse things and the last thing we need is more of that happening right now. I know it’s cliché, but this statement always rings true in times like these: Justice won’t be served until those that are unaffected are as outraged as those that are affected. Kanye is a loose cannon, and it’s good to see CAA Talent Agency dropped him, as well as Balenciaga. But if you’re unaware of all the things he said recently, and you want Adidas to drop him, sign this petition like I did:


Because you like Kim Kardashian, or maybe because he’s the father of your children, please don’t make that as an excuse as to why you don’t want to come down on him. He’s a loose cannon and he should suffer as many possible consequences as he can for this garbage that he spewed out. CAA followed through, so did Balenciaga. I gotta believe Adidas will dump him any day now, but, just to put some more pressure on them, sign the petition. It takes less than a minute out of your day. UPDATE: Minutes after I wrote this, it broke that Adidas has cut ties with Kanye. Good. As they should’ve. US Weekly has Adidas’ statement that you can read here.

Quite a few things covered in my Daily Roundup (mostly yesterday), that I’ll include here to catch those up that can’t/don’t listen:

-This past weekend, a TikToker by the name of Anna.Christinee posted a TikTok in Rome at the Colosseum with a caption that read, “When you are at the Colosseum and see Greg Grippo and Victoria F from bachelor nation.” She then panned the camera but you didn’t see anyone that looked like Greg or Victoria in her video. In addition, someone sent Dave Neal a picture of two people walking in Capri that said it was Victoria and Greg. The picture was from far away and it was from behind. There was no definitive proof it was either of them, but both people have told Dave, in their eyes, it was Victoria and Greg.

-As we know, Victoria and Johnny get engaged at the end of Paradise. On Saturday when this was all breaking, Johnny posted a couple of IG stories clearly showing he was in Miami, one of him sitting at a bar drinking a beer with a caption of “Unwell.”

-Back on Sept. 15th, I received a DM on Instagram from someone claiming they’d heard Victoria and Johnny were no longer together, and that it had happened about a week earlier. When I asked questions to vet the story more, they couldn’t provide me with any proof, other than they were in the know, other people knew about too, but that was the best they could do. So I never reported it for two reasons:

1. I’m not posting rumors anymore. Haven’t in over a year and a half. If they could’ve provided me with something, or gone on record themselves to share it, I would’ve shared. But they couldn’t/didn’t, so it’s not something I can run with. Especially when it’s a story regarding a possible broken engagement. That’s big news in this franchise, and I obviously don’t want to be wrong reporting something like that, so I just left it alone. Have I mentioned since Sept. 15th that Johnny and Victoria were still engaged? Yes, I have. A few times. Because I can’t even hint that I received that email, or allude to trouble between them, or even broach breakup rumors, because then it’ll be taken as fact. I had zero proof other than someone who claimed to be in the know saying it was true. They could’ve been 100% right. But I can’t run with it without any concrete evidence and I had none.

2. When it comes to Victoria Fuller, based on what I reported about her 3 YEARS AGO, somehow people think I still have a vendetta against her and this is me just piling on because I don’t like her. I have nothing against Victoria. Never spoken to her in my life. I reported that story back during Peter’s season of filming in October of 2019 because I had spoken to people behind the scenes, who had shared with me verbally and produced evidence that led me to believe the story to be true. So I posted it. And oh yeah, the show even made a storyline of it by having one of Peter’s ex’s confront him about it on Victoria’s hometown. If that same story happened today would I have? No. Because I need some sort of evidence/receipts that I can share. Back then I would run with stories if I had evidence but couldn’t post it for safety purposes and protecting sources. So while I knew the story to be true, I couldn’t prove it publicly. Now, I would just thank them for the info but not run with it.

This story right now has nothing to do with me not liking Victoria or having some vendetta against her. Far from it. It’s a major story in Bachelor Nation if/when a couple ends an engagement, I cover the show, therefore I’m gonna talk about it.
Dave Neal then posted on his YouTube channel that Victoria cheated on Johnny twice and one was with Greg Grippo. While I didn’t hear about any cheating allegations, I did hear 2 weeks ago “rumblings” about Victoria and Greg Grippo being involved together in some capacity. Whether it was talking/texting/dating/hooking up, I just heard they were in communication. Which I thought was weird if she was engaged to Johnny. Dave says he spoke to sources who claim it’s absolutely true. That’s his story. All I know is they are definitely in contact since her breakup with Johnny. Whether it played a role in the breakup I’m not sure.

So I think 3 things are in play here:

1) Are Victoria and Johnny still engaged? No.
2) Are Victoria and Greg talking/texting/dating/hooking up? In some capacity, yes, there’s absolutely truth to that.
3) Was that Victoria and Greg in Italy this weekend? No confirmation of that other than two people in Italy who are fans that claim it was them that they saw.
#3 doesn’t have to be confirmed for #1 and #2 to be correct. Because #1 and #2 are facts. Victoria and Johnny aren’t together anymore, as they broke up over a month ago. And there is definitely something going on with Victoria and Greg right now. What that is will be for them to define once Paradise is over. But we know that next Friday, November 4th, they’re taping the BIP reunion show, so at WORST, we’ll know then because this will most certainly come up. Victoria and Johnny are only one of two couples who got engaged at the end of BIP, so they’re going to be brought on stage for an update. They’ll obviously talk about the fact they aren’t together anymore, but we won’t know until the taping if anything comes out or is brought up about Greg.

So that’s the Victoria/Johnny/Greg story happening right now. Next Friday’s BIP reunion taping should sure be interesting.

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