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(EXCLUSIVE) Your Spoilers for Zach’s Season Thru Final 3 (UPDATED): Spoilers Thru The Whole Season

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So as promised, here are all your spoilers I have up through the final 3 on Zach’s season. As you’ll see, there’s some things missing in there in regards to certain 1-on-1’s and a little confusion of who went home when in London & Estonia, but I’m pretty sure all the dates are right and some of the things that happened this season. There are some other things I’ve been told happened that I want to get a little more confirmation on, and when I do, you’ll have it. The teasers I gave in the Oct. 20th column were all answered in this today, along with in the Daily Roundup. There is definitely more coming. Zach’s season doesn’t start for another 2 months (Jan. 23rd), so in addition to finding out how the final 3 breaks down once it’s filmed, I’m sure I’ll be hearing more things that happened this season. There’s a couple things I’ve heard that I’m kinda shaking my head at that I need more details on before reporting it.

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Your Daily Roundup is up now up which covers spoilers on Zach’s season, more coming on the Aaron story from last Thursday, Gabby addresses her breakup with Erich, the DWTS finale next week & the judges essentially agreeing with my breakdown.

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Rose Ceremony #1: 30 to 20 (Los Angeles, CA)

Some of the limo entraces gimmicks by the women:

Bailey – She had a sticker that said “Hi my name is Bailey,” since Zach had a hard time remembering her name on the ATFR.
Brooklyn – She had a haystack as part of her entrance since her background is a professional barrel racer.
Christina – She arrived on a party bus.
Greer – Did the tortilla slap challenge that’s kind of a craze on TikTok.
Holland – Zach had his first 1-on-1 in Holland in with Rachel, and Holland made a joke to him about being in the wrong Holland.
Mercedes – She brought a pig on a leash. Not sure why.

-Greer received the first impression rose.

ADDED 1/18

-Christina I had mentioned arrived on a party bus for her limo entrance. After everyone was inside and the mingling began, Zach went out to the party bus with a group of girls and at one point was pouring champagne into Greer’s mouth. And also spilled champagne on someone’s dress. Can’t remember who.

-Lekha stopped the first rose ceremony in the middle of it to tell Zach she tried to talk to him the entire night, and that producers kept reassuring her she would and that the rose ceremony would not take place until Zach got to talk to every girl first. Well that didn’t happen because Lekha and others never got to talk to him night 1. This is common for night 1, so nothing new here. But will it get shown? Probably not because Lekha calls out production when she stopped down the rose ceremony, and I can’t imagine they show that. And oh yeah, out of the limo, Lekha licked Zach’s ear. Not sure why or how it went over, but, she didn’t get a rose night 1.

-Madison was the first to pull Zach aside and interrupted him numerous times during night 1. Zach ended up sending her home because she was interrupting too much, although, I’ve already seen online I’m assuming people from her camp saying she eliminated herself because she wasn’t feeling it with Zach. It’ll probably get shown that Zach is the one that sends her away before the rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Cara Ammon, Holland Parsons, Lekha Ravi, Olivia Lewis, Olivia Miller, Becca Serrano, Sonia Sharma, Vanessa Dinh, and Viktoria Eichner. Madison Johnson eliminated before the rose ceremony.

First time in almost 15 years that 10 people got sent home on night 1. Which meant that everyone got to be on a date in episodes 2 & 3. Usually 2 or 3 people don’t get dates in those episodes because they have too many left. But not this season.

Rose Ceremony #2: 20 to 17 (LA, CA)

Group Date:This was the group date that Victoria Fuller, Courtney Robertson, and Tahzjuan Hawkins were “judges” at. It was hosted by Latto, the rapper who sings “Big Energy.” Bailey, Brianna, Brooklyn, Cat Carter, Davia, Genevie, Katherine, Kylee, and Mercedes. Brianna was awarded the “winner” for having the “big bitch energy” by Latto.

1-on-1: Christina Mandrell. This was the date at the Anaheim Hills golf course and then at the Orange County Mining Company for dinner. Christina got a rose.

Group Date: Each girl had to put on a puppet show. Gabi, Anastasia (in a bathrobe), Greer, Aly, Kimberly, Kaity, Ariel, Victoria J., Charity, and Jess.

Aly volunteered to go first. Her bit was using a puppet version of herself to practice her first kiss with Zach on an orange. Then a Zach puppet joined and the puppets kissed. When she came off stage to hug him, the audience said to kiss her but he didn’t.

Greer went second and apparently wasn’t very good. She had sock puppets.

Gabi went next. She had gabby and Greer puppets and talked about them being sorority sisters and Greer getting the first impression rose. Then talked about them becoming sister wives.

