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The Bachelor Zach – Episode 3 Thoughts, More on Yesterday’s Spoiler, & Your Daily Roundup

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Did you see the possible greatest news ever yesterday? According to a report by Variety, there are talks to doing another sequel to the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” franchise and, even better, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. are being talked to about reprising their roles. This is the kinda news I wanna hear on a Monday. Thank God. 30 years later I’m down. Remember when I collabed a couple years ago with Amazon Prime for the TV series? I thought that was excellent. Was bummed to see it didn’t get picked up for a season 2. I think they could’ve gone in multiple directions. But now hearing the movie might get another sequel almost 30 years later? Count. Me. In. I’ll always be a JLH stan, because she was easily my crush throughout high school and college. In my eyes, you couldn’t beat early 90’s Jennifer Love Hewitt. I still follow her on IG, but she doesn’t post much. And I don’t watch her show. But hey, I’m back on that train if the sequel gets made.

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So yes, yesterday was a big day in regards to spoilers. If you missed it, you can either read yesterdays column, or go to Zach’s spoilers as they’ve been added there as well. I will repeat myself until I’m blue in the face. I do not post spoilers to play contrarian. I post spoilers when I’m told what happens from a reliable source that I feel comfortable running with. Zach’s season ended filming before Thanksgiving. That was almost 3 months ago. I basically heard nothing solid about who the winner was until recently. Followed up this weekend, found out he got engaged to Kaity in Thailand, so I posted it. You all knew who the final 3 was back on Nov. 15th because that’s what the spoilers gave it up to. After that, anyone who says they think they know who wins has a 33% chance of being right and it happens every season people guessing and saying they “heard” this and that – but that wasn’t the situation this time.

An Instagram account specifically said that they have sources, and those sources told them enough to where they felt confident in reporting that Zach was engaged to Gabi. They didn’t say “I’m hearing,” or “word on the street,” or “it seems that…”. It was specific. They have sources and sources told them. Well, if you have sources and those sources told you Gabi won, then whether you like it or not, you are now involved in the spoiler world. Can you imagine if every time I put a spoiler out, I just said, “Yeah, this is what I’m hearing. I have no idea if it’s true or not?” I would get crucified by you guys because that’s leaving the door open for anything to happen and me saying, “Well, I told you I didn’t know for sure.” That’s not how you report something. You gather your intel from whatever sources you have, and you put your name behind it. If it’s wrong, you own it. If it’s right, it’s right. I’ve owned every time I was wrong. I’ve never blamed my sources. If they’re wrong, it’s on me. My name is always behind it. In this day and age on the internet, anyone can say anything behind a nameless, faceless account, and if it’s wrong, they don’t have to take any accountability because they can just play it off as, “Well, I mean, that’s what I was told. Sorry.” And five seconds later people move on. But this account said they have sources, so, now they’re involved and the reason I had to address it yesterday.

One thing that I know will come of this since there are two separate spoilers now out there, is that people will dissect the edits the rest of the season. Guys, that’s an effort in futility. And that’s because nothing in the edit will 100% tell you it’s Gabi, nor will it 100% tell you it’s Kaity. If you want Zach to be with Gabi, it’s so easy to create a narrative you where you explain all the ways the edit is making Gabi out to be the final one. But you can also do the same for Kaity if you want it to be her. And one of those is dead wrong, hence the reason why edits don’t tell anything while the show is airing. Sure it’s easy to say after the season is over, “Oh look, see, it was totally clear it was so-and-so.” But it’s only clear once you know the winner for sure and have watched the finale. The edit can make any person look favorable and a possible winner, and it can also make anyone look like they’re the ones dumped in the end. It’s each persons own self-truth and what they want to believe, so don’t worry about what the edit shows. Kaity freakin’ spent the night with Zach during his second 1-on-1 date of the season, something that’s only happened one other time in show history this early in a season. Clearly, that could be a major point in someone’s narrative as to why he chose her in the end. Why didn’t he ask Christina to spend the night with him last week? Or Aly on her date last night? But there are plenty of people in the Gabi camp that can point to this, this, this, and this that make her the editing choice for #1. See what I mean? It’s pointless. My info has nothing to do with how anyone is edited on the show. Never has been. I try to find out through sources that I have all around what happened during filming not what they’re choosing to show us when the show airs, because that can point to multiple people depending on your narrative. Big difference.

So Kaity got her first 1-on-1 date last night in episode 3. If you’re to believe the spoilers, Kaity is the winner, so when do the eventual winners usually get their first 1-on-1 of the season? And is it different for Bachelor and Bachelorette? The short answer to that seems to be yes. But here’s Suzana breaking it down for you:

Recap of Episode 3 starts on Page 2…



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