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“Reader Emails,” Victoria & Greg Confirmed in Italy, Deux Moi Gets Called Out by Hailey Bieber & Your Daily Roundup

Another big day in Bachelor Nation yesterday with getting the official confirmation that Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo are in Italy together and have been since this weekend. Yesterday I posted a quick :06 second video sent to me of them near the Trevi Fountain in Rome yesterday morning. It was the first video of their face and if you pause it, you can clearly see it’s them. Not to mention the two sources over the weekend that claimed they swore they saw them even though they didn’t provide solid evidence. Which goes to show, something can be true even if receipts aren’t provided. This story is a perfect example. While the pic that Dave Neal received and posted was of them, it was from behind and it was from a distance. It wasn’t definitive. But now we know it was them. We can sit here and debate why they did this, did they think they wouldn’t get caught, etc til the end of time, and only they know the answer to that. What I do know is that drama seems to follow Victoria around whenever she’s in the news. That’s just fact. Good luck you two. This is not a good look.

Today’s Daily Roundup covers last night’s BIP, Casa Amor not quite working as expected, Jared & Ashley speak on Michael & Danielle, Cassie gives thoughts on Colton coming out, & DWTS thoughts.

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So here is the video of Victoria and Greg I posted yesterday:

Here’s the bottom line for me. All it proves is the rumors this weekend were true. They were in Italy. It does not mean she cheated on Johnny with Greg. Doesn’t mean she didn’t either. I’m just saying this video doesn’t have to do with that. However, knowing how much drama she’s been involved in ever since she’s been on the show, I just don’t think she’s gonna earn a lot of benefit of the doubt from fans. The whole thing is just a horrible look overall. To be jet setting to a different country with a Bachelor Nation guy roughly one month after a broken engagement is just a shitty thing to do. Yes, I know they’re both single and can do what they want. And no, they aren’t physically harming anyone. But for Christ Sakes, her engagement AND breakup to Johnny hasn’t even aired yet on TV and she HAS to go make this trip? Really? No, she didn’t HAVE to. But it’s Victoria and this is who she is. Clearly not giving a shit about her prior engagement and giving a giant middle finger to Johnny in the process. Just disrespectful if you ask me.

She can date Greg all she wants. Nobody is saying they can’t date. What I’m calling out is the timing. It’s just wrong and really shady of her. Hell, the BIP reunion tapes next Friday. She hasn’t even publicly acknowledged her breakup with Johnny, yet she’s off in another country with a guy from this franchise. The optics of it look horrible. She could’ve waited, she could’ve just seen Greg privately, maybe spend a weekend at his place or he spend a weekend with her, etc. But to get on a plane and head off on some romantic European getaway? I’m sorry, that was planned and calculated and you can’t convince me otherwise. And make no mistake, Greg is part of this too. This isn’t all on her. He thought it was a good idea as well since he’s there with her, so lets hold him accountable here too. The whole thing makes both of them look bad in my opinion and I hope Johnny lays into her come next Friday at the BIP taping, or at least lets her know how this story made him feel. Because no guy in his situation, even though they’re broken up and single, wants to see that from an ex fiancée roughly a month after she ends it with him.

Hailey Bieber spoke at an event in the last couple days, and the topic of Deux Moi, the gossip IG page, came up. This was her take:

Anyone that’s followed me for a while knows I feel the same way. Not to mention one thing that she left out, was the fact that this page specifically has in their bio:

“statements made on this account have not been independently confirmed. this account does not claim any information published is based in fact.”

I mean, that right there is mind boggling to me that it’s allowed to remain a site that knowingly publishes stories that they have no idea if they’re true or not. Like, WHAT? This is allowed? Look, nothings gonna change, but I’ve done my best to stay away from this type of reporting. I used to do it, but not anymore. Misinformation is the biggest problem with social media nowadays. We know this. In the political world, in the entertainment world, the sports world, etc. Nobody is reading Deux Moi and doing their own research to see if it’s actually true. No matter what their bio says, their readers are taking it as fact. You know it and I know it. I’m not gonna tell people what they can and can’t read, but just know you are contributing to the problem if you read that site and/or repost or send stories to your friends. It’s horrible journalism and I have zero respect for what they do. That may seem like just rhetoric, but when I used to do what they do (on a smaller scale just within Bachelor Nation) and I’ve openly made a change, I think you can see I take it more seriously.

“Reader Emails” begins on Page 2…

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