Kimberly had an angel puppet and a devil puppet (like she had both of them sitting on her shoulder talking to her). She was talking about the first night coming out of the limo. And the angel would tell her nice things and the devil would say things to make her insecure. The angel would say things like that she looked great and deserved to be there. The devil would say everyone else was prettier and she didn’t deserve to be there. Basically a message about being confident in yourself.

Ariel mentioned being Ukranian during her puppet show.

Anastasia came up in her bathrobe. She had a hot tub prop set up (like a cardboard cutout type thing) and was wearing a bikini top under her robe. She brought Zach up on stage and had him pop a bottle of champagne while they pretended to be in the hot tub.

Kaity had puppets that looked like her and Zach and I think the premise was that they got married, and then “9 months later” her puppet is laying down giving birth. She made “labor” heavy breathing noises. She had Zach’s puppet like looking at the baby come out.

Charity had a puppet therapist that kept telling her to drink tequila for all of her problems. And then she did a shot of tequila on stage.

Jess centered around the idea of finding a fairytale ending.

Victoria J. went last. Her costume was like a fortune teller box with a curtain. She talked about 2 years ago her house being flooded, and if she could get through that she could get through Zach dating 30 other women. She made a joke something along the lines of if they have a problem in the future (like a bridge to get over) they “shall cross” it together. So it was a play on his last name.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Cat Carter, Kimberly Gutierrez, Victoria Jameson.

Rose Ceremony #3: 17 to 14 (LA, CA)

1-on-1: Kaity Biggar. Museum of Natural History I believe was the night portion. Not sure what they did during the day. Kaity got a rose.

Group Date: Tackle football game at Moorpark College. Jesse and Hannah Storm announce. Blue Team: Ariel, Bailey, Brooklyn, Charity, Christina, Katherine, and Kylee. Yellow Team: Anastasia, Brianna, Davia, Gabi, Genevie, Greer, Jess, and Mercedes.

1-on-1: Alyssa (Aly) Jacobs. Skydiving into winery. Babcock Winery & Vineyards in Santa Barbara. Aly got a rose.

I believe that Brianna self-eliminated but I don’t know why. Rumors of her being bullied by others, but not confirmed. Zach and Bailey didn’t have a connection and he sent her home before the rose ceremony.

ADDED 1/18

-Christina is the girl in the previews who you see sleeping on the stairs of the mansion because she drank too much. She even referenced this on a TikTok after the previews came out, but in case you missed it, that’s her on the steps. She apparently drank quite a bit night one and, well, the rest of the time she was there. Her sleeping on the steps happens in episode 3 during the pool party.

-Hate labeling people “villains” on this show since Toxic Bachelor Nation then feels the need to tell them to go kill themselves and writes horrible things on their IG. Not to mention, there’s levels of villainy on this show, so not everyone is the same. In the first 3 episodes, Christina and her behavior is going to get the most attention. We know she got the first 1-on-1 of the season in episode 2, then was eliminated at the 3rd rose ceremony. So that kinda goes to show Zach wasn’t too thrilled with her behavior.

The third rose ceremony cocktail party was cancelled in favor of a pool party earlier in the day, something they’ve done many times before. Apparently Christina is the ring leader in regards to Brianna and her self-eliminating. Christina was the one who I guess was sort of the instigator and telling Brianna that the first impression rose she got was from America (at the live ATFR), and not from Zach. It all escalated at the pool party and this is when Brianna ends up quitting. This doesn’t mean people need to call Christina names or call her a terrible mother on her IG, like some have already done. But yeah, Christina is going to have a rough three episodes on the show.

-Kind of a major storyline, or not at all because I don’t know the details behind it. What I do know is that while they are still at the mansion, Gabi is seen reading Game of Roses “How to Win the Bachelor” book. I know that’s going to lead to a slew of questions. I don’t have any answers. I don’t know if this is a big deal. I don’t know if the other women even cared. I don’t even know if it’s going to make air. Would be kinda weird for this show to promote Game of Roses book since it basically unmasks the fantasy of the show that people like to watch for. We know Gabi is at least final 3, so yeah, I’m sure some people who now hear this might change their opinion of Gabi since she’s reading a book about “winning” the show. I have no idea what it means, if anything. Could she be reading the book and still be interested in finding love? Sure. Could she be reading it and this whole thing was a game to her? Absolutely. We just don’t know yet until it plays out – if it even does. I just know it happened in the mansion, and I guess we’ll see how it’s handled on TV. I have no opinion on Gabi either way before I heard the news and after. I just don’t have enough info right now, so I hope others treat it the same. I did talk to Chad (Bachelor Clues) last week to give him a heads up of what I’d heard (he hadn’t heard anything about it), so I’m guessing they will address it at some point this week on their podcast.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Christina Mandrell. Her elimination a week after getting a rose I believe had to do with her behavior at the cocktail party. Heard she was acting erratic and might’ve been drinking too much. Bailey Brown and Brianna Thorbourne eliminated before the rose ceremony took place.



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